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Find the best online casino accepting bank cheque payments.

You might only imagine a cheque as a piece of paper taken out of your personal chequebook for making a payment. However, in technical terms, it is an important document provided by your bank or credit union. When you write a bank cheque, you order your bank or credit union to pay the specified amount to the payee. The tradition of writing bank cheques have been in existence even before the printing press. And you can use a cheque to deposit money in an online casino.

Let’s explore in more detail the best bank cheque casinos online.

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Best Bank Cheque Casinos Online

About bank cheques

The origins of bank cheques date back to the 3rd century BC. From 321 to 185 BC, they were used in India as bills of exchange under the Mauryan Empire. They called it ‘aadesha’, which literally translates as order. These commercial instruments ordered the banker to pay the amount described on the note to the third party.

This practice then spread to the ancient Roman empire, where these instruments were called ‘praescriptiones’.  During the 3rd century AD, the Persians started using letters of credit. They called these documents ‘sakk’, which meant a ‘contract’ or simply a ‘document’. The Arab-ruled lands also used these documents in the 9th century.

Many countries adopted the practice of using such written orders by the 16th century. The first cheques in printed form were issued by the Bank of England in the early 18th century. Towards the late 20th century, cheques became the most popular non-cash method among individuals and institutions for making payments.

The word ‘cheque’ that we used today is believed to have derived from the Persian ‘sakk’. As soon as you open an account with a bank, you’re issued a cheque-book. It contains a specific number or leaves of blank cheques, which carry your account information. Typically, a bank cheque has the name of the bank on it, your name, account number, and the cheque-book’s number.

How to write a cheque

You’re required to write the date, the amount you wish to pay in words and numbers, and then sign the cheque. Although quite similar with regards to their functions, a bank cheque is different from a bank draft. Some online casino players do prefer payments using bank cheques.

They usually use them when the other banking options are not viable for them owing to certain restrictions. Many also use electronic cheques or eCheques for making deposits in online casinos. They are safer and more convenient when compared to the traditional paper cheques.

Pros and Cons of using a bank cheque in online casinos

Cheques are rarely used by players in the online casinos today. This is because of the availability of many effective and fast payment methods, such as prepaid cards and e-wallets. Most players would prefer bank transfer instead of cheque for making payments on the casino websites.

Besides, the casino bonuses are offered mostly for players using other popular payment methods. Here are the pros and cons of using bank cheques in online casinos:


  • Cheque payments have been in use since the early days of online casinos
  • A bank cheque is simple to use and easily accessible
  • You can deposit larger amounts into your casino account


  • Not many casinos allow payments using bank cheques
  • Transactions done via bank cheques take longer to process
  • You’re mostly required to choose a different payment method for withdrawal
  • Can incur high fees for the casino to cut a cheque

How does using a bank cheque compare to other payment methods?

Bank cheques are not so popular among the players of online casinos today. Many other payment methods such as bank transfers, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are faster and secure alternatives. It takes some time for the online casinos to process the payments done using bank cheques.

You have to write the cheque in the name of your chosen online casino and send it to the casino’s physical address. In case of other payment methods, they are processed relatively quicker. Some of these payment methods also enjoy exclusive bonuses in the online casinos.

Many also prefer bank transfers over cheque payments as the former can be done online and processed faster. You’re required to provide your personal information on the casino websites in case of bank transfers. This raises some concerns about data security as hackers operate through the internet.

A bank cheque is sent via registered post or courier and must carry the signature and other details of the party who has signed it. So, unless something happens to the cheque while in transit, it’s quite safe.

Bank Cheque Fees

Your bank may charge a minimal fee on the use of cheques for making payments to your online casino. You don’t need to pay additional fees for the transactions. Your casino might also charge you a certain amount as fees. To make sure that you’re aware of all the fees involved in the transactions, go through the terms and conditions.

If you wish to reduce your fees even further, opt for eCheques. The fees on electronic cheques are kept to a minimum and is usually charged by banks. Most online casinos won’t charge any fees on the use of eCheques as a payment method.

How to use bank cheques for online casino deposits

With the recent technological advancements, the ways of using bank cheques have also evolved. You can still use paper cheques, but an excellent alternative would be the eCheques. An eCheque works the same way as the traditional bank cheques. The only difference is that it is used in a digital format.

This enhances online security, which is not the case with paper cheques. Features such as encryption, authentication, and digital signatures are what makes eCheques highly effective while using them in online casinos for making deposits. To deposit funds into your online casino account using a bank cheque, you’ll need to first go to your online casino and log in.

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the banking, cashier, or deposit section and select ‘cheque’ from the list of payment methods. Enter the account number, routing number, and other details. Once you’ve keyed in all the details, confirm them and click on ‘submit’.

How Bank Cheques can be used for withdrawals in online casinos

Some online casinos won’t allow withdrawals using bank cheques. The ones that do allow them have a very simplified process for their players to withdraw their winnings. Upon withdrawing the winnings from your online casino account, it will take a few days for you to receive the money.

The first step in the withdrawal process will be to get to the cashier or banking section of the casino website while you’re logged in. Choose the option of cheque payout and verify the mandatory information to get the cheque delivered to your address. Make sure you go through all the details before proceeding further with the final payment. You must also read the terms and conditions associated with cheque withdrawals.

Choose the amount you want to withdraw. You’ll require the ID provided by your online casino to receive the money. Once the cheque is released by the online casino, it will arrive via post or courier in a few days. You can then get it encashed by visiting your bank.

How secure is a bank cheque?

Bank cheques need to be mailed to the players’ addresses and this raises some concerns with regards to their safety and security. Postal services are not so reliable in certain situations, such as peak times and unforeseen events. This is why courier services are often more reliable than the standard post. Today, eCheques are used by several online casinos for enhanced security of cheque payments.

The electronic cheques or eCheques ensure better security through certain features, such as a digital signature, secure payment gateway, fraud detection, and encryption. If a fraudulent payment is detected in your account, you can get it revoked within a certain period. Deposits are also processed quicker in case of eCheques.