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Will Crypto be 2024’s Big Casino Phenomenon?

Penny January 11, 2024

Time has shown that the casino industry is one of the most malleable around. In the face of the shifting sands of technology, it has managed to pivot and establish itself as a digital pastime. It has battled constantly evolving legislation and even entire changes in legality to become a stalwart of the entertainment sector. Due to this constantly changing environment that it exists within, it is an industry that has been punctuated by developments that have led to different games dominating the landscape across different times. Every year, it’s not uncommon to see that there are new variants of long-standing favorites that take the casino world by storm, especially online. So, what has been the standout game of the 2020s so far and should we expect any changes as we begin the new year?

crypto casino growth 2024

Live Casino the Biggest Boom in Recent Years

Looking back at the last five or so years, it’s clear that one big trend has been towards the development of live casino games. With a connection to a real-life dealer, these games gave players a much more realistic version of the online casino. As well as having an actual person spinning the roulette wheel, dealing cards, and often presenting the games, it gives players the chance to play alongside fellow bettors. This was a game changer for many, as it was one of the biggest real steps towards what could be seen as a virtual reality casino floor. No longer were games seen as being a one-person endeavor that was restricted to a single player coming up against a random number generator. Instead, a more connected world was presented where the live dealer casino floor was spread across countries and continents, allowing for a much more personal connection to the games that people were playing.


It’s clear that the live casino will not die down in the coming year, too. According to data collected by, there are around 210 live roulette types available across the casinos reviewed. Initially, it might not sound like a significant number but when you consider that developers will agree deals with multiple online casinos. On top of that, some brick-and-mortar casinos will even provide connections to these games through machines on their floors. It shows that this is an ever-growing interest. If the online industry continues to build revenue and profits, it’s likely that this will revolve around one of its most popular gaming types. In many respects, it would be easy to predict that 2024 will be simply another year of the live casino. Technology, including the proliferation of 5G and improvements in mobile tech, will always drive the industry in where it sees its future and its present. So, expect to see much more offered within the live sector.


Crypto to Continue Rise in 2024?

Other than the live casino industry continuing in its impressive growth, there is perhaps one thing to keep a keen eye on throughout the rest of the decade. The crypto market has massively shaken up traditional fiat currency and the leisure and entertainment industries, particularly online. Reporting by shows that the United States is seeing a boom in the token industry, with even ATMs becoming available in the malls of the country. And the casino market isn’t content to see this sort of revolution in the finance sector without staking its claim to some of it. As it stands, the inroads that crypto has made into both online and physical casinos are dependent largely on the jurisdiction you’re looking at. In the States, it is much more pronounced given that the government is largely open to allowing the crypto space to breathe. However, in the EU, crypto casinos are mostly prohibited due to European skepticism regarding tokens and the wider blockchain. As such, there are some online outlets where players can use their tokens, including Bitcoin, but this is still very much in the infancy stage. 


In the UK, according to Reuters, government officials refused to treat the crypto investment industry as gambling in 2023. They claimed that it would not actively deal with the public’s concerns over the instability of token trading. While this isn’t particularly promising for the potential growth of crypto casinos in the country, it does suggest that there is scope for change within the jurisdiction. Add to that the fact that leading sports clubs like Everton have been sponsored by crypto casinos like and there’s clearly space for these businesses there. Because of this, an educated guess would suggest that we will continue to see more blockchain-adjacent casinos entering the market. If that’s the case 2024 could be defined by crypto in the casino industry. And with spot Bitcoin EFTs getting approval from the SEC, we see the price of bitcoin increasing and reaching a wider, and perhaps more financially astute trading audience. This gives further confidence to crypto users and supports more mainstream use in daily transactions, including crypto casinos and other online entertainment.

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