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Find the best online casino accepting Gift Vouchers.

Sometimes, you aren’t sure what to give as a present on someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. In such situations, a gift voucher can be an excellent choice. However, you might not be aware that it can also be used as a payment method in online casinos.

Let’s explore in more detail the best Gift Voucher casinos online.

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Best Gift Voucher Casinos Online

About Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are called gift certificates or gift cards in North America. In the United Kingdom, some also call them gift tokens. A gift voucher is a card that carries a certain monetary value. It can also be considered a prepaid card issued by a retailer or a bank. You can use a gift voucher instead of cash for making a purchase at one of the retail stores where it is accepted.

It can also be used to make an online purchase or to deposit money in your online casino account. Many businesses and marketing companies give away gift vouchers for promoting their products or services. These cards cannot be cashed out or used after their date of expiry.

The first gift voucher was introduced in 1994 by the American luxury retailer, Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. In 1995, Blockbuster Entertainment test-marketed their gift vouchers. After successfully test-marketing these cards, they launched them across the United States.

Companies such as Mobil and Kmart also introduced their gift vouchers later on. Following the success of these early gift vouchers, several other retail establishments and banks used the concept. In the United States, they are extremely popular and presented as gifts by many.

They are disposed off when their value is used up. A gift voucher is transferable and can be used by any individual it is given to. These cards are usually identified by the name of their issuer or the company promoting them. They may have a serial number, bar code, or a QR code, which can be scanned and read by an electronic machine.

The monetary value is rarely stored on such cards. Instead, it exists in the database of the merchant, which is then cross-linked to the gift voucher’s ID.

Pros and Cons of using gift vouchers in online casinos

One of the convenient ways to transfer money into your online casino account is using a gift voucher to make the deposit. Such cards are either sponsored by banks and other financial institutions or issued by retailers or marketers. They are available in many variants and can have different denominations.

The monetary values of such cards are pre-loaded. Some allow casino players to use up the entire value at once. A few others can be used over a few times until they run out of their pre-loaded value. The use of gift vouchers on the casino websites has its pros and cons.


  • You don’t need to provide your personal details
  • They help you gamble responsibly
  • Deposits can be made instantly
  • They don’t usually have fees associated with their use


  • Not all online casinos accept gift vouchers
  • They don’t appeal to the high rollers
  • If your gift voucher is lost, you lose all your money
  • Most casinos won’t have bonuses for gift vouchers

How do gift vouchers compare to other payment methods?

Bank transfers and credit cards were among the earliest payment methods used in online casinos. A gift voucher bears some similarities with the credit cards and prepaid cards. All these cards carry a pre-loaded monetary value and have an expiry date. The gift vouchers and some prepaid cards have a lower value and are usually available in different denominations.

Most casinos accept credit cards and bank transfers as payment methods while only a few accept gift vouchers and prepaid cards. However, prepaid cards and gift vouchers are more secure, since you don’t have to provide sensitive data while using them. Most e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller provide the same benefits as prepaid cards and gift vouchers.

Most online casinos allow withdrawals using e-wallets, but gift vouchers can’t be used to withdraw your winnings. Cryptocurrencies are highly reliable for secure deposits and withdrawals. However, the transactions take some time to complete and have fees associated with them. Usually, you’ll not be charged any fee for using gift vouchers in online casinos.

Gift Voucher Fees

Gift vouchers are made available in different denominations, which generally range between $10 and $100. You’ll rarely come across gift vouchers that exceed the $100 mark. Gift vouchers can be of two types. In the United States, they’re called closed-loop and open-loop gift cards.

Closed loop gift cards carry a set monetary value. You don’t need to activate them and they don’t charge any fee. Open-loop gift cards are usually linked to a payment provider or a bank. You’re required to pay a one-time activation fee for using such gift cards.

In some cases, the open-loop gift cards charge an activation fee of up to $5. The amount of fees that you incur while using gift vouchers on the casino websites will depend on the online casino you’ve signed up with.

How to use gift vouchers for deposits in online casinos

Depositing funds into your online casino account using a gift voucher is quite simple. The first step would be to find a casino website that accepts gift voucher as a payment method. Once you’ve found a suitable online casino to use your gift voucher for making a deposit, sign up on the website.

When you’re logged in, head to the payments, cashier, or banking section of the site. Select the gift voucher option and enter the value of the card. You’ll also need to enter the unique card number or ID to complete the process. Once you’ve hit the ‘submit’ button, the money you’ve deposited will show up in your account balance.

The greatest benefit of this payment method is that you can maintain anonymity while depositing funds into your online casino account. When you’re presented a gift voucher or you purchase one, it doesn’t usually have your name on it.

How to make withdrawals when using gift voucher as your payment method

The online casinos won’t allow you to withdraw your winnings directly when you’re using gift voucher as your payment method. You can only use your gift voucher to make a deposit in your online casino account. These vouchers or cards are not linked to bank accounts.

So, in order to withdraw your winnings from your online casino account, you’ll need to use another option. The casino sites have many different ways to withdraw funds for players who have selected gift voucher as their payment method. They can use bank transfers or one of the e-wallets to withdraw their winnings.

For using any of these withdrawal options, they’ll need an active bank account or e-wallet. Some online casinos might also allow them to withdraw their winnings using a credit card.

How secure is a gift voucher?

There are many players who prefer using gift vouchers as their payment method in online casinos. The main reason for this is the kind of security that they offer. You don’t need to enter any of your personal or banking information while making a deposit using your gift voucher. In this way, you can maintain your privacy and anonymity while funding your online casino account.

Besides this, the untraceable nature of a gift voucher is another another good reason why it is considered as a secure payment method. Gift vouchers also guarantee safe gambling. Since these cards are pre-loaded with lower amounts of money, you can’t deposit funds beyond the set limit. This prevents you from spending large sums while playing your favorite casino games.