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Bellagio Selling Formula 1 Tickets at Eye-Watering Price

Penny March 7, 2023

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix looks set to be a tasty affair for Formula One fans. And that’s been considered when it comes to the pricing. The Fountain Club at MGM’s Bellagio is priced at just under $12,000 per ticket. That’s a hefty amount but one sure to be snapped up by F1 and Vegas enthusiasts alike. While it’s early days, it’s unlikely that such a price tag will put anyone off. That’s especially true of the high-rollers that frequent the State of Nevada’s iconic Strip.

Formula One Vegas

Predictions are already in as to how much Vegas chiefs can expect to see change hands in ticket sales. Liberty Media Corporation is predicting that the first F1 trip to Vegas will see the race organizers pull in a huge $500 million in revenue. That compares favorably to established US sporting events, too. In 2021, the Super Bowl generated a little under that mark for the NFL in advertising figures. That means there’s precedent for what the bigwigs are suggesting will happen and that’s generating a real buzz around the event. It’s especially important for Formula One as an organization, given that they have had to foot the bill for set-up. That included a $240 million bill for land purchase, so the projected figures for revenue will be welcome.

A Las Vegas Grand Prix 41 Years in the Making

While this is being touted as a new experience for Vegas, it’s not the first time that the F1 wagon has rolled into town. 1982 was the last time that rubber met the road in the Nevada desert. Four decades of absence will likely make the heart grow fonder, and that’s what organizers are banking on.

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix of 41 years ago was the final event in that year’s series, and this coming race will close out the US leg of the 2023 season. Miami and Texas’ Circuit of the Americas will make up the other two. This means that not only is it the first time since ‘82 that the Strip saw some action, but it is also the first time since that September, that three races were held in the US. Such a momentous occasion is sure to attract both avid motorsport followers and Fairweather fans.

This year’s edition of the Vegas Grand Prix will take place a little before Thanksgiving. November 18 will see the first flag waved in the city in more than a generation. A press release from the organizers describes the opening night as a “historic 10 p.m. PT ‘lights out’ start”. The race will take place at night, illuminated by the city’s iconic skyline. It’s sure to be a visual spectacle, as well as a competitive one. Stefano Domenicalli described it as “THE must-have ticket for 2023”. Part of this surely comes from the once-in-a-lifetime experience on offer of seeing the heaviest hitters in professional motorsport compete under the lights of Sin City. And, beyond that, this clamor for tickets has seen positives stretching out to the wider community.

Formula One: Sport as a Force for Good

While it’s easy to be carried away by the glitz and glamor of one of the most highly anticipated events on any motorsport calendar for decades, there’s more to be excited about. When fans signed up for tickets to the Vegas Grand Prix, they were asked to donate $7.77 to the Las Vegas Grand Prix Foundation. This operation was set up to help those struggling with food insecurity in the city. The primary goal of the foundation and Formula One was to provide a million meals to those suffering from hunger. The sheer demand for tickets was such that the goal was surpassed easily. And it doesn’t end there. The foundation has partnered up with several charities in the area to help support further initiatives targeting those struggling the most.

We might still be more than half a year out from the race but the excitement building around it is palpable. Aside from the buzz around a city seeing a prestigious event return, the sporting narrative is huge. Lewis Hamilton, joint holder of the record for most F1 drivers’ championships, is now in the twilight of his career. He is still seeking the elusive eighth crown. This would make him the record holder outright. The 1982 edition of the Caesars Palace Grand Prix saw a historic win, too. Keke Rosberg, the father of current star Nico, claimed his first and only drivers’ championship. Could we see similar drama again this year?

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