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Evolution’s MONOPOLY Big Baller Launched

Penny September 7, 2022

MONOPOLY Big Baller, a brand new bingo-style live game show, was launched by the Stockholm-listed Evolution Gaming Group on August 24, 2022. The game offers players the chance to increase their payouts significantly with its numerous multipliers. It is based on the popular multi-player board game, Monopoly.

Monopoly Big Baller Evolution

Evolution, the Swedish B2B casino game supplier, recently launched MONOPOLY Big Baller. This live game show has features similar to Evolution’s MONOPOLY Live. Players of MONOPOLY Live will come across the ‘Go To Jail’ spaces, dice rolls, and several other familiar features.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of this game. “Mr. MONOPOLY is back big time!” said Todd Haushalter, The Chief Product Officer at Evolution. He also expressed hope that the players of MONOPOLY Live, bingo, and the new audience will love this new online live game show.

The effect of this launch was also seen on the company’s share prices. They were trading slightly higher in Stockholm at SEK912 per share on the date of the launch. As the game is a combination of popular live games from Evolution, it is almost certain that it will enjoy massive success.


About the game

Based on one of the legendary multi-player board games, MONOPOLY Big Baller is an entirely new bingo-style game show. It takes players on a virtual riverboat voyage, where all the action takes place around a charming ball drawing machine. The game has tremendous opportunities in store for players to increase their payouts with its many multipliers.

Loads of fun awaits them in the Bonus Game, which features MR. MONOPOLY. The ones who have played MONOPOLY Live will instantly recognize their board game mascot. Mr. MONOPOLY walks around a 3D MONOPOLY board to collect multipliers for the players. The game’s rules are the same as that of MONOPOLY Live’s bonus rounds.


Monopoly Big Baller gameplay

MONOPOLY Big Baller’s live casino action begins with players betting on one to four cards of Chance or Free Space. Once the bet is placed on the cell card, it generates numbers that range from 1 to 60. The players can also switch between a Chance card and Free Space card. The Free Space card gets its name from the center cell, which is a free space. This acts as a number that has been drawn and increases the chances of making a line.

In Chance cards, the center cell is almost guaranteed to be a multiplier. However, there is always a possibility of adding free spaces to the card later on. When the betting time is over, MR. MONOPOLY puts a lever to place multipliers as well as random free spaces or ‘daubs’ for your cards. A daub acts as a number that has been drawn.

Chance Multipliers

When one or several balls are drawn corresponding with the number on the card, the multipliers are engaged. Players will have three different types of Chance multipliers in this game.

The first is Standard, which offers multiplied payout on any line containing the number. Next is Line. It offers payouts for the players if they win the line.

The third is Global.  A winning line on the card will receive multiplied payout. Players must keep in mind that the line here need not contain the multiplier. The Free Spaces or Multipliers are added to the cards. Once this is done, the ball drawing begins. From the ball drawing machine, 20 out of 60 numbered balls are drawn. If the number of the ball that has been drawn matches any of the number on the player’s cards, a daub is placed on it. The number of balls that are drawn gets displayed on the screen. How many balls remain to be drawn are also shown.

Red balls are marked on one or more of the players’ cards. No number on any of their cards match with the gray balls. If players complete one or more lines on their cards, the bet on that card will win.


The 3D Bonus Game

Players will need to place a bet on 5 Rolls or 3 Rolls for participating in the Monopoly Bill Baller Live Bonus Game. Random free spaces might end up on 5 Rolls and 3 Rolls numbers. The Bonus Game begins when all 20 numbers for either bet spot have been drawn. This game is played with two dice.

In case of 3 Rolls card, if all the numbers are drawn, the dice will be rolled three times. The dice will be rolled five times if all the numbers are drawn for a 5 Rolls card. Two separate Bonus Games are played one after the other if all the numbers for both the Bonus Game cards are drawn.


The Monopoly Big Baller board

Those who are familiar with the regular MONOPOLY board will readily understand the board in this game. The only difference is that each of the property has an attached multiplier. When the Bonus Game begins, the hotels and houses are randomly built on some properties. This will increase the multipliers of the players.

MR. MONOPOLY walks the corresponding number of spaces on the board upon rolling the dice. The total Bonus Game winnings of players would be displayed and added to their Bonus wins. They can either win a random cash prize or get a fee if MR. MONOPOLY stops on Community Chest or Chance. If the mascot stops on the ‘Go to Jail’ space, he will move to the jail.

The players will be able to get out of the jail only when they roll a double. Their previous Bonus winnings will not be affected whether they go to jail or finish the Bonus Game while in jail. In this game, the Income tax reduces Bonus winnings by 10% while they are reduced by 20% with Supertax.

When Mr. MONOPOLY passes ‘GO’, all the prizes of players on the board are doubled. The Bonus Game ends when no more rolls remain. All the Bonus winnings of players are paid together with their winnings from the Bingo game, if there are any.


About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006. In the years that followed, it revolutionized the live dealer platforms in Europe. In 2012, it launched mobile gaming. The company opened its 100th live table at its studios in Riga the very next year. Evolution’s studio in Malta opened in 2014. It soon became a hub for localized tables and international dealer teams.

The following year, Evolution Gaming was listed on Stockholm’s Nasdaq First North Premier on March 20. In the following years, it acquired several big players, such as NetEnt and Red Tiger. Today, the company is one of the leaders in B2B online casino services.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc for its property trading game and game equipment. ©1935, 2021 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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