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Online sportsbook are growing in popularity all over the world. With the convenience of betting from home on your mobile, tablet or computer, you can tap into a huge range of betting markets offering the best paying odds.

Play at top rated sportsbook and casinos offering online security, encryption technology to protect your personal information and your transactions.

Let’s check out the best online sportsbook and casino sites!

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Best Online Sportsbook Casinos

How do we choose the best online sportsbook casinos?

We’ve compiled a list of our most recommended online casinos. Our aim is to help guide you to the safest, most secure online sportsbook estination. Whilst reviewing our casinos online that offer a sportsbook we inspected the following key aspects:


Online security has never been more important. Protecting your personal information and monetary transactions should be the highest priority of any online sportsbook. We rate sportsbetting sites that are licensed and regulated, and use encryption software to protect your personal data.


We’re looking for the best online sportsbooks that offer a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit and debit cards, vouchers, bank transfers, crypto wallets and ewallets such as Neteller, Paypal, Skrill and Sofort. We will let you know how long it takes to process your withdrawal plus any fees incurred.


We are looking for top quality software providers to ensure you get a smooth betting experience. Many of our sportsbetting visitors also enjoy playing casino games such as blackjack, roulette and live dealer games like baccarat, 3 card poker and more.


You’ll be welcomed at a new sportsbook and casino with a juicy bonus offer to get you started. Shop around for the best deals to get the most from your deposits. We also remind you to always read the terms and conditions before you claim a bonus.

In recent times, there’s been a big change in how people in the US enjoy gambling on sports. This change is all about using the internet to place bets, and it’s becoming really popular. Let’s take a closer look at why online sports betting is becoming so well-liked, and what’s driving this trend.

Legalization Initiatives: Paving the Way for Growth

The legal landscape surrounding sports betting in the USA has undergone a remarkable transformation. Historically confined to a handful of states, a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court in 2018 declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional. This landmark decision granted individual states the autonomy to legalize and regulate sports betting within their jurisdictions. Since then, a growing number of states have embraced this opportunity, contributing to the meteoric rise of online sports betting.

Easy and Convenient

Imagine being able to place a bet without leaving your home or even using your phone while you’re out and about. That’s what online sports betting offers. You don’t have to go to a physical place to bet – you can do it all online, making it super easy and convenient. The digital age has ushered in an era where individuals can effortlessly place bets from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go through mobile devices. No longer tethered to physical betting locations, enthusiasts can explore a multitude of sports markets and odds with just a few clicks.

Wider Range of Betting Markets

Online sports betting platforms offer an expansive array of betting markets that cater to both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike. Online sports betting sites offer lots of different ways to bet. It’s not just about picking a winner anymore. You can bet on different things, like how many points a team will score or who will score first. This variety in betting options makes it more interesting for everyone, whether you’re new to betting or have been doing it for a while. From traditional moneyline and point spread bets to more intricate prop bets and live betting options, these platforms have broadened the horizons of sports wagering. This diversity not only enhances the overall experience but also appeals to a wider audience with varying preferences.

User-Friendly Websites

The success of online sports betting platforms hinges on their ability to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience. They show you the odds and scores in real time and are simple to navigate. Some even let you watch the games live on their platforms. These features make the experience engaging and fun. Intuitive interfaces, real-time updates, and seamless navigation are paramount in ensuring that users remain engrossed and informed throughout their betting journey. The incorporation of interactive features, such as live streaming and detailed statistics, further enriches the experience.

Promotions and Bonuses

Online sports betting sites often give special offers and bonuses to their users. This could be extra money to bet with or special deals during big sporting events. These bonuses make using these websites more exciting and encourage people to try them out. From welcome bonuses that reward first-time users to ongoing promotions tied to major sporting events, these incentives sweeten the deal and encourage individuals to explore the offerings of various platforms.

Cultural Shift and Social Acceptance

People used to think of sports betting as something not everyone should do. But that’s changing. Now, more people and even famous athletes are talking about it openly. Sports betting has transcended its once-perceived stigma and has been embraced as a mainstream recreational activity. Sports betting is increasingly seen as a form of entertainment rather than a taboo.

Using Data to Make Better Choices

With the internet, we have a lot of information about sports and teams. Online betting sites use this data to help people make smarter bets. Online sports betting platforms leverage this wealth of information to provide users with a deeper understanding of teams, players, and trends. This data-driven approach empowers bettors to make more informed decisions, making the online sports betting experience better.

Community and Social Interaction

Online sports betting isn’t just about placing bets. Some websites let you talk to other people who like betting on sports. You can share ideas, tips, and even chat during games. This social aspect makes it more enjoyable.

