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How Much Salary do Casino Dealers Actually Make?

Penny December 12, 2023

When it comes to discussing the casino, talk is always going to be about money. Obviously, most of that will be around how to win at the table games or which are the best to play to beat the house. However, people often forget that the casino is home to a vast number of careers, some of which stand out as being the faces of the glitz and glamor of an industry that many see as aspirational. Is it possible to make a living working at a casino? How much do the faces of the games, the dealers, actually make? 

Casino Dealer's Salary

Salaries Vary for Casinos Worldwide

The important thing to note is that not all casinos are created equal. Because of that, salaries will greatly vary based on the kind of establishment that the dealer is working in. If you’re dealing cards at a small, local casino in a small town, you will earn significantly less than if you’re the fancy face of one of the world-famous casinos in Monaco or Las Vegas. It’s basic economics, and it will come as no surprise that different states, countries, and regions will see wildly different data based on the economic status of the area and legislation. With that in mind, let’s see how much a dealer can make in a number of different countries.


United Kingdom – $14 an Hour 

The UK is a country that loves its casinos and gambling as a whole. However, it has also seen its brick-and-mortar industry take a hit in recent years as a number of venues have been forced to close their doors. According to data from recruitment company Indeed, the average hourly wage for a dealer is just over £11 an hour – around $14. For a year, that amounts to an average of a little more than £25k – around $30k. With the median average salary in the UK sitting at around £29k, that represents a slightly low wage for casino dealers. Online casino dealers can expect to be paid a little more, but they will not receive tips.


United States (Las Vegas) – $41k – $74k a Year

Almost anyone you ask where they think of when you say casinos will answer Las Vegas. As such, the Nevada desert is a great place for dealers to earn. Data from Glassdoor suggests that the average base pay range for dealers in Vegas is between $33k and $60k a year, with the potential to earn an extra $14k in add-ons. It must be noted, though, that the cost of living in the city is also higher than a number of areas in the UK with Vegas’ average rent amounting to around $18,000 a year. So, despite being a higher salary than those for dealers in Britain, this could be inflated by expenditure for workers.


China (Macau) – $2k a Month

A special administrative region of China, Macau is a global gaming behemoth. It stands as Asia’s casino crown jewel but its workers may not feel that way. According to a report from 2014 in Reuters, those working at the region’s casinos can expect to be paid around 18k patacas a month. That would now stand at around $2k now if the figures remain the same. Given that the cost of living would eat into most of those earnings for the average citizen, this is a low salary for the faces of an industry that is booming because of its relative domination of that part of the world’s market. Because of that, it puts the relatively high wages of Vegas into perspective as being better value.


Monaco – Nearly $5k a Month

It may be one of the smallest countries in the world but Europe’s gem on the French Riviera is a casino hotspot. Known for its high-rollers and superyacht visitors, Monaco commands big money and its casinos are no different. Data from Job and Salary Abroad states that a croupier in a casino in the microstate can expect to bag themselves around $4.6k and even higher based on experience. This is slightly lower than the average salary of $5.5k but still represents a decent wage in a country that has a 2% unemployment rate and is home to some of the most stunning scenery in all of Europe.


With such wildly different salary ranges across the world, it’s hard to definitively say exactly how much a casino dealer stands to make. However, it’s clear to see that it’s a sought-after career and one that is rightly seen as being a skilled role for those taking it up.

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