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More and more players are searching for unlicensed casinos. Why is this? Surely players want to make sure their real money deposits are secure and that they can withdraw their winnings? It is 100% possible to play at an unlicensed or offshore casino and play safely with a reputable, trusted brand. Here we explore the pros and cons of unlicensed casinos and guide you on where to play.

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Why are more players choosing unlicensed casino sites? Many people have grown to love the excitement of online casinos. These virtual gaming platforms offer users a fun way to enjoy their favorite games while offering intriguing challenges and rewards. However, due to increased regulation in countries and states around the world there has been an increase in user searches for “unlicensed casino” and “casinos without a license”. When we say unlicensed casino, it does not necessarily mean that the casino has no license at all (though this is the case for some), but it means that the casino is not licensed to operate in your state, province or country.

The reasons for seeking out an unlicensed casino vary. Here are some of the key reasons a play may wish to choose an unlicensed casino online:


  • Easy Access
  • Higher deposit limits
  • More privacy
  • Bigger bonuses
  • Greater game choice
  • Increased personal responsibility


  • Not regulated
  • Limited payment methods
  • Some game providers unavailable
  • Often more bonus restrictions

While the popularity of these sites continues to grow, there are still some important factors that players need to consider before signing up with any site.

Let’s be honest unlicensed sites can be risky. They’re not regulated in your jurisdiction, which means you can’t be sure if they’re fair or safe to use. If you choose to sign up with an unlicensed site, you don’t have a regulatory body to complain to if something goes wrong. But why are so many gamers choosing these types of sites over licensed ones? And what can you do to stay safe?

Unlicensed Casinos Are Less Strict When It Comes To Deposits And Withdrawals

There are less restrictions on the amount that you can deposit at a casino without a license. You will often find if you deposit using cryptocurrency the amount you can deposit is even higher. You must first verify your identity to start playing games with a licensed casino. With this information, casinos can prevent players from abusing the system by using fraudulent payment methods. This is a great feature, but it also means that it may take longer to deposit funds into your account.

Some casinos may even require you to wait up to a month before you can play with your deposited funds. This time may be too long for many players who want to dive right into the action right away.

Another issue that players may run into is having too many withdrawal requests declined. If you request a withdrawal and it gets rejected, you’ll have to wait a certain number of days before trying again. This policy is designed to protect casinos from players who may be trying to withdraw their winnings illegally.

Unfortunately, this strict rule means that players with legitimate requests will have to wait unusually long to get their money.

You may find it difficult to deposit at unlicensed casinos with your regular payment option. For example Visa and Mastercard may not work with an unlicensed casino. Crypto is by far the easiest way to deposit at an unlicensed casino since the transactions are anonymous and the bank has no control over how and where you spend your crypto currency.

Unlicensed Casinos Have Bigger Bonuses

Some regulators seek to limit the amount of bonuses a player can claim from an online casino. Since unlicensed sites do not have to adhere to these limits they can offer players a wide range of bigger bonuses. This might include match deposit bonuses, cashback, freespins, reloads and no deposit bonuses.

Personal Responsibility

Some jurisdictions impose limits during a players gaming experience. For example there may be pauses placed between a certain number of spins. A player may need to set limits before they start playing a slot game. These restrictions are added with player safety in mind. However, you as a player may prefer to take responsibility for your own actions and be in control of your own limits without them being imposed upon you. In this case you might prefer an unlicensed casino online.

Licensed Casinos Don’t Pay Out Enough Money To Players

Some licensed casinos have been known to be stingy with payouts. For example, gamers on a hot streak while playing slots may want to cash out with a big win. Unfortunately, a stingy casino may reduce the number of winnings you receive.

Players who are used to receiving fair and honest payouts may feel that licensed casinos don’t pay out enough money to players. It’s important to note that not all casinos are like this. There are plenty of licensed sites that provide players with payouts that are fair and reasonable.

Still, some licensed casinos aren’t as generous as they should be. Unlicensed casinos are not required to follow these same rules. This means you may find casinos that pay out larger portions of winnings to players.

You might also come across casinos that only pay out small amounts of winnings. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know which casinos will pay out more and which will pay out less. This is why it’s important to do your research before choosing a site to play on.

Unlicensed Casinos Allow More Freedom In Choosing Games And Currency

Many licensed casinos only offer games in a limited selection of currencies. For example, a casino may only offer games in $USD, €EUR, and £GBP. While having options is nice, these casinos don’t give players much freedom when choosing a currency.

Players who don’t want to use their country’s currency may not be able to play at these licensed casinos. On the other hand, unlicensed casinos are not required to offer games in specific currencies. This means that you can choose any currency you like. There are many benefits to having a larger selection of games available.

Licensed casinos often have a small selection of games available to all players. If you don’t like the featured games, you may easily find yourself bored. This can lead to you spending less time playing and more time looking for something new to try.

Unlicensed Casinos Can Have a Bad Reputation

The licensing process is designed to ensure that casinos are fair and safe for all types of players. The problem is that some unlicensed casinos have a bad reputation for paying out winnings. This has led to some casinos earning a bad reputation among gaming experts and avid gamers.

Playing at a licensed or an unlicensed casino with a bad reputation could hurt your ability to cash out winnings. Some players may worry that their winnings could be taken away or reduced unfairly. Unlicensed casinos don’t have to earn a bad reputation.

This means they don’t have to worry about being blacklisted or revoked their licensing. This greatly benefits the players who choose to play at unlicensed sites. Even if an unlicensed casino has a bad reputation, it’s unlikely that it will affect your ability to cash out winnings. This means you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.


Unlicensed casinos are indeed riskier than licensed ones. But there are plenty of advantages to choosing an unlicensed site over a licensed one. Licensed casinos often come with strict rules that can impact the experience negatively.

Unlicensed casinos don’t have to follow the same rules, meaning gamers are given more freedom when choosing games and currencies. Unlicensed casinos don’t have a bad reputation like some licensed ones do. Choosing an unlicensed site may not be risk-free, but it can be a great way to enjoy online gaming.