Best Real Money Pokies Australia

Welcome to the most exciting part of Casinos Jungle! Play real money pokies at the best online casinos for the chance to hit the jackpot and win big.  There are many variations of reels, paylines, bonus features, free spins, scatters, jackpots, and wilds guaranteed to drive up the excitement levels. 

Here’s our top picks for the best online casinos to play real money pokies.  All our recommended casinos offer games from high quality software providers to ensure you’ll get a smooth and most importantly, a fair playing experience.

Advertiser Disclosure: We do not receive payment in exchange for publishing reviews. We may earn a commission if you choose to play at a site we recommend, at zero cost to you. We’re just keeping it real.

What to look for in a Real Money Pokies Casino

Today there are so many games available there is absolutely no reason to play at a casino offering a tiny handful of sad, old games. We want more! More games to choose from means more opportunity to find your perfect game, whether it be 3 reel, megaways or a jackpot game.

We’ve put together a list of our top recommended slots casinos above to help direct you to the best real money casinos offering a high quality selection of games online. We consider the following criteria carefully:

Safety & security Australia

We want to play safe in the knowledge that our personal information is encrypted, our banking transactions are secure and the games we play are fair. Playing at a licensed and regulated online casino is the first step to protecting yourself from rogue casinos.

Deposits & withdrawals

We want a decent range of deposit methods, including credit cards and e-wallets. We also want to withdraw our winnings fast. And we don’t want to pay any fees! Our casino reviews will highlight any maximum withdrawal limit and plus the average processing time to have your withdrawal paid back to you, to help you make a decision about where to play.

Quality of Games Software

The igaming market is stuffed full of competing software providers looking to attract you to their games over another. This fierce competition is great for players. You get more innovation and excitement from slot games as providers duke it out to launch the most popular game.  There are some major powerhouses in the casino software gaming industry. For example: Aristocrat, Rival, WMS, IGamingTech, Betsoft plus many, many more. We consider the software available to make sure you will enjoy a high quality real money pokies offering.

Pokies Welcome Bonus

Some casinos will offer a general welcome bonus, whereas others will have separate bonuses for pokies and table games. Pokie players may get a much higher bonus offer.

Generally you will find playing pokies will contribute a higher percentage (normally 100%) towards a casino welcome bonus. Always check the ts&cs before you claim a casino welcome bonus.

We always include any maximum payout limits on a welcome bonus plus the wagering requirements so you can make an informed decision about which casino bonus to claim.

CJ’s Guide to Real Money Pokies

Online pokies have a magical ability to have you tomb raiding Cleopatra’s treasures in Ancient Egypt, then blasting you into another Starburst galaxy in seconds.

If you are new to real money pokies, you might be asking “how do I know the games are fair?” Or “how does a game’s RTP affect my gambling experience?” If this is you, take a look at this handy guide to common game features below, and what you might like to look for in a real money pokie casino to find the right one for you.

What is the RTP in Real Money Pokies?

The RTP percentage is really the magic number not just in pokies, but ALL casino games. This is the key to how much you can expect to win on average from a casino game. You’ll see this number on all our game reviews to help you make an informed decision before you play.

RTP stands for “Return To Player”. This is the percentage a player could expect on average to win in a standard session. So for example, if you bet A$100 on a slot game with a 96% RTP, on average you would win back A$96 and the house would keep 4%, or in this example, A$4.

How does the Hit Frequency affect my slot game experience?

This is the predetermined percentage of how often a paying outcome should occur.

So if a game has a high Hit Frequency it may be paying out very often. You might hear these pokies being referred to as “loose.” However, most likely these winnings will be low, and maybe lower than your staked amount.

If you have a game with a lower hit frequency, it is likely that the wins will be bigger since the payout percentage is already predetermined for the game in the maths model.

!! Casinos Jungle Tip: To get an idea of how volatile real money pokies are, take a look at the paytable on the game information panel. If the lowest paying symbol is a relatively high value, it’s generally safe to expect you’ll hit it less often. If the values are low, you’re more likely to find you hit them more frequently. Alternatively play the game in demo or free play mode to get a feel for how frequently the game is paying out and at what kind of reward values.

Is RTP the same as payout percentage and payout rate?

Yes. Return To Player, payout rate and payout percentage are all references to how much, on average, you can expect to win back in a session. Obviously you hope to do better and make more, but you can also be unlucky and win less.

!! Casinos Jungle Tip!! Online pokies will offer an average of 95% – 97% RTP, whereas old school pokie machines in land based casinos might only offer 85% or even lower! So generally speaking, you have a much better chance of winning in an online casino than offline.

