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Dr Mick Monay’s Guide to Australian Gambling

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Gambling online in Australia: There are strict rules regarding online gambling in Australia so there are no homegrown casino sites. If you’re looking for an international online casino that accepts Aussie players we can help you find the best top 10 Australian casinos

You must be 18 or over to gamble in a casino or in a bar.

Gambling in Australia

Gambling has always been a part of Australian culture. This article will give you an overview of the history of gambling in Australia, including horse racing, pokies, casinos, two’s Up game, and some modern casino groups such as Star.

Horse Racing

Horse racing was started in Sydney in 1795 by a convict named Thomas Jones, who received permission from the Governor to hold what was then called “a plaything.” “A horse losing a race… is nearly as exciting as if you were to see a man’s house on fire.”It was not until 1825 that horse racing became legal in NSW. 

Soon after, the rest of Australia followed.Horse racing is still an extremely popular pastime and gambling activity with Australians today, with all states now having their race tracks. Flemington Racecourse in Victoria is the most recognized and respected track within Australia. The racecourse has hosted Melbourne Cup Carnival for many years, and it is also home to the Caulfield Cup, one of the most famous horse races in Australia.

Other major tracks in Victoria include Caulfield Racecourse, where the Caulfield Cup is held, and the Moonee Valley Racecourse.


Casinos have been around in Australia since the 1800s. People would gamble on card games such as two’s up, Crown and Anchor, or poker machines, but it wasn’t until 1985 that Australians could play table games like Blackjack at casinos.

The first casino to open was The Star Casino (which is now Sydney) which opened its doors in 1995 after NSW passed legislation allowing casinos to be opened. Australia has many different casinos, including Crown Casino in Melbourne, The Star Casino in Sydney, and Jupiters Hotel & Casino on the Gold Coast. There are also several smaller games or “pokie parlors” established around the country, such as at Bathurst.


Pokies in Australia have been around since the 1930s. Although many Australians call them “pokies” or poker machines, including politicians and anti-gambling groups, their more technical name is a “slot machine.” The first pokie was called ‘Incorruptible .’ It had three reels loaded with symbols such as horseshoes, diamonds, spades, and hearts. When the reels stopped spinning, players would receive a payout if they had three similar symbols in a row.

The first pokies called “panther penny slot machines” into Australia by Victorian businessman David Hancy. They imported them from America because of their popularity there during the Great Depression.

Today there are over 100,000 pokie machines across all Australian pubs and clubs, with most of these being located in NSW. With the advanced technology with your laptop or smartphone, you can enjoy the game.

The Star Group

The group is dedicated to offering the best in hospitality tourism, gaming, and high-end entertainment, becoming a great economic body in Australia. The Maritime Casino at Pyrmont is still there today. They have expanded to other areas of NSW and now own five different casinos, including Sydney’s second largest casino, The International Hotel & Tower, located on Darling Harbour. Their newest addition includes a luxury hotel named “Sheraton On the Park,” located on the world-famous Oxford St. 

Stars Group is a part of the largest casino in Australia. It has many big hotels around Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The largest hotel in the Star group is “Sheraton on the park,” which it’s located at Central Park, Oxford St., Sydney CBD. This place is open 24 hours for all guests with luxurious rooms and offers a range of different experiences such as Bars, Restaurants, and Night clubs.

Australia’s Two’s Up game

The modern-day two’s up game is also known as “Two Up” or simply “Spiel,” with the term Two-up being considered an Americanism. The name came from its origins in Australia during World War II when it was played by soldiers who were gambling for pennies (de facto pence). Thus it was also called “Heads I win, Tails you lose.”

The two’s up game is a traditional Australian gambling activity that consists of throwing two coins simultaneously into the air such that they spin and fall onto a flat surface. This activity can either be performed indoors or outdoors, with the objective being to predict whether both coins will land heads up or tails up. There are several ways to bet on the outcome, and these can be changed depending upon what is being wagered on. For example, it could be heads only, tails only, or both coins land with either side face-up.

The two’s up game was first played at Monte Carlo in 1887, where people would bet on two coins being thrown into the air and land a certain way. Although this was not an Australian invention, it gained popularity in Australia during World War II when soldiers would play for pennies while waiting to go onto the frontlines.

Today you can only play it for money in the pub on Anzac Day.

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