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Find the best online casino accepting EasyPay.

Over the years, several online casinos catering to Bulgarian players have begun recognising the benefits of EasyPay. It is one of the most secure and convenient payment methods that players based in Bulgaria can use for their online casino transactions. Today, there are many EasyPay offices in Bulgaria and this is why it has become a trusted digital payment system in the country.

Let’s explore in more detail the best EasyPay casinos online.

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Best EasyPay Casinos Online

Online casino players can send and receive money through EasyPay instantly within Bulgaria and abroad. If they want to make an international money transfer, they’ll need to present a valid ID and provide the full name, mobile number, and recipient’s country written in Latin characters. Upon providing the information, they’ll receive a receipt with their details and Reference Number of the transaction.

The easiest way to deposit funds in the online casinos using this payment method is through the EasyPay paysafecard. It is a prepaid voucher that appears like a receipt with a long code. It can be purchased from retail outlets, gas stations, and the EasyPay cash desks.

About Easy Pay

EasyPay Ltd. is a company licensed to operate on the territory of the European Union by the Bulgarian National Bank. It has been listed in the Public Register under Article 19 of the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems. The company is also licensed to provide services on the entire territory of Bulgaria by the Communications Regulations Commission (CRC).

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, EasyPay was founded in 2004 and is the country’s largest non-bank payment company. It is available with over 2,500 retail agents. The platform enables its customers to send and receive money across the country and abroad. It is a national leader in online payments today with more than 2 million customers, over 500 utility companies, and 3,000 online shops.

More than a million customers use this service two to five times every month. Cash deposits and withdrawals, online platform, mobile payments, and domestic and international money transfers are included in its range of products and services.

Pros and Cons of using Easy Pay in online casinos

Bulgarian players can deposit funds into their online casino account safely by using this payment method. If they use the EasyPay paysafecard for their deposits, they won’t be charged any fees. If the online transfers are done in Bulgaria they can enjoy instant transfers. International transfers might take longer based on the services of partner networks.

The daily limit for money transfers in Bulgaria is up to BGN 10,000 and the monthly limit is BGN 30,000. A transfer can be canceled only if the merchant offers the option for cancellation. Here are some of the major pros and cons of using EasyPay for online casino transactions:


  • No registration is required for some services in EasyPay
  • It offers a safe and secure way of sending and receiving payments
  • No fee is charged on the EasyPay paysafecard transactions
  • Some online casinos offer attractive welcome bonuses for EasyPay users


  • This payment method is available only for Bulgarian residents
  • Not all casinos offer EasyPay as a payment method
  • Fees are charged on all non-EasyPay paysafecard transactions

How does EasyPay compare to other payment methods?

Most payment methods other than EasyPay used in online casinos are available globally. EasyPay is available only for the Belgian players. The traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards and bank transfers require players to provide their sensitive information online. Online casino players can avoid this by using the EasyPay paysafecard.

This prepaid voucher functions just like other paysafecard vouchers. It offers several benefits like faster transactions and no transaction fees, which certainly gives it an edge over e-wallets. However, these vouchers won’t be beneficial for high rollers as they are available only in certain limited denominations. The other EasyPay online payment options attract a certain amount of fees on transactions.

One of the alternatives can be cryptocurrencies. They offer a high level of information security and charge extremely low fees on transactions. Despite such benefits, cryptocurrencies can reduce the amount of winnings to a great extent if their prices fall owing to certain market conditions.


EasyPay fees for using its range of services vary greatly with the type of service and the amount being transferred. For transferring money in cash, the fees range from 0.20 to 24.90 BGN for the amounts ranging from from 5 to 500,000 BGN. Bank money transfers ranging from 5 to 500,000 BGN, the fees range from 0.91 to 14.50 BGN.

For postal money transfers, the fees range from 0.50 to 25.20 BGN for the amounts ranging from 5 to 500,000 BGN. The fees charged for topping up an account with an IBAN using cash range from 0.11 to 5 BGN for the amounts ranging from 5 to 500,000 BGN. Some online casinos might also charge their players a certain amount of fees.

Fees charged on international transactions vary depending on the currency exchange rates applicable on the date and time of the transaction. No fees would be charged if the player uses the EasyPay paysafecard for the online casino payment.

How to use EasyPay for casino deposits

When the players find a safe and reliable online casino that accepts EasyPay, they can sign up to create an account. Once they create an online casino account, they can log in to the site and head to the cashier, banking, or payments section. The next step would be to select the option for depositing funds into their online casino account and select ‘EasyPay’ from the list of available payment methods.

The players will receive a code that they’ll need to present when they’re asked for it. The casino might have its minimum and maximum deposit limit, which they players can know by reading the terms and conditions on its website. The funds will appear in their online casino account as soon as the transaction is processed. This process will be quite different if they use the EasyPay paysafecard voucher.

For using this prepaid voucher, they’ll need to choose EasyPay paysafecard for making the deposit. In the appropriate field, they’ll need to enter the code mentioned on the voucher to proceed further. Once this is done, the amount will be deposited instantly into their online casino account.

Casino withdrawals

Before making the withdrawal, players need to check if the online casino allows withdrawals using EasyPay. They’ll also need to check if there are any minimum or maximum limits placed by their chosen casinos on withdrawals. To know if EasyPay is allowed for withdrawing the winnings and there are any withdrawal limits, they can go through the casino’s terms and conditions.

Players might not be allowed to withdraw their winnings using the EasyPay paysafecard. To claim their withdrawal, they’ll need to head to the cashier, banking, or payments page of their online casino’s website. The next step would be to select the option to withdraw funds from their online casino account and choose EasyPay from the list of payment methods.

Proceeding further, the amount to be withdrawn needs to be entered and the transaction must be approved. The players will then get an email confirming that the withdrawal has been approved and processed. The amount gets transferred into their EasyPay account instantly.

How secure is EasyPay?

If the players use EasyPay’s ePay service, they are provided a financial guarantee on each of their payments for amounts up to 100,000 BGN. They can also enjoy free insurance of up to 10,000 BGN against fraud for the payments made online through ePay. There are certain measures that the online casino players can take for protecting their payments against fraud.

They include the use of qualified electronic signature that’s issued by the InfoNotary EAD. Text messages can also be used for confirming one-time password for every transaction. By using the EasyPay paysafecard, the players can avoid sharing their sensitive personal and financial details online during the transactions.

This can be a highly effective way of protecting the payments against online frauds. As the users only need to provide the prepaid voucher code to make a transaction, none of their sensitive details are shared with anyone. These are the different ways, by which, EasyPay ensures complete online security of its user’s accounts.