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China is where the game of Bull Bull first appeared. Under the names Bullfight or Niu Niu, it is a well-known traditional Asian game that is played throughout the continent. It is particularly well-liked in mainland China’s Fujian, Guangdong, and Guangxi provinces, as well as Vietnam and Taiwan.

Live Bull Bull’s goal, like most card games, is to build the strongest “bull,” or hand. The game has straightforward rules. The Banker is the opponent of the players. One standard 52-card deck sans Jokers is used in Live Bull Bull game. A brand-new deck of cards is used for each game, which has been dealt with after being thoroughly shuffled.

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Quick facts Live Bull Bull

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Features Live Bull Bull

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Features Live Bull Bull

A card game called Bull Bull or Bullfight is played at green tables, giving players a true casino experience. If you enjoy it, you don’t need to go to Asia to play Bull Bull because it is hosted by Asian dealers and has a Macau-like ambience. One of the main characteristics of the game is its quick rhythm since the cards are revealed as soon as they are dealt. Bull Bull, one of Asia Gaming Live Casino’s most recent games, has not yet been made mobile-friendly. The provider’s website does not mention a hypothetical return to player or house edge.

Bet & Payouts Live Bull Bull

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Bet & Payouts Live Bull Bull

The Five Calf, Bomb, Gold, Silver, Bull, Bull, Bulls 1-9, and No Bull are among them. Five cards are used in the game, and depending on how they are used, they might provide varied numbers of points. The highest combination is the Five Calf, while the lowest is the No Bull.

The first card dealt by the dealer establishes the dealing order. Three Players and one Banker are present. Players 1-3 or the Banker are eligible for equal or double wagers.

The payment is based on how the game turns out. Bull Bull, Tie, and Bulls 1–9 pay 1:5, Bull Bull, Silver and Gold Bull pay 1:250, Double Bull Bull pay 1:100, and Red and Black Bull pay 1:5.

Game Tips & Tricks Live Bull Bull

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Symbols / Payouts Live Bull Bull

You should choose the chips you wish to bet and drag them to Player 1, 2, or 3 spots before the game begins. An equal or double wager can be made. The dealer displays the first card after the betting period. The dealer chooses the dealing position according to its rating. In every game round, each hand of the three players receives five cards. The winner is decided after all the cards have been dealt by comparing the players’ hands to the Banker’s. As we just mentioned, the basic objective is to have a hand superior to the Bankers.


Overall, it is a very relaxing game that can help you enjoy your time. It is a stress buster that makes you enjoy winning real money with easy and interesting bets.

Where to play Live Bull Bull for real

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