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Find the best online casino accepting AstroPay.

AstroPay is one of the most popular digital payment services used in the world of online casinos. It gives casino gamers a sense of confidence and security while depositing funds into their online casino account and withdrawing their winnings. By using this payment method, you can carry out these transactions free of charge and without any hassles.

Let’s explore in more detail the best AstroPay casinos online.

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Best AstroPay Casinos Online

If you’re an AstroPay user, you’ll be able to make your online casino transactions in local currency or US dollars. However, you’ll need to check if your local currency is supported. It has an excellent customer support team that provides prompt resolution of your issues via email. AstroPay’s customer support is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

You’ll only need an active mobile number while creating your account to use this digital payment service. During the registration process, you’ll need to enter this number and you’ll get a verification code through text message on your phone. All you need to do next is enter this code to complete the registration process and you’re ready to use your AstroPay account.

About AstroPay

The company began its journey in 2009 with the AstroPay Card. Over the years, it spread across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Mikael Lijtenstein is currently the CEO of AstroPay. Since the launch of its app, this payment method has incorporated over 200 digital payment systems from various countries.

Today, more than 6 million individuals use this payment method across the world. The company has its offices in South America and the United Kingdom. An extensive experience in the emerging markets has enabled it to offer efficient and reliable solutions to its customers. They include individual users as well as merchants. AstroPay has also entered into several sponsorship deals in the past few years.

In the 2018-19 Premier League season, it had sponsored Burnley Football Club. The contract was renewed in 2021 with the app becoming the club’s official payment service partner. It also sponsored Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newcastle United Football Club, and the Sri Lankan national cricket team during the same year.

Pros and Cons of using AstroPay in online casinos

There are two ways of using AstroPay for online shopping or playing virtual casino games. It can either be used as an e-wallet or prepaid card. This makes it an excellent alternative to the payment methods that require you to share your sensitive information for completing online transactions. You can download its app or register on the official website by entering your mobile number.

After verifying your account by entering the 6-digit verification code sent to your phone, you can create your unique password. This creates your secure AstroPay account. Before choosing AstroPay as the payment method for your online casino transactions, it’s good to know its pros and cons.


  • AstroPay allows you to make safe and secure transactions online
  • You can avoid using your bank cards
  • This payment method is available in many different currencies
  • Some online casinos offer generous bonuses for its users


  • There are still many online casinos that don’t accept AstroPay
  • High deposit limits are only available for VIPs

How does AstroPay compare to other payment methods?

You don’t need to provide your sensitive personal and financial details online while using this payment method. This gives it an edge over the traditional payment methods like bank transfers and credit or debit cards. Another great benefit is that AstroPay doesn’t charge you any fees for funding your online casino account.

This feature makes it stand apart from several other e-wallets. Some leading e-wallets charge a certain amount or percentage as transaction fees on payments made to the online casinos. While you can make deposits into your online casino account using this payment method free of charge, you may be charged a small fee for withdrawals.

Cryptocurrencies and prepaid vouchers are highly effective in making fast and secure payments in online casinos. However, they also have some disadvantages. The fluctuations in crypto prices can adversely affect your winnings. Besides, the transactions you make using prepaid vouchers and cryptocurrencies are irreversible.


If you’re using the AstroPay virtual prepaid card, you don’t need to pay any fees. There’s a small fee for withdrawing funds from your AstroPay e-wallet to your bank account. You’ll also be charged a certain percentage as fees for card and check withdrawals. In case of international transactions, the currency conversion fees can go up to 5 percent.

Unverified accounts face far more restrictions than the verified ones. Users with unverified accounts can’t withdraw funds into their bank accounts and have to pay more in fees. They also have more restrictions when it comes to transfers, whether daily, monthly, or annual. It is, therefore, important that you get your AstroPay account verified if you plan to use it regularly.

The transaction limits vary in this payment method. One can have a transaction limit of up to $2 million. The account limits in AstroPay are not connected to your bank or card limits. This is why the users of this payment method can have unbelievably high limits.

How to use AstroPay for casino deposits

You can make fast and convenient deposits into your online casino account by using the AstroPay prepaid card. The first step in this process would be to find a safe and reliable online casino that accepts this payment method. Once you’ve come across one such casino website, sign up to create an account. After you’ve registered with the online casino, log in to your account.

When you’ve logged in, navigate to the cashier, payments, or banking page of the site. Choose the option for making deposits into your casino account. Before making the deposit, you might want to check if there are any deposit bonuses offered by the casino on this payment method. Select ‘AstroPay’ from the list of payment methods and enter the amount you want to deposit.

You’ll be asked to enter your mobile number. Upon entering the number and proceeding further, you’ll get a verification code on your phone. Enter the confirmation code you’ve received and select the AstroPay card to complete your deposit. You’ll need to follow a couple of steps more to transfer funds to your online casino account.

Casino withdrawals

The disadvantage of using AstroPay prepaid card is that you can only use it for making deposits in online casinos. If you want to cash out your winnings, you’ll need to use AstroPay e-wallet or AstroPay Direct. You’ll also need to check if your chosen online casino accepts any of these two options for withdrawals. You’d also want to know if there are any withdrawal limits placed by your online casino.

Log in to your online casino and head to the cashier, payments, or banking section. Choose ‘AstroPay’ as your preferred option for withdrawing your winnings and enter the amount you’d like to withdraw. Upon proceeding further, you’ll need to enter your mobile number and provide your confirmation. The moment you give the confirmation, you’ll be taken to your AstroPay e-wallet login page.

When you log in using your credentials, you’ll find the amount reflected in your e-wallet. You can then withdraw the amount into your bank account by following a few simple steps. It might take up to seven business days to receive the amount in your bank account.

How secure is AstroPay?

AstroPay has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Electronic Money Regulations (EMRs) of 2011. Additionally, it employs the latest SSL encryption to ensure complete protection of data. The encrypted information is almost impossible to decrypt without a one-time key.

Your personal and financial information is never shared with any third party. You’re not required to provide any personal details online while making your transactions. A text message is sent on your phone whenever any deposit or withdrawal is made through your AstroPay account. This helps you detect any instance of fraud immediately.

Make sure that you choose only a reputed and safe online casino that has been licensed by a leading online gaming regulator. You must also check if the casino website is using the latest encryption technology. With such additional measures, you can ensure that your account and all the sensitive data associated with it are kept safe and secure.