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BetConstruct Aiming to Shake Up iGaming World With New CMS

Penny January 19, 2023

A leading casino technology provider is set to make big waves in the industry with their latest iGaming content management system that they believe will remove many of the barriers to entering the market for start-ups and smaller operators. This latest update to their service looks to streamline the process by providing a single point of entry for those starting out in the land-based and online casino market.

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BetConstruct as a company has been developing its iGaming support tools for nearly two decades and has recently stepped up its digital offerings in an attempt to get ahead of the competition. Alongside their most recent support and management system, the company has been developing cryptocurrency solutions for online casinos to assist in normalizing the use of decentralized tokens in the industry. So, what exactly will these news systems do for businesses in the market?

A Single Service Solution for Ease of Use

According to a press release from BetConstruct, this updated CMS will fundamentally simplify the day-to-day operation for iGaming operators by housing all of the required resources in one tool. For online casinos, this means that entirely white-label or turnkey services will be provided, meaning that businesses can fully customize the user experience while accessing an entire complement of games and jackpots from their catalog. Beyond that, the company will provide both business-to-business support and business-to-customer support, allowing the operator to focus on the aspects of their business that they feel most accustomed to.

Possibly the most crucial aspect of the company’s CMS is how the service deals with some of the trickier intricacies of operating an iGaming establishment. Under their white-label option, all issues of jurisdiction and licensing will be managed by BetConstruct, removing much of the headaches associated with setting up a new business. Add to that the more than 500 payment gateways, including supporting the use of leading cryptocurrencies, and the operation of a sportsbook or online casino is simplified greatly for new names to the industry. This is ultimately the company’s overall vision, which they describe as, “[removing]… barriers to the [sic] industry entry and facilitate profitable expansion”.


Where Does This Leave the Industry at Large?

Ultimately, as described by the company’s mission statement, this looks to democratize the iGaming industry and provides an exciting outlook for the coming years. As we see more and more jurisdictions proving to be open to the idea of liberalizing gambling legislation, easy-to-use management systems will be crucial. In an ever-changing landscape, legal hurdles are often the most difficult element of operation for anyone moving into the business. As such, powerful tools such as these will be invaluable, allowing for a real focus to be placed on user experience and interface development.

Not only that, but the introduction of a unified catalog of payment gateways is sure to be the future of all business, not simply iGaming. As we see digital payment methods becoming more varied and the lines being drawn in the sand as people set out their preferences for choosing a payment method, the ability to accept a wide range of methods and pivot to newer developments like crypto could prove to be one of the major deciders between success and failure.


Crypto Adoption the Headline Grabber

While convenience and simplicity may be what attracts most to the service, the real headline grabber will be the ability to introduce crypto and blockchain technologies into the online casino world. With famous names like Brazilian soccer star David Luiz partnering with bitcoin and altcoin casinos like BC.GAME, it’s clear to see where the real sea change will be in the coming years. The association of world-famous names with these blockchain-adjacent establishments is just further proof that there’s demand for greater adoption of the technology.

With that said, an easy-to-use tool that gives operators the ability to make the first step into the decentralized world of blockchain and crypto casinos is sure to be a hit. In 2023 and throughout the rest of the 2020s, it wouldn’t be surprising if we were to see more services that provide entry-level access to such emerging tech popping up and acting as disruptors in the industry. If that’s to happen, names like BetConstruct will be notable for pushing the boundaries of what was available in the early stages.

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