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Lady Luck Games has come up with a new and ultra-archaic online casino game, The Treasures of Tizoc. This game was launched on 2 June 2022 with a 16:9 responsive aspect ratio. The elements are quite good in the game– mystery, fantasy, Aztec, things that give you a rush while you are playing the game. The studio has always brought up new and interesting concepts for its audience. Be it the storyline, the theme, or the gameplay– each game is unique and intriguing. Astro Anna, Popeye, Valholla– all of them are popular because of their “out of the box” presentation.

This time you will see many cool features, slot lines up to 15,625, and a max win of about 15,500X the bet. The Treasures of Tizoc has a hit frequency of only 19.75% with high volatility and an RTP of 94.5% (max) which makes it a little unattractive on this part.


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Treasures of Tizoc Reels
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Quick facts The Treasures of Tizoc

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Bonus Features / Jackpots The Treasures of Tizoc

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Bonus Features / Jackpots The Treasures of Tizoc

As Lady Luck has never disheartened its fans with features and bonuses, this one will also give you a breathtaking experience. You will see four primary four features– Respins, Gargoyle, Buy Bonus, and Bonus Game.



Every time you collect a winning combination, you activate respins, and all the winning symbols become sticky. On reel 1, all the trivial symbols will disappear, and the remaining symbols and these sticky symbols will move 1 reel to the left. New symbols will come up for the bonus respin opportunity. If you keep landing the winning symbols, you can increase the respins up to 19.

Gargoyle Wilds:

Think of it as a feature that turns everything to wild, but wait, does it turn coins and bonus ones into wilds too? Well, yes. It turns everything to wilds, and be careful when it’s above any reel equipped with 5 symbols.

However, this reel can only capture two reels.

Bonus Game:

This is quite interesting because you can trigger this feature by just connecting the entrance of the pyramids. As soon as you connect them, the doors open and boom, you get the vibe of a board game. You have to throw the dice and take steps according to the number showing up.

You need to collect the money symbols as much as you can but try not to step on the skulls. In case you step on the skull, you won’t return to the game again unless you have an extra life.

Bonus Buy:

This feature lets you trigger the bonus game feature instead of waiting for the winning combo to do so for you. Your coins that were collected previously during the spins will not be counted towards the bonus game rounds.


Games Theme The Treasures of Tizoc

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Games Theme The Treasures of Tizoc

The theme of the game is Aztec, but there are various other elements that you will notice too. Some of the most prominent are mythology, fantasy, action, and adventure. A game that has so many elements will definitely amp up your gameplay experience.

You have to solve secret riddles and move forward in the game. You will come across skulls in the bonus game and some deadly alligators to get inside a cave. At times, the journey becomes so adventurous because of these interesting elements and high-quality graphics.

Symbols / Payouts The Treasures of Tizoc

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Symbols / Payouts The Treasures of Tizoc

There are different Aztec and card symbols that pay in the game, where the Aztec symbols have the highest payout, and the cards pay you the lowest.

Apart from these Aztec symbols, the card symbols pay you between 0.15X to 0.05X the bet amount. You should also know about the payouts/specialty of other symbols like Wild (€1.0 to €0.25), the Gargoyle Symbol, and the Bonus Game.


Game tips / tricks The Treasures of Tizoc

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Game tips / tricks The Treasures of Tizoc

This game has only an RTP of 94.2% (lower models are also available) and high volatility. Make sure you don’t get very involved in the theme and gameplay. When you are investing real money, you need to make sure that you take precautions. The best tip is to know when to stop.

This game has very interesting gameplay,  but the mechanics are very different from the usual ones. So, it’s better to set your hands first and, to do that, try their demo version. This will help you get a good grip on the mechanics of the game.


One of the best things about the game is its intriguing theme and impactful graphics. Aztecs is a very powerful theme, something that has a lot of adventure in it. Mythology, cave art, mystery, fantasy– these elements have a different story behind them. If we talk about the features, you will see some usual ones like the bonus game or the bonus buy feature and some quirky ones like the Re-spins, Gargoyle, etc.

There are several pros of the game, like the mechanics, high win max amount (15500X), high win lines (15625), and unique graphic art. The cons aren’t many, except for the low RTP rate and high volatility.



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