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Video Pokers are popular these days and especially in places where gambling is celebrated like a national sport. It’s been quite common to see people gambling in big cities, almost everywhere in the world. When it comes to playing video poker online, the numbers are not as high as slot games.

But it seems like Platipus Gaming has come up with a powerful video poker game. After designing over 85 slot games in 19 languages, the studio introduced 2 Ways Royal to its audience. For people not quite familiar with video poker, this blog is going to be exciting.

With an RTP of 97.42% and low-med volatility, it comes with a bet limit of up to 250€.

2 ways royal
2 Ways Royal screen
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Quick facts 2 Ways Royal

Video poker
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RTP (payout percentage)
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Features 2 Ways Royal

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Features 2 Ways Royal

The game has two excellent features, and both will make your experience more exciting First, you can choose how many hands you want to keep while playing. Second, there is a gambling option that gives you a chance to increase your winning by 2X.

Multiple Hands:

In poker, players love to have multiple hands. The simple reason is to have more fun. It is always fun to know the capacity of each hand. In the game, you start with a single hand and then slowly can crawl up to 50 hands!

But the problem is the risk factors associated with it. As long there is an eye on the budget, having a bit of fun with several hands isn’t a sin. Is it?

Gambling Option:

The gambling option gives you a chance to gamble your way and win multiple rewards. After every win, the gambling option pops up. You have to either guess the right color of the card (red or black) or the 4 suits. As long as you are making the right guesses, you are doubling up your rewards.

But it can go either way and might cost you a fortune.

Bet & Payouts 2 Ways Royal

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Bet & Payouts 2 Ways Royal

Surprisingly, there isn’t any specific theme of 2 Ways Royal. It looks pretty basic, almost like any other classic video poker game that ever existed. In fact, it looks like the default card games that used to come with new operating systems. But don’t take the innocence seriously because the graphics are way better than what you would expect them to be.

The setting is on a green board with “2 WAYS ROYAL” printed at the top in gold. The controls are on the right side of the board. You have the total bet and balance icons in the middle of the slot. On the extreme left, you have got some options like full screen, sounds, etc.

The cards are nicely designed especially the face cards. Platipus Gaming has always prioritized its artwork and graphics over everything, so there isn’t anything to complain about here.


2 Ways Royal is based on Jacks or better, which means this is a pure classic video slot. So, all you have to do is have a pair of Jacks or anything above that, like Queens, Kings, or Aces, to win.

So even if you have a pair of any other cards from the deck, the “jacks or better” card will always overrule.

Game Tips & Tricks 2 Ways Royal

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Game Tips & Tricks 2 Ways Royal

Here are some tricks for the game:

More hands – More fun:

It’s poker, so it is always fun to take the taste of all the hands and see their potential. But here is something you need to know– the bet size is also going to increase. But bat an eye on the budget from time to time to make sure you are not losing the bet.

Gambling is a bit risky:

The problem with gambling is it can go either way. Though you can play it safe by picking up the color of the card instead of picking up a suit, there is still some risk.


As the RTP of the game is great, you might want to keep going. At the end of the day, this is poker and has still some risks. The best trick is to know when to stop and avoid the cycle of loses.


2 Ways Royal is a very decent video poker interface, thanks to the RTP. An RTP of 97.42% is more than good and even better than slots with low RTP. The studio has done an amazing job in making sure that the gameplay gives enough peace to the players. In fact, the cards are well-designed, and the green board looks as perfect.

The concept of Jack or Better is very classic. So, it means you have to have Jacks or Queens, Aces, or Kings to win the game.

The game gives you the option to go for as high as 50 hands. Now, this might increase the bet size, and the loss will hurt a little more. But, taking the taste of all the hands is very fun and if you make some wins, then you don’t have to worry about loses.

The gambling feature is a way to gamble and double your rewards. But the risk that comes with it is worse than what its worth.