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Casino Games With the Best Odds for Beginners

Penny November 11, 2023

The one question on most gamblers’ minds, especially those new to a casino floor, is which games offer the greatest chance at achieving a return. While it’s easy to write that question off as a fool’s errand due to the nature of games of chance, there is some evidence that will help inform a more likely casino gaming strategy. Certainly, a win can never be guaranteed but here are the games that players have the best chance of winning from at the casino.

Roulette - one of the best games for beginners

Roulette – The Beginners’ Favorite 

It’s a staple of casino floors and online catalogs, roulette, and that’s for good reason. It’s one of the easiest games for a newcomer to understand and get involved with. It also, with a particularly savvy strategy, presents a good opportunity to win something. As anyone who has played the game will know, there are a couple of major variants of it and some key ways to play, some of which have a greater chance of returning some winnings than others. 

With both American and European roulette the two major variants, the only difference is that the former includes both a 0 and a 00 place, which favors the house more than the player. Because of that, European roulette is the best for a player looking to maximize their potential to win. Then it depends on the way you bet on the table whether or not a player has given themselves an edge in the odds.

A player can give themselves an almost 50:50 chance of seeing the win in by betting on red or black, or odd or even. In a typical game of the European variant, there will be 37 numbers on the wheel – 0 and 1-36. That means that there are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers, as well as 18 red 18 black, and 0. That’s a 48.65% chance of your choice being a winner. Betting on individual numbers or spreading your bets won’t be as strong a probability but could return you bigger profits if you were to win. Then again, the risk is higher.


Blackjack – A More Strategic Game

Roulette is a great game for beginners in that, while you can employ a strategy to maximize potential profits, there is very little that a player needs to do or understand to play. Blackjack, however, is a little bit more involved. It requires a more comprehensive understanding of probability and a little more strategic nouse to know when to keep going and when to hedge your bets. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a strong claim for the best player odds on a casino floor.

Practically, blackjack is a pretty simple game. You’re playing against the dealer in an attempt to be the first to reach 21 (or closest). You don’t want to go bust by amassing a card value of more than 21 and you need to be confident that your next card won’t take you over that limit. More than anything, this is a game of nerve and holding it when the chips are down.

The odds for this game aren’t as in favor of the player when compared to the simplest way of playing roulette. At 42% probability for a player to win against the dealer, it still represents a strong chance of winning. The trick is to know when to stick and when to keep going, building a strategy based on the probability you have of going bust with your next card. The house may still have the edge but players will come out on top relatively equally at the blackjack table.


Poker – A Much More Volatile Option

Now, this option is very much dependent on your experience and strategy skill level when it comes to playing. Poker, while still determined by the volatile nature of chance, can very much be won or lost on the back of a player’s performance. Each poker hand is assigned its own probability, with some being much less probable than others; a Royal Flush is less than 1%, for example. However, that would all count for nothing if you’ve got the gift of bluffing.

Poker is a game where you can make your own luck. Practice makes perfect and the more you hone your ability to lie, call your fellow players’ bluffs and know when to fold, the more likely you are to win something from the game. As such, it’s possibly not the best odds for a newcomer, but does offer something to those with a bit more experience.

All of these games and their associated probabilities are in no way set in stone and chance will always play its part. However, some games will be more likely to return something to the player and these are those casino games with the best odds to look out for.

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