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Tom Brady to Invest in Las Vegas Raiders

Penny May 23, 2023

Nevada is fast becoming a hotbed of sport. As recently reported, the Oakland A’s are looking to the Las Vegas Strip. On top of that, the city is playing host to worldwide events like Formula One. And now a legend of US sport is looking to invest in the city. Since 2020, the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders have called the desert their home. And now it looks like the Raiders’ profile and financial might could be set to soar. Tom Brady, the sport’s most successful player of all time, is looking to put his money into the franchise and become a minority owner. If this happens, it could be the latest shot in the arm for sport in the area. On its current trajectory, Vegas could soon be at the forefront of professional sports in the States.

Las Vegas Raiders Logos and Welcome to Las Vegas Sign post

Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl ring winner, is looking to diversify his portfolio post-retirement. The Guardian reports that the Raiders’ principal owner announced the news Monday, May 22nd. He said, “We’re excited for Tom to join the Raiders”. With this move, he will also become only the third pro footballer to become an owner of an NFL side. His investment still needs to get the rubber stamp from NFL chiefs but there doesn’t seem to be anything that will present a roadblock. The legendary quarterback already owns a stake of a WNBA side in the form of the Las Vegas Aces, demonstrating his commitment to the major leagues in the Nevada desert. With all that in mind, it seems likely that the hierarchy will see Brady as a safe bet for his involvement in franchise ownership.

Could There be Reason for the NFL to Reject Brady?

While it’s unlikely that there will be any concrete opposition to the Patriots’ hero getting involved in the sport, there are perhaps some historical transgressions that could cause a small amount of trepidation. As discussed by ProFootballTalk, there is still something of a cloud that hangs over Tom Brady in the form of some minor scandals. 2014’s ball deflation scandal saw the New England Patriots at the center of controversy. The quarterback was told that he would miss the first four games in 2016 through suspension. This may seem entirely unrelated to his potential ownership of a franchise, however, the existence of a larger conspiracy could be concerning for those in charge. Brady was accused of destroying his cell phone prior to the investigation into what was known as Deflategate. This will certainly pique the interest of anyone looking to derail his current plans.

Aside from Deflategate, the Californian has largely had a squeaky-clean career. It would take someone significantly misrepresenting the part he played in the ball deflation conspiracy for there to be any issue. Instead, the board will likely look at his stellar playing career and ongoing commitment to the sport (and the wider sporting landscape in the US). However, this does also lead to a smaller controversy with which Tom Brady was connected. Secret conversations were held between the quarterback and the Miami Dolphins management in 2021 and 2022. These were reportedly based around Brady joining as a limited partner and playing for the franchise. Due to this, the Dolphins were punished. The NFL deemed the discussions with the player “impermissible” and tantamount to tampering. So, while it confirms his commitment to ownership, does it also cast doubt on his suitability?

A Boom for Vegas: A New Dynasty?

Ignoring all of the unimportant noise around Brady’s supposed indiscretions, the real story is about what this could mean for sport in the United States. The Raiders haven’t won a Super Bowl in 40 years and haven’t been Division or Conference champions in 20. For such a renowned name to come in and invest in the franchise, bringing with him his years of expertise in the sport, is potentially groundbreaking. This could provide the boost that the side needs to return to competing at the top table.

If Brady also were to offer his services on the field, too, Las Vegas could be the feel-good city of the NFL. While in the twilight years of his career – he has already retired twice – a player of his caliber will always be welcome and help get crowds through the door. You only need to look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic at LA Galaxy, or even David Beckham’s many loans and short-term deals at clubs like AC Milan and PSG, to see that big names attract big crowds. If this were to happen, coupled with the huge investment in Las Vegas sport elsewhere, we could see a new dynasty forming in the Nevada desert.

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