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Find the best real money online casinos in Canada! We have rated and reviewed the most trustworthy online casino Canada brands to bring you our recommended sites for playing live casino, slots, roulette and blackjack.

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Why play online casino in Canada?

If you haven’t already played an online casino on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop you might be wondering what are the benefits are of playing at an online casino Canada rather than in a traditional land based casino?  We know the atmosphere can be electric in a casino; interaction with dealers and community cheering on wins on the Money Wheel. Today the experience at the best online casino Canada has to offer sets the bar high too. Here’s some reasons that we’re confident you will love it.

Play at fair and trusted online casinos

Withdraw your real money winnings fast

Easy access to a huge range of casino games

Your transactions are encrypted for your online safety

Get generous loyalty bonuses and promotions

Receive excellent customer service

Choose from licensed, regulated and legal online casino Canada operators

How to Choose The Best Online Casino Canada

We’ve compiled a list of our highly recommended online casino Canada real money sites for you, but we can only guide you. The decision on where to play is entirely yours! We’ve reviewed our favourite casinos and to choose the best online casino in Canada we inspected the following essentials:

Safety & security

Online security has never been more important. Choose an online casino Canada site that is licensed and regulated, and uses powerful encryption software to protect your data.


Choose a casino that offers your preferred payment method and currency. You can find a CAD casino with Interac payments in no time. Simply select the payment method you want.

Casino Games

Find your favourite games (and try out some new cool ones) and enjoy a top quality casino gaming experience at our recommended best real money online casinos. 

Customer Service

Play at an online casino Canada site where you are treated well with fair and generous promotions, loyalty rewards and where you receive helpful and responsive customer service.

How to create a real money online casino Canada account

Registering at a new real money online casino has never been easier. You’ll need a few basic pieces of personal information to get started.

Create A Username and Password 

Your username is the identifier you will use to login to the casino. Sometimes your username will be used in a casino tournament leaderboard or as your display name when you are playing live casino games with other players. Ideally use an encrypted password keychain to keep your password and your account safe. 

Add your Personal information

You will be asked for personal information including your name, surname, date of birth, and email address.

Select your Country

You will usually have to add your phone number, postal address and the country you are playing from. Countries are often in a drop down box so you can scroll through and select the relevant one. The best sites will already autofill your data with Canada and your phone prefix. You can just add your province.

Choose your Currency

You should have the option to choose which currency you’d like your account to be in for making deposits and withdrawals. This will also be the currency you play in. Crypto users will have multiple options to switch account currencies depending on which cryptocurrency they wish to use. For fiat currencies you’ll see the usual option of CAD. 

Once you have finished registering your account you may be asked to verify that it’s really you! You can do this by clicking a link in an email from the casino, or by entering a code sent to you via SMS. Now you’re ready to deposit and play with real money.

How to make your first real money online casino deposit

Once you have created your new casino account you’ll need to credit your bank roll with funds.

Follow our easy step by step guide and you’ll be playing real money online casino games in no time.

Step 1: Click on the Cashier button.

Step 2: Select your deposit method

You have many options for depositing. If you have a preference, check before registering an account at your chosen casino to make sure they have it available.

Real Money Casino Deposit Methods

Casino Payments Visa

Credit & Debit Card

Most real money online casinos accept Mastercard and Visa. You may also have options for Amex or similar. Before you make a deposit using your credit or debit card you should check to see if you can withdraw to the same card. You might be required to withdraw via bank transfer or paypal depending on the casino.

Interac casino payments


E-wallets work by enabling you to store money online and make payments without having to add your banking details every time. They are safe and secure payment options. Examples of e-wallets commonly accepted at real money online casinos are Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly. Interac is a popular payment method in Canada. Check out our recommended Interac casinos here.

Bitcoin BTC casino payments


Many real money online casinos offer crypto such as Bitcoin as a payment method. Before getting started you’ll need to fund a crypto wallet. Check before you start that the casino supports your chosen cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero are commonly accepted. When you select Bitcoin as the currency you wish you deposit in you’ll be given a blockchain code. This is your depositing address. Copy this code. You now must go back to your crypto wallet and start a transfer. Paste the code into the “send to” section to transfer the value to your casino wallet.

Paysafe Casinos

Prepaid cards or vouchers

These are cards you can buy in a shop or online. Paysafe (formerly UKash) is an example. They’re a popular option for those who don’t want their casino spend being tracked online by their banks.

Bank transfer casino payments

Wire Transfer

This is a transfer you make via your bank. When you select wire transfer as a payment method you’ll be asked to supply your bank details in order for the bank to execute your request. 

Step 3: Enter the amount you wish to deposit and your payment details.

Step 4: Select the bonus you want to claim (this step might come earlier in the process, depending on your chosen casino)

Please note you may also be required to confirm the transaction on your banking app.

Now you have a funded account and you’re ready for some real money online casino action!

Recommended online casinos Canada

Gambling online in Canada

Local laws: Gambling is regulated in Canada, so therefore it is only legal when managed by an authorised body. Charities can also organise betting games such as bingo and lotteries where the proceeds go to charity. You’ve probably seen these in your local area.

Minimum age to gamble: This depends on which province you’re in. Generally you must be aged 19 or over to gamble in casinos, except in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where you must be 18+

Gambling online in Canada: Online gambling is legal in Canada. There is a huge range of online casinos available to Canadian players! You can also play poker and bet on sports at a fully licensed and regulated online sports book.

A brief history of gambling in Canada

Oh no! Learning! Yes, folks – school is back in session. And it’s time for history class! Here’s a brief run through of Canada’s relationship with gambling.

