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We try to keep it fun and lighthearted in the jungle but there are a few serious points we need to go through. Please read the following disclaimer carefully. website is designed to be informative. It is not an online casino, nor does it offer gaming services. We make our revenue when you choose to create an account and deposit at an online casino that we have recommended to you by clicking on an outbound link. This is at zero cost to you. 

Our function as a site is to provide information in the form of reviews and ratings. We hope to entertain you along the way. The online casinos we feature on our site operate under various licenses. All online casinos listed on our site are to our best knowledge respectable, reputable and trustworthy gaming operator brands that offer services on reliable platforms, unless otherwise stated.

Affiliate Disclosure: Our content contains affiliate links that we may earn a commission from. We do not receive payment for publishing reviews and we only recommend online casinos we trust.

Terms & Indemnity:

CasinosJungle shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions contained within our websites, though once informed we will do our best to correct in a timely manner. Furthermore we reserve the right to make any changes to our site at any time without any prior notice or consent.

Content disclaimer: We make no intention to infringe on any copyrights and only use product and company names/logos/graphics/content in order to provide helpful information to site visitors. does not make any representation of any form of warranties to (a) the accuracy, currency, completeness of information, graphics, text, logo, design elements, links or any other items and or elements contained within this website; (b) the fitness for use, non-infringement of any or all products, bonuses & promotions offered by third parties; (c) viruses, bugs, errors or issues with software and or services provided by CasinosJungle or any third parties which cause any damage to your computer devices and or personal property. As such all the information you’ll find contained here within our website is provided to you on an “as is” basis and without any form or warranty whatsoever.

Online casinos regularly change their promotions, rules and offers. We work hard to keep our information up to date, but please check the casino operator sites prior to playing to ensure you are aware of the promotional terms and conditions. We ALWAYS recommend you check the terms and conditions before you take part in any promotional offers to avoid any unwanted surprises.

All of the content and information provided by is written for the exclusive use of our website. It is a violation of copyright and trademark laws to replicate any information found on our website without prior written consent.

No Underage Gambling:

It is illegal for anyone under 21 to gamble in many countries and states, and illegal for anyone under 18 or 19 to gamble in other countries or states. 

Please check the applicable laws from your jurisdiction before attempting to create an online casino account. It is your responsibility to check that it is legal where you are in order to open an account and play at an online casino. 

The content on our site is intended for people who are the legal age of gambling in their jurisdiction or older.

Applicable tax may be associated with the proceeds from any online gambling winnings you may collect by playing at online casinos we feature here on our site. Please check and pay all taxes as deemed appropriate.

Registered Users & Reviews:

By registering an account you are able to contribute to in the form of reviews. You hereby accept, by registering an account, to adhere to the following terms:

  • You will not post any materials or comments that are hateful, abusive, obscene, false, defamatory, discriminatory, vulgar or false.
  • Links are not permitted.
  • Advertising, spam, solicitations, pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes,
  • Posting real names, email addresses, doxing, personal details or confidential information is also forbidden.
  • Your avatar should not infringe on any copyright materials, or be pornographic or offensive in nature.
  • Do not post the same message to more than one review or thread.
  • Only one account per user is permitted.
  • If you violate any of our terms your account will be closed and your IP blocked.
  • The purpose of our reviews is to help guide other Casino Jungle explorers to make informed decisions on where to play. It’s fine to disagree, but please be mindful to explain the reasons for your opinion.
  • Please keep the language civil. We don’t mind a bit of swearing but threatening or discriminatory language will not be tolerated.
  • If you see any comments that violate these terms please contact us using the form in your user profile.
  • Thank you for being part of our community!

Online Gambling Warning:

By choosing to play at an online casino recommended by CasinosJungle you recognise the potential risk of losing your funds. Let’s be even clearer here – by choosing to play at one of our recommended casinos you recognize the likeliness that you will lose your funds. Any such losses that may be incurred as a result of your playing at online casinos featured here on Casinos Jungle is done so at your sole discretion and is not the responsibility of CasinosJungle, any affiliated companies, suppliers or contractors. Please gamble responsibly.