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Crypto casinos are gaining popularity. As digital currencies like Bitcoin gain more traction and circulation, their popularity grows. Major crypto currencies have become useful casino deposit methods, offering instant transactions and anonymity.

You may have heard of some of the more famous crypto casinos such as Bovada, BoVegas or Café Casino.  However, today more and more mainstream online casinos are opening up to crypto gambling, enabling major coins such as Bitcoin and Etherum as deposit and withdrawal methods. Plus you’ll find some massive casino bonus offers for crypto casino players.

Here we investigate the top casinos accepting crypto currency to help you choose the best online crypto casino to join today.

Advertiser Disclosure: We do not receive payment in exchange for publishing reviews. We may earn a commission if you choose to play at a site we recommend, at zero cost to you. We’re just keeping it real.

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How do we choose the best crypto casino?

We’ve compiled a list of our most recommended online crypto casinos. Our aim is to help guide you to the safest, most secure crypto gambling destination. Whilst reviewing our favourite crypto casinos we inspected the following key aspects:


Online security has never been more important. No doubt if you are using crypto currency you are well versed in secure online banking methods and will be looking to ensure you play at a safe, reputable casino.

Protecting your personal information and monetary transactions should be the highest priority of any online casino. We rate casinos that are licensed and regulated, and use encryption software to protect your personal data.

We’re also scanning the internet to check real user feedback that might call into question the security of a crypto gambling site.


This is an obvious one but we’re looking for the best online casinos that offer BTC or BCH crypto currency as a deposit and withdrawal method.  Bitcoin as the most popular and original crypto coin is available to use at all our recommended crypto casinos. 

We’re also looking for fast withdrawals in all casinos with the added bonus here that crypto is lightning fast! A key advantage of using crypto is you’ll never pay bank processing fees that you might encounter with your regular banking service provider.  We’re also taking detailed notes on any daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limits. Ideally we want to be able to cash out as much of our winnings as possible in one go and avoid rolling back our wins to the casino.


We are looking for top quality software providers ideally with a great range of video slots, blackjack and roulette. Extra points if it offers a live dealer casino. This means you can play live baccarat, live blackjack and live roulette and chat to the dealers and other players. 

We prefer when a casino has multiple software providers so we know all your favorite games will be included. Some of our recommended crypto casinos only offer Real Time Gaming or Rival Gaming software, but rest assured the game selection of offer is substantial and the quality of slots is high with a good payout percentage.


Online casinos WANT you to play with crypto currency! You’ll see massive welcome bonuses being offered to bitcoin users. Often there’s extra bonuses or free spins for referring a friend who deposits using crypto too.

We investigate all welcome bonus offers carefully to check for wagering requirements, maximum bonus bets and maximum cashouts or any shady practices that might hinder your ability to withdraw your winnings.

We also remind you to always read the terms and conditions before you claim a bonus.

A Brief history of Bitcoin with Dr. Mick Monay

By now it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of bitcoin. Bitcoin has hit the headlines many times with the value being extremely volatile. You probably also wished that you had bought them back in 2009 so that now you would be a multi-millionaire (that is my biggest regret anyway!). If you’re reading this and you were one of the canny ones, well played! 

In any case, now everyone can trade in cryptocurrency. The online casino and gambling industry has been seen as an early adopter for accepting major crypto currencies. Today, more and more casinos are promoting crypto gambling and incentivising deposits with special high value bonus offers.

Perhaps you’re wondering how crypto has earned it’s place as a popular exchange currency? Let’s take a quick look at how Bitcoin became such as major feature in the financial landscape.

Bitcoin’s origin story

In 2008, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper called “Bitcoin – A Peer To Peer Electronic Cash System” in an online forum. In 2009, mining for bitcoin began, and the number sequences were recorded in blockchain.

Blockchain is effectively a unique, digital signature. It is a public ledger of all transactions, open to everyone to view thus making it transparent and trustworthy.

A new digital financial revolution had begun.

New crypto currencies

In any case, the currency had made it’s foray into real world and by 2011 other cryptocurrencies were being established including well known crypto currency Litecoin. 

In 2013 bitcoin made headlines when the value of the currency crashed from $220 down to $70, but by the end of the year it rocketed up to $1075.

