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Las Vegas Excitement Rises for Super Bowl LVIII

Penny August 29, 2023

American football is the pastime of a nation and the Nevada desert is set to host its flagship event in 2024. A number of the biggest names in the area and the industry of showbiz have weighed in to have their say on what they think will make the latest edition special. As it stands, there are no official plans for either the half-time show or the build-up to the big event, but a few have hinted at what could be on offer for fans of the sport.

SuperBowl LVIII

Inevitably the Super Bowl brings an air of excitement at what such an occasion will have in store for fans of the sport. As the day comes ever closer, speculation persists as to how the yearly showpiece will channel the glitz and glamor of the bustling city that will be hosting it.

Big Names in Music Throw Names in Ring

The half-time show has been one of the biggest selling points of the Super Bowl for decades, attracting superstars who draw the eyes from across the world. 2024 is no different, as the acts being linked with the performances this year are sure to get the tongues wagging. According to Loudwire, Las Vegas governor Joe Lombardo is keen to see legendary rockers AC/DC take to the stage. The Scottish-born Australians behind hits like Thunderstruck and Highway to Hell would certainly bring some old-school excitement to an event that has been headlined historically by the flavors of the day, such as the Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Rihanna. It may seem to some, though, that an 80s-heavy band wouldn’t be the kind of act that would help boost the excitement for a global sporting extravaganza. Instead, rumors are swirling that some more contemporary acts will be vying for the coveted half-time spot.


Local boy and lead singer of world-famous pop band The Killers Brandon Flowers has announced that he would find it “an honor to represent our [Flowers’] hometown”, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal. With a back catalog of hits like Crossfire and Mr. Brightside, the Vegas band would be a crowd-pleaser for locals and international viewers alike. And that’s just the acts that have come out to declare themselves interested. Names like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Lil Nas X have been linked with the show. These are perhaps more representative of the sort of acts that would be expected at the Super Bowl, and there are more that have been circling the rumor mill. One, however, that has already been dropped from the list is Lizzo, who is dealing with an ongoing controversy that has left her reputation at a low ebb. An NFL insider, according to Marca, explained that the singer would no longer be in consideration for the 2024 showpiece, despite previously being the favorite. With that said, controversy isn’t exactly far from Super Bowl screens at the best of times.


Wardrobe Malfunctions and Lackluster Performances

As the cliche goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and that’s true of the half-time show at the Super Bowl. And it certainly hasn’t shied away from courting a little bit of controversy that has helped propel the editions in question into pop culture history. There have been countless poor performances that have caused a stir in the social media sphere but, perhaps, the most memorable performances have been a little nearer the knuckle. Insider reports that, in 2012, M.I.A caused a scene that resulted in the artist being slapped with a $16 million lawsuit over an inappropriate hand gesture to the crowd. But that certainly wasn’t the show that left a truly indelible mark on NFL lore. Instead, that accolade goes to 2004’s performance by Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. A slip in clothing caused by Timberlake left Jackson exposed for a second and the television authorities in the States sought to enact a regime of censorship in its wake. It’s an event that is still discussed to this day for its effect on Super Bowl broadcasts and Janet Jackson’s career, which took an undeserved nosedive in the controversy’s wake.


2024’s edition of the biggest day in the NFL calendar will certainly be huge and Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium will be a welcome host. The sport itself will obviously take center stage but a city like Las Vegas, with its history of staging the best in musical and theatrical entertainment, will certainly want to leave its mark on the half-time show. With so many big names linked to the show, it’s set to be one for the ages.

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