Casinos in Alaska

Find the best casino for players based in Alaska, The Last Frontier! Alaska does not have any actual casinos, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for betting!

Hop on a cruise ship for casino action in international waters, or bet on various races or canning competitions. You can play bingo and pull tab games at a few places.

Read on and we’ll guide you to how to play casino games in Alaska.

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Crystal Cruises

Crystal Serenity cruise ship features “Resorts World At Sea Casino” bringing a high class gaming experience to the seas. Featuring roulette, blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Texas Hold Em and a great range of slots and video poker games. Be advised this is not a day trip cruise, fares start from $2,799 for 7 nights but you can be guaranteed of a luxurious experience filled with breathtaking sights of the natural world.


Klawock IRA Pull Tabs

The Klawock IRA Pull Tab Shoppe is run by the Klawock Cooperative Association. Pull tabs are basically paper tickets you buy and pull the tab to reveal your symbols. If they match the symbols on the board or screen, you’re a winner!


MIC Gaming Hall

MIC Gaming Hall is a class II casino offering over 90 gaming machines including bingo, one touch bingo and 5 reel slots including Rawhide, Wild Monkeys, Prophesy. They often offer bingo deals and special offers to reward regular players. To find out the latest promotions please contact MIC Gaming Hall directly.

You can also find out about the nearest casinos in British Colombia and Yukon Territory

Top 5 Online Casinos in Alaska

Gambling in Alaska

Gambling in Alaska has a rich history dating back centuries. In the early days, betting was prevalent among the native tribes in the form of traditional games and ceremonies. Today, gambling is a popular pastime in the state, and there are numerous casinos, lotteries, and betting facilities that offer a wide range of games to players. However, gambling laws in Alaska are complex and constantly changing, with the future of the industry uncertain. In this article, we will discuss the history of gambling in Alaska, current legislation, and the future of casino and online casino gambling.

Early Forms of Betting

Gambling has been a part of the culture of Alaska’s native tribes for centuries. Traditional games such as stick gambling, hand games, and blanket toss were used as entertainment and served as a way to settle disputes. With the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century, new forms of betting emerged, including horse racing and card games. However, it wasn’t until the Gold Rush era in the late 19th century that gambling became more widespread, with miners and prospectors gambling on games of chance in saloons and other establishments.

In the early 20th century, gambling became more organized, with the establishment of casinos and other betting facilities. The first casino in Alaska was opened in 1949, but it was short-lived, closing just two years later due to financial difficulties. The state has a long history of bingo and pull-tab gaming, which are legal under certain conditions. Additionally, Alaska is home to a thriving charitable gaming industry, with many nonprofit organizations using bingo, pull-tabs, and raffles as a way to raise funds for their activities.

Current Gambling Legislation in Alaska

Gambling laws in Alaska are complex and vary depending on the type of gaming activity. The state has no commercial casinos, but it does allow charitable gaming, which includes bingo and pull-tab games. However, there are several restrictions on these activities, including limitations on the amount of money that can be won and the number of games that can be played. Additionally, Alaska allows a state lottery, but it is limited to pull-tab games only.

In recent years, there have been efforts to expand gambling in Alaska. In 2019, a bill was introduced that would have allowed the state’s Native American tribes to operate casinos on their land. However, the bill did not pass, and as of now, there are no plans to legalize commercial casino gambling in the state.

Future of Casino and Online Casino Gambling

The future of casino and online casino gambling in Alaska is uncertain. While there is a growing demand for more gaming options, the state’s restrictive laws make it difficult for the industry to expand. Additionally, the state’s remote location and harsh climate make it a less attractive market for casino operators.

However, as more states legalize online casino gambling, there is a growing push for Alaska to follow suit. Online casino gambling would allow players to access a wider range of games from the comfort of their own homes, potentially boosting the industry in the state. Additionally, online gambling could provide a new source of revenue for the state, which is currently facing budget deficits.

In conclusion, gambling in Alaska has a rich history dating back centuries, with traditional games evolving into modern-day betting facilities. However, gambling laws in Alaska are complex and restrictive, making it difficult for the industry to expand. The future of casino and online casino gambling in Alaska is uncertain, but with growing demand for more gaming options, the industry may see changes in the coming years.

Alaska Casino FAQs

This is no gambling regulation in Alaska allowing licensed casinos, poker rooms or race tracks. The main betting venues offer bingo and pull tabs, housed in class II gaming facilities. Horse racing is not permitted, but betting on dog mushing contests is allowed. 

What’s the best casino in Alaska?

We’ve listed three casino venues in Alaska, but most likely you’ll go to the one closest to where you are. Luckily there are many off shore online casinos that accept players from Alaska. Check our Top 10 list if you are interested in finding the best online casino.

What casinos are available in Alaska?

There aren’t any casinos in Alaska in the usual format – you won’t find a casino floor with blackjack and roulette. However there are a few venues offering bingo and pull tabs and slots; MIC Gaming Hall and Klawock IRA Pull Tab Shoppe. If you’re looking for the real casino experience you can board a cruise liner and play once out in international waters.

How old do you have to be to gamble in Alaska?

21 for casino gambling, 19 for sportsbetting. 18 for poker, but since there are no poker rooms available to play you would have to sign up to an international online site that accepts players from Alaska.

How can I bet on Alaskan dog mushing?

You can bet on a dog race if the organisers are not for profit (e.g: you can’t organize a race specifically for the purpose of betting on it). The Iditarod Trail is one such race. If you’re over 18 you can buy an entry for $10, and pick who you think will win, how many dogs they will finish with and how fast they’re going to finish. The pot is split as 40% for the winner of the trifecta bet, 40% to Iditarod and the remaining 20% is split between the top 20 mushers.

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