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How Hard is it to Build a Successful Casino Strategy?

Penny December 14, 2023

Winning against the house is always going to seem like an impossible task. It always wins, right? While that is mostly the case, players often wonder if there is a way to increase their odds and build a strategy that gives them the chance to prevail against the house slightly more often. Obviously, it’s not going to be the case that one player can ever give themselves a 100% chance of winning at the casino but maybe it is possible that with a clever approach, smart bankroll tactics, and a particular choice of games could decrease that house edge and build winnings. So, is it possible to develop a strategy that could build good returns at the casino and how hard could it actually be?

Casino winning strategy

Set Yourself a Bankroll – Conservative Playing Can Help

This is probably the most important point to address first. When you’re playing at a casino, either online or offline, you need to ensure that you set yourself a kitty that works. Everyone has a particular amount of money that they are both able to and willing to lose if things don’t go as planned. When building a strategy, it’s beneficial to stay a little more conservative than you would usually imagine. Big wins might be what you’re dreaming of but smaller wins build up and sticking to smaller stakes can allow you to play a low-risk game while building your bankroll. Taking your time is better than blowing it all in one hail Mary stake.


A good example of this is the Fibonacci strategy for roulette. This is a gaming approach where you place your bets on 50/50 outcomes (red or black, for example). Each time you lose, you will increase your stake in a sequence where you end up using the sum of the previous two numbers. It may sound confusing but think of the sequence in the following example, with the number 1 appearing twice as we must assume 0 came first: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. That would be each stake if you were to lose seven times in a row. Then, if you win a round, you must move back two numbers in the sequence, unless you are at the start. So, if you finally won at 13, you would move back to 5. This helps you recoup your losses and keep building your wins modestly.


Pick Your Game Wisely – Always Plays the Odds

When building a strategy for playing at a casino, it’s key that you don’t simply get sucked into the flashiest game you first see. You’re going to need to know what you’re playing and what your chances of winning are. If playing at an online casino, check the game’s RTP and look for those that often pay out to players. Beyond that, though, you’re going to want to know the games where the odds aren’t heavily in favor of the dealer or the house. 


Obviously a conservative roulette strategy can work wonders but even a game like blackjack could be a good pick for you as you look for the games with the best odds. As this is a table game that doesn’t heavily favor the house, you can use that to your advantage. There is only a 1% difference between the odds for the player and for the dealer. That means that you stand a higher chance of triumphing and a strategy that includes this game could be home to some of your bolder bankroll moves as you hedge your bets on the roulette table. With blackjack, too, it is possible to use in-game strategies such as counting cards to give yourself an advantage and know when to stick or twist.


Know When to Stop – You Can’t Always Chase Big Wins

It’s not something that is particularly seen as exciting as part of a strategy at the casino but setting yourself targets is always going to be helpful. Most people will talk about knowing when to stop once losses begin building up but fewer will mention that it’s also important to know when you’re happy with your winnings. It’s all too easy to see a steady increase in wins and continue to chase them before ultimately finding yourself on a losing streak. Instead, consider what you would see as a good amount in profit and know when it’s time to call it a day. After all, it’s better to leave with an extra dollar than go home minus your entire bankroll.


Building a strategy can be difficult but knowing the games you will be playing and setting your limits can go a long way to helping you successfully navigate the casino floor. It might not guarantee any wins, but it could give you a push in the right direction.

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