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F1 Car Speeds through Las Vegas Hotel

brandon November 9, 2022

On Thursday night, a Red Bull-sponsored F1 car sped over the Wynn resort’s casino floor. The same car was spotted on Wednesday in front of a crowd of excited spectators, performing a demo. Although the inaugural F1 race in Las Vegas is still a year away, Thursday’s prank attracted much attention. As shown in fan footage, the demo runs appeared to be Perez’s championship-winning Red Bull from 2014.


Earlier in 2022 it was revealed that F1 would return to Las Vegas for the first time since 1984, with the US scheduled to host three races in 2023. It was unusual to unveil the Red Bull F1 car inside a casino. It provided local gamblers with at least one memory that will never leave their mouth.

About 500 spectators saw four F1 drivers race up and down the Las Vegas strip during the launch celebration at Caesars Palace on November 5. The Killers were scheduled to perform at a private VIP party that same night, and the first 500 fans (age 21 and over) to show up at the event had been promised a chance to win a free ticket for the party. Four drivers—Alex Albon of William, Sergio Perez of Red Bull, George Russell of Mercedes, and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton—represent three distinct teams. The mentioned racers will be participating in the anticipated November race. Their presence in the city has heightened the already high anticipation of the fans.

Particularly Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez dazzled spectators with their large, smokey doughnuts. Hamilton captured the audience’s attention more after a while; all that was left of his F1 car was its turquoise underglow through the thick tire smoke.

Red Bull promo stunts

Red bull is well known for pulling out daring stunts in the sports world. The first double-backflip in Moto X history was performed by Travis Pastrana in 2006 while wearing Red Bull-sponsored clothing. Again Felix Baumgartner skydived in the stratosphere in 2016 as a part of a Red Bull campaign. The upcoming event in November 2023 is expected to hold 24 races.

The Las Vegas event tickets are already available. The smallest buy-in is $500, while the largest is $10,000.The racing will involve qualifying and actual competition across the globe. The upcoming event is estimated to be fully packed by fans worldwide. The organizers are trying their best to finalize the necessities and the event date to ensure that it will be the best compared to the past ones. The campaign in Las Vegas will aim to show the world the lavish settings they will enjoy.

The 3.8-mile downtown loop of the race will pass by landmarks, accommodations, and gambling establishments. Max Verstappen, a Red Bull driver, is the current champion of Formula One. He was born in Dutch and leads with 416 points; Sergio follows him with 280 points. Your favorite racers and champions will grace the race from different parts of the world.

The racers will pass through famous United States cities such as Miami, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Unlike the 1980s event, which was held in the parking lot of Caesars Palace. Fans have already had a preview of what it will look like to pass storied hotels and casinos like the Bellagio and the MGM Grand at speeds of more than 200 mph.

With 440,000 spectators turning up for the three days of track action at the US Grand Prix in Austin in the previous race, it surpassed all last F1 events in terms of attendance. However, it will be much more difficult for Americans to attend in Las Vegas. The reason being that, according to recent research, hotel rates will rise by as much as 733 percent for the next race the following year.

Las Vegas hotel rooms price hike

The three-day Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix weekend hotel rates have been made public by MGM Resorts International. Last Monday, Caesars International released its rates; reflecting rates at multiple locations along the Las Vegas Strip that are well above $1,000 per night. The prices at MGM are similar to those at Caesars International. These businesses, along with every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, use dynamic pricing, meaning that room rates might vary from minute to minute for the same day. The difference can occasionally reach several hundred dollars per night.

Some reporters are speculating The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino would cost $100 for the three days if the event happened this year but $833 in 2023. The legendary Planet Hollywood also predicts a 337 percent gain from $253 in 2022 to $1106 in 2023. Both the casinos and hotels will be making a kill if people decide to flock to them.

It must have been incredibly fantastic to witness real F1 cars racing around the streets of Vegas, passing by some of the most famous monuments in the nation, as their exhausts filled the dry air and that only serves as a preview of what’s to come. According to the organizing committee, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to occur at least three times beginning in 2023. The goal is to make the race the most important one on the F1 calendar for the foreseeable future.

Still, the group is optimistic that the race will bring thousands who will pay the increased fees and hefty expenditures. They explain that it is not exploitation since any other investment would take advantage of such a great event. The F1 Las Vegas event will take place November 16-18, 2023. The fans and the organizing team are expected to adhere to COVID-19 rules as they flock to the area. It is in the hope of the fans and management that everything will go as planned. If so, it will be the most memorable F1 event.

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