Is Hit Frequency the same as high volatility and low volatility in pokies?

Kind of. But it’s more about describing the type of payout you can expect from you winning lines.

So in a high volatility pokie you might endure plenty of non winning spins but win more when you finally do hit a winning combination on the reels the payout is higher. Real money pokies with low volatility will more often reward you with lower win amounts.

An online pokie of medium volatility is a mix of the two with moderate wins and moderate frequency.

To summarise; where the hit frequency describes how often you can expect a win, the volatility level indicates how much you are likely to be rewarded by the win.

How can I change my real money pokies settings to match my playing style?

Adjust Your Bet and Coin Value:

It is important to have full control over your bets when you play real money pokie games online. You can do this by ensuring you are betting at a comfortable value for maximum enjoyment. My first tip is to always check the coin value or total bet amount BEFORE you spin the reels. Quite often you will find the game settings are set as default at maybe A$2.50 or A$5 which might be higher than you are intending to play at.

If your chosen game doesn’t allow you to bet a lower denomination go back to the lobby and find a different game. There are hundreds to choose from in any online casino so don’t feel pressured to spend more than you would normally. If you are betting at a much higher level than your usual game session you will find you burn through your bank roll much quicker, though the potential rewards are higher. Many games will have a minimum bet limit of 10, 20, 40, or 50 cents.

Pokies Autospin:

Clicking spin manually may be important if you’re superstitious or have a lucky touch and it is fun to be physically engaged with the game. But you can save wear and tear on your fingers and your mouse or touch pad and set a number of autospins. Usually between 10 spins to 500 spins, and you can sit back and relax whilst the game plays out. It will stop auto spinning when you come to a bonus feature so you can interact accordingly and you can manually intervene and stop auto spins at any time.


Pay lines can be anything ranging from 1 (running left to right in a straight line hitting 3 matching symbols) to more than 4,000! As online real money games get more advanced, the number of winning combinations also increases. Paylines might run both ways or even in clusters (see below). In many games you will have the opportunity to select the number of pay lines you wish to play.

For example, let’s say you wish to bet A$1 a spin on a 25 payline game. If you play all 25 lines, each payline has 4 cents bet on it. If you only chose 5 lines to play, you will need to adjust your bet total or the payline value so each of those pay lines would now have 20 cents bet on each one. In this example you will win more if your chosen payline wins. But of course if the symbols land on a payline you haven’t covered, you won’t win anything.

You might not be able to select exactly the pay lines you want to play either, these might be preassigned when you select the number of pay lines you wish to play. Have a play around on a free play pokie if you want to see how changing the number of pay lines affects your gameplay. Personally I always play all pay lines to avoid missing out on a potential win since there’s more chance of hitting smaller bets more frequently than winning a larger bet on just a few lines.

Online casino FAQs

How do I know a real money pokie game is fair?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is what makes your online slots experience fair. All pokies have a maths model behind them which determines the payout percentage and hit frequency. The RNG is constantly generating outcomes, even when you are not spinning the reel. In our brains, it makes sense that you click the ‘spin’ button and the slot machine generates a random outcome, but actually these random numbers are being generated constantly, so when you spin, and the reels click into place, the game is displaying the latest RNG numbers received, and you see the correlating symbols for each reel.

You don’t need to give it much thought anyway. What it should do it put your mind at rest that the spin outcomes have absolutely zero dependence on the outcome of your previous spins.

Is it safe to play at an online casino?

The online casino industry has progressed a lot over the last 10 or so years. These are not back alley casino operations, they are multi-million dollar companies who invest heavily in their reputation and in providing an engaging entertainment service to their customers. This would be impossible if they were constantly refusing to pay out winnings to players. So for the most part, yes it is safe to play at a trusted online casino.

However, any online transaction to an unknown website carries a risk. It is only fair to warn you that there are scam casinos out there who will seek to fraud you. For this reason, it is only established online casinos that build up a good reputation with players for paying out winnings on time and providing excellent customer support who will stand the test of time. We will only ever recommend online casinos that have proven themselves to be trustworthy to help mitigate any risk to you. We do our best to protect our visitors from rogue casinos, but ultimately we are not responsible for the actions of any casino reviewed on our site.

What is the best online casino for Australian players?

Our Top 10 recommendations for the best overall online casino for Australian players, will help you narrow down the best available this month. We’ve also rated the best casinos for mobile, pokies, live casino, blackjack and roulette to help you find the best online casino that suits your game preference and budget. We can only make suggestions to help you enjoy a smooth, safe and secure gaming environment. It’s really down to your personal taste to decide which is your favourite casino brand.