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Navigating the Tricky World of International Casino Regulations

Penny February 14, 2024

State by state and country by country, every individual jurisdiction the world over has its own approach to the regulation of gambling. Because of this, travel can sometimes seem like a minefield. It can be difficult even for citizens of some areas to wrap their heads around the legal status of their particular game of choice. This is evident when it comes to the developing ecosystem of iGaming. With all that said, there are a handful of ways for bettors, poker players, and casino enthusiasts to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law and guide them in finding the entertainment that works for them.

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Crypto Casinos: A Legislative Mess

As something that has taken the technology and financial worlds by storm in recent years, it was only a matter of time before we saw cryptocurrency entering the online casino market. As predicted, it made a swift start to life, being adopted by both brick-and-mortar venues and online casinos and sportsbooks. However, it is the online outlets where the real concerns over legality and regulation come in. In the UK, for example, a number of the country’s top football clubs, such as Everton, are sponsored by cryptocurrency-based casinos. Because of that, you would think it safe to assume that it means that you could gamble on those sites freely within the country’s borders. According to reporting by Sky News, though, any bettors looking to take advantage of using their crypto tokens to gamble would be putting their money at risk. These crypto casino sites are unregulated and therefore illegal, meaning that there are no protections in place for punters. Checking for a government’s stance on crypto is a good barometer of where they will stand on these types of iGaming websites. If it’s an unfavorable stance, it’s best to avoid using them.


Crossing State Lines: Avoid at all Costs

When it comes to using the internet to augment any industry, perhaps the greatest selling point is the ability to extend services beyond one location. Look at VPNs – despite their initial selling point being an extra level of security, it is the ability to mask your location and access services from another country that many people really use them for. That can’t be said for iGaming, though, as while it removes the need to attend a real-life venue, there are still geographic restrictions for players looking to get involved. In the United States, if you are in a state that does not allow for gambling legally, it is against the law to access the online casinos or sportsbooks of another state. While the legal ramifications will more often be dealt to the operator that allows out-of-state or overseas gambling, it would be wise to avoid any potential penalties by not using these sites. Websites like Forbes have even released updated lists of where online sports betting and casino gaming is available in the US to help dispel any uncertainty for the public.


Licensing and Registration: Always Look for Authenticity

If you were to visit a bar, you’d want to know that the establishment is registered with and licensed by local government. That way, you know you’re more likely to have a safe and enjoyable experience, safe in the knowledge that there is some oversight of the venue and its staff. That should always be the case for gambling, too. Wherever you’re visiting or living, whether that’s within the US or on another continent, authorities are unlikely to have a favorable opinion of unlicensed gambling and you could be putting yourself at risk of legal trouble if you play or bet somewhere that doesn’t have a license. Because of that, it’s important that you can verify that the venue you’re visiting is legitimate. If you can’t find that information, it’s better to steer clear. This advice can also be applied to online outlets, too. At the bottom of the homepages of most online casinos and sportsbooks, you will usually find logos that indicate where these sites are registered and where you can legally play them. Again, if this information isn’t available, for the safety of your money and data, you’re best closing these sites and finding another that gives you all the regulatory information you need.


As the casino world continues to become a wider and even more international one, it’s important to know how to approach it wherever you are. With an understanding of the complexities around legislation and regulation, it’s much easier to navigate a landscape that has the potential to trip up even the most careful of gamblers.

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