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Nova Scotia means ”New Scotland” in Latin and is one of the three maritime provinces in Canada. It’s most well-known for the shipwrecks on Sable Island which attract thousands of tourists each year. It also has two of Canada’s most famous national parks, Kejimkujik National Park & Historic Park and Cape Breton Highlands. They offer cultural Canadian experiences with beautiful scenic views and natural beauty. And The Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world! When you’re done exploring, there are many top casinos to visit…

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Casino Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia is located in Upper Water St, Halifax. It's a relatively small casino but still has plenty of gaming options. You can choose from over 650 slots and table games! It features a vibrant interior with a modern atmosphere with a sleek design and bright lights. This casino is most well-known for its entertainment nights. They regularly host different entertainment nights, such as live comedy, dancers, singers and more. Check out the website for a full schedule of the upcoming events as they vary. However, there is always free live music on Friday evenings and is usually the busiest night! The 3sixty restaurant also offers many weekly deals and specials.

Hammonds Plains

Sipekne’katik Entertainment Centre

Sipekne'katik Entertainment Centre is situated in Hammon Plains. It features two casino areas, one smoking and one non-smoking so all customers are satisfied. However. this is a rather basic casino and has more of a community feel. With limited slot and table games.


Glooscap Gaming Centre

Glooscap Gaming Centre state-of-the-art casino gaming and entertainment venue that is situated in Membertou. You will find over 30+ VLT's slots. And despite being a relatively small casino, it features two casino areas, one smoking and one non-smoking. The venue also features an onsite Wilsons Gas Stop & convenience store, lotto tickets & breakopens, complimentary tea, coffee and water and security on site. It's easy to locate as it's just off 8A Highway 101.

Membertou Gaming Commission

Membertou Gaming Commission casino floor features a non-smoking and smoking area so all customers are comfortable. With a variety of slot and table games available! It has an ultra-modern exterior and interior and located right next to a beautiful and scenic walking track located in Membertou. So you can play games and take a nice stroll in between the top-quality gaming entertainment.

You can also check out casinos in neighbouring province New Brunswick.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Nova Scotia

Gambling in Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia stands as a beacon of gaming in Halifax and Sydney, inviting patrons into a world of entertainment and chance. Here you’ll find some of the best casinos in Canada. In Halifax, amid the city’s bustling energy, Casino Nova Scotia offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with slot machines, table games like blackjack and poker, and an array of other thrilling casino-style games. Meanwhile, in Sydney, the casino welcomes guests to indulge in a similar gaming experience, showcasing the best in casino entertainment on Cape Breton Island.

Beyond these grand casino destinations, Nova Scotia features lottery and sports betting options operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC). Residents and visitors can engage in lottery games and sports betting, enjoying the anticipation of draws and sports events while adding an extra element of excitement to their day.

Charitable gaming, such as bingo and other gaming events, also forms an integral part of Nova Scotia’s gambling landscape. These activities often support local causes and offer a more community-oriented gaming experience.

Gambling regulation in Nova Scotia

Regulated by the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division (AGFTD), the gambling industry in the province ensures compliance with provincial laws, emphasizing integrity and responsible gaming practices. The AGFTD oversees and regulates the operations of gambling establishments, ensuring a fair and safe environment for all patrons.

While the province embraces the entertainment aspect of gambling, it also prioritizes responsible gaming. Nova Scotia provides support services and resources for individuals who may be affected by gambling-related issues, promoting responsible play and raising awareness about gambling addiction.

Nova Scotia’s gambling scene is an integral part of its diverse entertainment offerings, weaving together the excitement of gaming with the province’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of casino gaming or the anticipation of lottery draws, Nova Scotia invites you to experience a world where entertainment, chance, and responsible gaming converge in a setting enriched by maritime charm.

Nova Scotia Casino FAQs

Is gambling legal in Nova Scotia?

Yes, gambling is legal in Nova Scotia. The province offers various forms of legal gambling activities, regulated and overseen by the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division (AGFTD).

How old do you have to be to gamble in Nova Scotia?

The legal age for gambling in Nova Scotia is 19 years old. Visitors must be at least 19 years old to enter casino premises.

Is online gambling possible in Nova Scotia?

Online gambling in Nova Scotia is limited to provincially run online gambling websites operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC). Nova Scotia sports betting has been revived with the passing of Bill C-218 in 2021 which means that single-event sports betting is now legal.

How many casinos does Nova Scotia have?

There are 11 land-based casinos in Nova Scotia. Each with a different ambiences, features and bonus and promotions.

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