Casinos in Hawaii

Looking for a casino venue to play at in Hawaii? Unfortunately you’re out of luck. The Aloha State Hawaii, is one of 2 states that has absolutely zero gaming permitted. No lottery, no bingo, no casino, no poker, no racing. Not even scratch cards. And before you think about hopping on a cruise, there’s no casinos onboard those sailing the Hawaiian islands either.

However, if you are resident in Hawaii you can play social casino games and many offshore online casino operators will accept players from Hawaii.

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Top 5 Online Casinos in Hawaii

Hawaii Casino FAQs

Is gambling legal in Hawaii?

Nope. Nada. There are zero lottos, bingo halls, casino floors, poker tables, scratch cards or racetracks in the paradise state of Hawaii.

What’s the best casino in Hawaii?

There aren’t ANY. Not a single one.  If you want to play online casino games take a look at our Top 5 List, you may need to double check if players from Hawaii are accepted but generally you should not have a problem accessing the sites.

Why are there no casinos in Hawaii?

One reason could be revenues. Hawaii makes so much from tourism the potential revenues made from casino taxes pale by comparison. Direct flights usually operate between Las Vegas and Hawaii so presumably if you really want to bet in person you can head to Sin City.

Can you freeplay casino in Hawaii?

Services like jlvhawaii “Just Like Vegas” can provide private events with gaming tables, chips and play money. You can of course free play at online casinos and social casino sites too. Check out our recommended online casino sites for options on where you can play.

Can you take a casino cruise from Hawaii?

Nope. The cruise ships that do venture into international waters don’t have casinos on board, unlike those you might find off Florida and other states.

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