To sum up, online sports betting is becoming a hit in the USA because of various reasons. Changes in laws, ease of use, different ways to bet, and the social aspect are all making it really popular. It’s a modern way to have fun with sports while having the chance to win something too.

Betting on American Football Online

In American football, there’s a wide variety of bets you can place to add excitement to the game. These bets allow you to wager on different aspects of the match, from the final score to individual player performances. Here are some common types of bets you can place on American football:

Point Spread Betting: This is one of the most popular types of bets in football. The oddsmaker sets a point spread, which is a margin of points by which a favored team is expected to win. You can bet on whether the favored team will win by more points than the spread (cover) or if the underdog will lose by fewer points than the spread (beat the spread).

Moneyline Betting: With moneyline bets, you’re simply picking the team you think will win the game. The odds are adjusted based on the perceived strength of the teams. Favored teams have lower odds, while underdogs have higher odds.

Totals (Over/Under) Betting: Here, you’re betting on the total number of points scored in the game by both teams combined. The oddsmaker sets a line, and you can bet whether the actual total points will be over or under that line.

Proposition (Prop) Betting: Prop bets are based on specific events or occurrences within the game that may not directly affect the final outcome. These can include bets on which player will score the first touchdown, how many yards a certain player will run, or even the result of the coin toss.

Parlay Betting: A parlay combines multiple bets into a single wager. To win, all the individual bets within the parlay must be successful. The potential payout is higher with parlays, but the risk is also greater because if just one bet fails, the entire parlay is lost.

Teaser Betting: Teasers are similar to parlays, but they allow you to adjust the point spread or totals in your favor for a reduced payout. This can make it easier to win, but the payouts are smaller compared to regular parlays.

Futures Betting: Futures bets are long-term bets placed on events that will be determined in the future, such as the winner of the Super Bowl or the conference championships. These bets are made well in advance of the actual event.

Live (In-Game) Betting: Live betting allows you to place bets during the game as it unfolds. Odds are updated in real-time, and you can bet on various aspects like the next team to score, the outcome of the next drive, or how a player will perform in the next quarter.

These are just a few examples of the many types of bets you can place on American football. Each type of bet adds its own level of excitement and strategy to the game, allowing you to engage with the sport in different ways and potentially win some money while you’re at it.

American Odds versus European Odds

American odds and European odds are two different formats used in sports betting to represent the potential payouts of bets. They express the same information but in slightly different ways. Let’s compare how American odds and European odds work:

American Odds: American odds are presented in two formats: positive (+) and negative (-) numbers.

  • Negative (-) Odds: Negative odds, also known as “odds on” or “minus odds,” represent how much you need to bet to win $100. For example, if the odds are -150, you would need to bet $150 to win $100 (plus your original bet back if you win). These odds indicate favorites.
  • Positive (+) Odds: Positive odds, also known as “odds against” or “plus odds,” represent how much you can win if you bet $100. For instance, if the odds are +250, you would win $250 if you bet $100 and your bet is successful. These odds indicate underdogs.

European Odds: European odds, also known as decimal odds, are expressed as decimal numbers. The odds show how much your total payout will be, including your original bet.

For example, if the odds are 2.50, a $100 bet would yield a total payout of $250 ($100 profit + $100 original bet). The formula to calculate potential profit with European odds is: (Odds – 1) * Bet Amount.

Comparison: While both American and European odds convey the same information, European odds are generally easier to understand and calculate for most people. American odds require more calculation to determine potential profit, and understanding how much you need to bet to win $100 (or how much you can win with a $100 bet) may be less intuitive for those less familiar with the format.

Here’s a quick conversion guide:

  • American Negative (-) Odds to European Odds: European Odds = (100 / American Odds) + 1
  • American Positive (+) Odds to European Odds: European Odds = (American Odds / 100) + 1
  • European Odds to American Odds:
    • If European Odds < 2.00: American Odds = – (100 / (European Odds – 1))
    • If European Odds ≥ 2.00: American Odds = (European Odds – 1) * 100

In summary, European odds are often more straightforward for newcomers to sports betting, while American odds offer a different way of presenting the same information that may be more familiar to those accustomed to the format.

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Best Online Sportsbook FAQs

What is the best sportsbook and casino in the market?

Check our latest Top 10 recommended online sportsbook casinos to guide you to high quality online gaming environments offering a range of markets, in play betting, deposits and withdrawals. 

What are the advantages of online sportsbooks ?

You can deposit and withdraw in an instant, bet on a huge range of markets and sometimes stream all from your mobile phone or computer. You may be residing in a state that does not permit online gambling, and therefore an offshore sportsbook is your only option.

How do I create an online sportsbook account?

Simply click on any of our trusted and recommended sportsbook casino sites. You will be asked to register your details. You will need to make a deposit before you can begin betting on sports events.