Early Gambling: 

Gambling is well established in Canadian history. However, it’s impossible to identify exactly when it started. Indigenous people in the area South of Niagara played Slahal. This was a game of sticks, bones, or hands. The basics of the game were similar to those found in gambling. So therefore we can postulate that games and gambling have deep roots in Canadian society.

Gambling has been in and out of fashion. Jumping forward to the more recent past; in 1892 the Canada Criminal Code restricted gambling except for horse racing. However, the restrictions were short-lived. The general population’s perspective on gambling was changing. Gambling was allowed for charity, and therefore Bingo and raffles were also officially allowed. 

Lottery projects:

The amended law allowed the Government organise lotteries for funding various projects. Individual provinces in Canada had the right to arrange horse racing, lotteries, slot machines and casinos. For example, in 1974 the Montreal Olympics was in part funded by a lottery.

Horse racing: 

One of the rare recognised gambling events was held in 1887. This major horse racing event attracted many people. The proceeds of gambling related to the horse racing attracted a lot of interest. The horse racing led to the development of various forms of activities that promoted gambling.

The Canadian Government continued to approve various forms of gambling. In 1925, exhibitions and fairs were allowed to hold events that promoted gambling. Growth in the national interest in gambling prompted the Government to see its value. Therefore, the Canada Criminal Code was amended.

Land-based casinos

Land-based gambling establishments provide exciting options for gamers. These venues form a large part of the entertainment industry in Canada. To see how many are in your local area simply take a look at our Canada Casino Guide listings! Recently, many locations and venues have been established or repurposed for gambling activities. Many Canadians spend their holidays in casino resorts in various parts of the country. This is because of the wide range of activities on offer. Casinos established in Canada host activities and games to suit every type of player’s interests. Plus there’s live music, dining options and bars. Bigger venues even host hotels, gold courses and onsite spas! The ideal is to appeal to everyone.

Major building projects:

Land-based casinos are impressive. A huge amount of money and planning is poured into every architectural design. Some casinos are large stand-alone. Other casinos have bars, restaurants, and poker rooms. Smaller establishments maybe located in attractive environments. The actual construction requires a huge amount of workers, therefore providing many jobs in an area.

Economic benefits:

Gambling has contributed highly to Canadian economic growth. This has contributed to increased input of finances for the development and renovations of casinos. For instance, The Caesars Windsor Casino received a facelift worth approximately half a billion dollars. Casinos offer plenty of employment to a local area to cover floor staff, catering, maintenance, administration, and entertainment.

Canada Casino Guide Online

The development of mobile technology has caused a drastic change in gambling. Many people you know will have a smart phone, laptop or ipad. Most people have internet and wifi access at home. These aspects have enabled gambling to become a mainstream activity. Naturally there is fierce competition within the gaming space! Thousands of games have been designed and launched across many online casinos. This is great news for you! Many reputable casinos and sports books are regulated in Europe and are therefore legal in Canada. You’ll find special welcome bonuses created to appeal to Canadian players. We can help you find the best online casino right here at CasinosJungle.

Online gambling has done what the provinces and Government were not able to do. Technology has brought casinos close to people who love gambling. With technology, casino and sports betting can done from the comfort of gamers’ houses.

Pros & Cons

Clearly there are some added benefits to playing online instead of in a land-based casino. Online casinos have proved to be efficient since gamers do not have to travel long distances. Also, online casinos are easy to find. National and sporting news sites market free poker and slot games making them more popular. There are many free apps to download offering free play casino games. Safety is highly important, both online and in person. Be sure wherever you play it is reputable and fair. You should set limits to help ensure your gambling stays fun and you remain in control of your funds. However, online players may miss the sights and sounds of a real land based casino. Plus the social interaction of other gamblers and gaming staff.

The establishment of online casinos has seen Canadians shift from the land-based establishment to online. Canadians spend billions on gambling. However, a large proportion of this money is being spent on online casinos that are not based in Canada.

The loss of revenue through online casinos is fuelling interest in land-based establishments. The Government in Ontario is authorising the establishment of new casinos. Many private enterprises are embracing the opportunity to run these new prestigious casinos. With each construction comes thousands of jobs which is great for the local economy. However, there many be questions around morals and ethics before a new site is approved. Residents have concerns. The addition of a casino in an area will attract a gambling clientele. Furthermore, the risk of causing harm to vulnerable people is increased.

Growth of gambling in Canada:

The gambling evolution has seen the relationship between gambling and the Government grow. In some provinces, the Government solely runs and owns casinos. In other provinces, the Government owns casinos but they are run by private institutions or individuals.

Online casinos cannot replace land-based casinos. Gamblers appreciate both online and land-based casinos. But online is more convenient!

Find a real casino near you!

We can help you find the best local casino in your area! Simply click on your chosen province. Our Canada Casino Guide will provide you with all the key information you need.

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Online Casino Canada FAQs

Is it legal to play real money online casino in Canada?

If you are in Ontario you can play at a regulated online casino. Otherwise you can access many hundreds of safe and secure online casinos licensed overseas.

Is it safe to play at a real money online casino?

Yes it is safe to play at a trusted real money online casino. It’s true there are a few scam casinos out there who will seek to fraud you. For this reason, you should only play at recommended casinos.

Are online casinos rigged?

No, real money online casinos are not “rigged” in so much as they do not hide the probability of winning on their games. You’ll find the RTP (return to player percentage) on all casino games.

What are the best real money online casinos for Canadian players?

Our Top 10 best real money online casino list will help you find your ideal site! We’ve also rated the best casinos for mobile, slots, live dealer casino, crypto, blackjack and roulette.

Do real money online casinos pay out?

Yes! All reputable real money online casinos will pay out your real money winnings. However, if you are playing a social casino, these sites are free to play and mostly only reward you with points or prizes.