During 2014 Bitcoin suffered a huge scandal. A major bitcoin exchange platform, Mt. Gox went offline and 850,000 bitcoins went missing (although some have since been recovered) putting security and fraud aspects under scrutiny.

Future of Bitcoin in 2020

Of course, the value dropped again most recently crashing to $5,000 in March 2020 in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, but is currently seeing a strong return to form.  Today there are literally thousands of crypto currencies in the market and investors are hoping to back the next big thing that could explode in value like Bitcoin.  Early adopters of bitcoin have since been made millionaires and many people trading in forex are hoping to buy up a young currency whilst the value is low and see potential gains as it gets more traction within financial institutions.

Some experts say the value will tip past $10,000 again and could be as much as $30,000 by the end of the year. In any case crypto’s meteoric rise seems far from over.

Most expensive pizza

In 2010 the first bitcoin transaction occurred. 10,000 bitcoins was exchanged for 2 pizzas. At that time there was no monetary value to compare bitcoin to. So perhaps 10,000 seems a reasonable exchange for a brand new digital currency. Fast foward 10 years to today and 10,000 bitcoins are worth $97 million.  

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute… 



Blockchain finds new applications

These peaks and troughs continued. By early 2015 Bitcoin was worth $315.   

Bitcoin found itself with new competitors as new innovations were developed beyond Bitcoin’s capabilities.

In 2016 Etherum makes a splash in the market, introducing “smart contracts” which basically allow financial instruments such as loans or bonds to be recorded in blockchain. But the Bitcoin value kept on growing and in 2017 the value was consistently around the $1000 mark. Between October and November 2017 Bitcoin’s value exploded over several months hitting $5,000 then doubling to $10,000. It peaked at over $20,000 for a single bitcoin in December 2019.  (Remember those 10,000 bitcoin pizzas?!)

Can I join in and buy bitcoin?

It’s not too late to get on the bandwagon!

Whilst you may never see those millionaire making developments again, there are thousands of currencies including Dash, Ripple and Monero which may all see mainstream adoption. XRP is already being used by financial institutions for bank transfers.

Online casino’s adoption of crypto is just one example, and there is a great range of casinos offering Bitcoin gambling. Over time you are likely to see more and more mainstream industries adopting its use.

Warnings and risks of Crypto Gambling

If you are using cryptocurrency you will already be more than aware of how much the value of the currency can fluctuate

This being the case, the amount you deposit in the morning might be worth significantly more or less a few days later when you come to withdraw your winnings.

Whilst typically crypto withdrawals are quick, some casinos process them manually for security purposes, which can take a while longer. If you see an unmissable opportunity to trade during this period, you might become frustrated.

Crypto casino FAQs

What is the best crypto casino in the market?

Check our latest Top 10 recommended crypto casinos to guide you to high quality online gaming environments offering crypto gambling and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.  We provide in depth reviews to help give you an overview of what games and bonus promotions are available.

What are the advantages of crypto casinos?

Speed of transaction processing. Using bitcoin to make your casino deposits happens very quickly, and it maybe be faster to withdraw crypto currency than more traditional methods such as a bank transfer, credit or debit card.

You may be residing in a country that does not permit online gambling, and therefore your regular banking method might not be available to you. Bitcoin can offer a good alternative, since transactions occur anonymously and as a plus you will not be charged any transaction fees.

What are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling?

There are many unlicensed online casinos offering cryptocurrency as the sole payment method.  Try to look for a crypto casino that is well reviewed with positive user feedback, especially regarding fairness of gameplay and withdrawal of winnings and preferably has a license. Casinos Jungle is here to help guide you to the best crypto casino.

The very nature of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is that it is not regulated by any country or financial banking institution. As such anything could happen.

How do I start a cryptocurrency wallet?

If you are a complete beginner we strongly advise you to do plenty of research before getting into crypto trading due to its volatility. In a nutshell, you will need a secure digital wallet such as Breadbase to keep your lovely crypto coins in. Or you can use an exchange such as Coinbase and transfer your crypto balance to your wallet of choice. There are a huge number of cryptocurrency resources out there and isn’t one of them.

We suggest checking out some of the major crypto sites for information to guide you on your journey, since they can do it much better than us!