Real Time Gaming’s online Baccarat offers quality animation graphics and engaging game play.

Real Time Gaming’s virtual baccarat never disappoints as you can comfortably place your real money Baccarat bets whilst still enjoying the comforts of your home. If you’re new to the game, Baccarat involves two individuals; designated banker and a designated player. The online player has to wager on the results of the game. Try it yourself – play RTG baccarat free right here!

Baccarat RTG
RTG Baccarat
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Quick facts Baccarat

Table games
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Features Baccarat

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Features Baccarat

At the left bottom corner, the balance of the player is displayed. The betting chips location is on the right part of the betting table. The player places the chips on either, banker, player or tie. Upon placing the wager, the gamer presses the button to proceed with the gaming process automatically.

A specified system of game rules exists. The cards are accordingly dealt from the shoe, after which the comparison of the hands is made in order to determine the payouts. Detailed rules and procedures can be accessed upon pressing a button on the bottom-right of the screen.

You can adjust the sound produced by the software and the speed of the cards, so you can gain comfortable control of the game settings. At the bottom left of the screen, there is a button that helps the player trail down the history of the wins made in that session.

Bet & Payouts Baccarat

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Bet & Payouts Baccarat

This is a standard baccarat set up. Royal blue felt in the background with silver accents and detailing.

Gameplay is smooth and clean.

Game Tips & Tricks Baccarat

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Symbols / Payouts Baccarat

The fascinating thing about this online casino is the tie bet. This pays 9:1 far-much-better than the usual 8:1.

For the bankers bet, wins get carried over to the closest quarter. So the gamer is advised to make bets increment of $5.

The house edge associated with each include the following:
• Banker: 1.06%
• Player: 1.24%
• Tie: 4.93%

Baccarat has only three probabilities of the game outcomes as below.
• Prediction of the player to make a win
• Prediction of a possible tie.
Bet/ prediction on the banker to make a win


Real Time Gaming offers a decent baccarat game, easy to learn and simple settings.

We recommend that you play the demo version to hone your skills before playing for real money bets.