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Pittsburgh Casino Hosting Free Tuition Table Dealer School

Penny January 11, 2024

The world of the casino is a big industry. Year after year, it’s a market of billions across the globe. As such, there are a number of roles within that people see as an avenue into a lucrative and somewhat glamorous position. However, it is often seen as a workplace that is either off-limits to the general public or one that has no real pathway towards entry into the workforce. Because of that, there’s a growing movement to educate potential casino workers and introduce a new generation to the workforce. One casino in Pennsylvania is taking on this role in an effort to develop the future table dealers of the gambling world by offering free tuition to anyone over the age of 18 who expresses an interest. With this, could the industry be ready for a brand new renaissance in table gaming?

Croupier School

Live! Casino Stepping Up to the Mantle 

The casino in question is Pittsburgh’s Live! Casino in the Greensburg area of the city. According to reporting by CBS News, the casino that has been open for three years now is aiming to bring through the newest wave of table dealers with the highest standard of customer service. The classes will run Monday to Friday until the first week of February 2024 and, should the initiative prove successful, it could continue to return.

The tuition is provided to any adults interested completely free, underlining the operator’s desire to help produce its future employees or give people an insight into the work, as well as providing a host of different confidence-boosting skills that can be transferred across many different aspects of life. On top of that, being a table dealer gives those without a bachelor’s degree a good chance to build a career that can provide them with a good quality of life at a time when a cost of living crisis is causing households to feel the pinch. A table dealer can also access roles in the online gaming space as a live casino dealer.

The data suggests that entering a career as a table dealer provides a strong opportunity for workers who don’t possess a diploma above high school level. Figures from Zippia show that the average salary for a table dealer sits at around $40,000. That’s higher than the expected salary for those without a degree, according to the U.S. Career Institute, which pegs it at under $30,000. That displays the opportunity that this kind of role can offer to someone who hasn’t had the chance to go to college. And in a period of time when unemployment continues to sit at around 3.5%, it’s refreshing to see that there are a number of roles actively recruiting.

The Zippia report lists that there are around 1,500 roles being advertised at the time of writing, showing that this is an industry with a way of getting in. It shows that, while Live! Casino was keen to clarify that a position wasn’t guaranteed at the end of their tuition, there is a need for confident, friendly table dealers across the United States.


Casino School – Something of a Tradition in the States

It’s pleasing to see a casino offering free tuition as an entry into the casino industry. However, they are not the first to provide lessons on being a table games dealer, croupier, or any other role on the floor. Community colleges in particular have often offered some form of course related to gaming. The Anne Arundel Community College site lists a casino and carnival games course as one of its many different programs. Through this, students can earn accreditation that will help them in the pursuit of employment in the industry. It shows that, while many casinos won’t require formal accreditation or education for prospective employees, there is a way for job seekers to set themselves apart from the crowd. And it goes further than just the games side of the job when it comes to casino school.

Ultimately, a casino is a business based on customer service. Every job within a gambling house is based around the interaction between staff and customer. Because of that, you will often find that table dealer or croupier schools and courses are linked heavily with bartending classes. These are fundamental roles to the smooth operation of a good, modern casino, so it’s no surprise that they’re quite often paired together. And as industries battle to offer more to their customers, it’s to be expected that more and more vocational schools and courses will develop in the pursuit of greater and greater customer service.

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