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Find the best online casino accepting ecoPayz payments.

EcoPayz, also known as ecoCard, has been a preferred casino payment method for many online gamblers since two decades. It gained massive popularity for being a fast, safe, and convenient digital payment system. Moreover, it is backed by Mastercard, which is trusted globally for its financial services.

Let’s explore in more detail the best ecoPayz casinos online.

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Best ecoPayz Casinos Online

About ecoPayz

Online casino players can use their ecoPayz (or “ecoCard”) to make instant deposits with an increased control over their bankroll. You can also use prepaid cards under this payment method. They are available in some of the world’s major currencies, such as the US Dollar, British Pound, and Euro. A physical ecoCard can be used in the same way as a credit or debit card.

These cards are accepted at millions of shops and ATMs across the world. You can open an ecoAccount with a simple sign-up process and get your ecoCard within a few days. You can then choose a reliable online casino that accepts ecoCard and play your favorite games with fabulous bonuses.

PSI-Pay Ltd created ecoCard in 2000. This makes ecoPayz one of the longest continually existing e-wallets in the world. In 2008, the company was regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by the Financial Services Authority (FCA). It was also regulated under the EU Directive on electronic money.

The company became a principal member of Mastercard in 2009, which enabled it to issue cards. The iPhone app of the e-wallet was launched in the same year. For taking the company to its next level, a branding project was started in 2013. This led to the launch of the ecoPayz brand.

Today it exists along with other products of the company. They include ecoCard, ecoAccount, ecoPayz Business Account, ecoVirtualcard, and ecoPayz Merchant Account. Customers can now access their ecoAccount through its app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Pros and Cons of using ecoPayz in online casinos

There is a difference between the standard ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard. EcoCard is a physical debit card, which you can carry in your purse or wallet. You don’t need to carry an ecoVirtualcard anywhere as it is a virtual prepaid card.

Both these cards can be used to deposit money into your online casino account. However, you can’t get cash from an ATM using the ecoVirtualcard. Now let’s go through the pros and cons of using this payment method in online casinos.


  • Most online casinos accept ecopayz or ecoCard as one of their payment methods
  • You don’t need to share your banking or credit card details online
  • The use of ecoVirtualcard provides better safety and security
  • You can easily withdraw the winnings into your bank account


  • Some online casinos charge a certain amount of fee on the transactions
  • Withdrawal process may take longer than cryptocurrencies
  • There are transaction limits on ecoVirtualcard
  • International transactions involve currency conversion fees

How does ecoPayz compare to other payment methods?

If you wish to use the ecoVirtualcard option, you must go for the Silver level upgrade of your ecoPayz account. You also need to make sure that your ecoVirtualcard has sufficient funds. Although most online casinos accept ecoCard, they’re still less compared to the ones that accept credit cards.

EcoCard functions the same way as the several other e-wallets in use today. Since it is backed by Mastercard, you can benefit from a wider range of purchase options. An ecoVirtualcard presents the same benefits as the prepaid cards like AstroPay and paysafecard. You don’t need to provide your personal or banking details while using ecoVirtualcard in the online casinos.

This allows you to have better privacy and maintain anonymity during the transactions. Even the popular payment methods such as bank transfers, credit and debit cards don’t offer such anonymity and privacy.

ecoPayz Fees

By using ecoCard, you can enjoy free registration and transfers of funds. You’ll not be charged for making deposits into your online casino account. However, you may be charged a fee of 10 percent on bank wire deposits to your ecoAccount. A credit card deposit is charged upto 6 percent and an additional fee in some cases.

If you choose to deposit via ecoVoucher, there is a fee of 2.90 percent. You’ll need to keep your ecoAccount active to avoid an inactivity fee. Currency conversion charges in case of international transfers is 2.99 percent. It is important to know that the fees vary depending upon the country you reside in.

In case of international transactions, the currency conversion rates and fees are calculated automatically. Charges differ for deposits made using zestPay and codePayz. Bank transfers from a virtual IBAN or account are not charged any fees.

How to use ecoPayz for deposits

When you deposit money into your online casino account using ecoCard, you can see the amount reflected instantly. You don’t need to pay any monthly or annual fees for such deposits. Making your deposits in your online casino account involves a few simple steps.

Before you transfer your funds using ecoCard, make sure that it is active and loaded with the required amount. The next step would be to log in to your casino account and head to the cashier, payments, or banking section. In most casinos, it is located at the top-right of the website. While you’re on this section, select ecoCard as your deposit method.

Key in your card number and the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account. If the details you’ve entered are correct, your account will reflect the amount. Some of the best real money online casinos offer attractive bonuses for players who deposit money into their casino account using ecoCard. You can also collect any bonus amount if it is offered by the casino.

How to use ecoPayz for withdrawals

You might be charged withdrawal fees when you transfer the winning amount to your bank account using ecoCard. It varies between $6 to $10 depending upon the type of ecoCard you’re using. Once you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirement and have your winning amount, you’d want to make a withdrawal.

Most online casinos allow withdrawals using ecoCard or ecoPayz. For making a withdrawal, you’ll need to navigate to the cashier, banking, or payments section of the casino website. Once you’re there, select ecoCard as your preferred withdrawal method. When prompted, submit your verification documents.

Upon proceeding further, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw along with the details of your ecoCard. Make sure you’re not exceeding the withdrawal limit set by the casino. Confirm your withdrawal when a pop-up appears on the screen asking for your confirmation.

How secure is ecoPayz?

EcoPayz has a process required for all the Electronic Money Institutions, which is called ‘safeguarding’. This ensures safety and security of your money, as it is separately held and you’ll always have access to it. The website of ecoCard has been certified by the Thawte Certification Authority and uses the SSL encryption technology.

The company complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS). It is also registered under the Data Protection Act of 2018 with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Regular inspection by the independent third party experts ensures that the company meets all the regulatory requirements.

With such stringent security measures, the money that you send from your ecoAccount is never at risk. The payments made using ecoCard are also protected with anti-fraud technologies. None of your sensitive details are shared while you make the online transactions. The 2-step verification process adds another strong layer of security to your account.