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Find the best online casino accepting an alternative to Entropay.

Entropay was a virtual prepaid card used for online casino gaming until 2019. It was offered in association with Visa. It was discontinued after the company officially closed its business following Visa’s cancellation of their partnership. The card was quite similar to any other prepaid card used in online casinos, except that it was not available in a plastic form. Most online casino players who used Entropay switched to ecoPayz Mastercard, which has advanced security features and is easy to use.

Let’s explore in more detail the best Entropay casinos online.

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Best Entropay Casinos Online

About Entropay

Entropay was one of the earliest virtual prepaid cards in Europe. It was owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd., a British company providing payment applications and financial transaction services. Ixaris Systems Ltd. has been licensed and regulated under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 by the Financial Conduct Authority. After its introduction in 2003, Entropay was used by hundreds of online casinos globally.

After July 1, 2019, Entropay was no longer available for the online casino players as the company ceased its operations. A 16-digit number was provided for those who signed up for the Entropay card. It was given additional security with a Card Verification Value (CVV) number just like the physical bank cards. In a short span of time, Entropay went on to become extremely popular among the online casino players. They considered it as an excellent option in the list of payment methods for online casinos.

This payment method combined three different services into one. You could use this virtual prepaid card as an alternative to the e-wallets. It helped you to transfer funds to your online casino account with greater ease. Another good feature was that it was accepted in almost all the online casinos that included Visa credit or debit cards among their payment methods.

To use Entropay, it was essential for players to fund it with their bank account, credit card, or debit card. They could make their payments in any of the major currencies. This was also of great benefit to those who couldn’t use a certain currency owing to restrictions placed by some online casinos.

Pros and Cons of using Entropay in online casinos

One of the most flexible payment methods of its time, Entropay could be used as both a virtual prepaid card and an e-wallet. It gave its users the freedom to spend the money that was available on their card instantly with just a few clicks.

To get your virtual card, all you needed to do was create your account and load it with a certain amount. This process took just a few minutes and you’d be ready to start using it in your chosen online casino. However, it had its pros and cons as well.


  • Entropay allowed instant, safe, and anonymous deposits in major currencies
  • Since this was a virtual prepaid card, there was no risk of spending too much
  • It could be obtained within a few minutes by creating an account


  • The user was charged a significant amount of transaction fee for funding the card
  • It supported only the major currencies of the world

How does Entropay compare to other payment methods?

When this payment service was used in the online casinos, the most popular methods were bank transfer and credit or debit cards. The problem with these modes of payment was that you couldn’t make anonymous transactions with them. Besides, Entropay was easy to use and the transactions were processed instantly.

Some popular e-wallets such as PayPal could also be used as a reliable payment method in online casinos. These e-wallets offered almost the same benefits as Entropay, but some of them had a lengthy sign-up and verification process. This proved to be a disadvantage for players who wanted to switch to a new payment method by signing up as a new user. In such situations, Entropay was an attractive option.

Before the introduction of this payment method, some players were using physical prepaid cards. However, they required players to provide some sensitive banking details while making their online transactions. With Entropay, they could make anonymous transactions, which ensured better online security.

Entropay Fees

Considering the overall features of this virtual prepaid card, it was economical for most online casino players. It was one of the most convenient methods of making online payments and had a fee structure that was quite straightforward. Spending money that was loaded on this virtual card was absolutely free of charge.

As it was a virtual prepaid card, you didn’t need to pay any deliver charges for it unlike the physical credit, debit, or prepaid cards. Users were charged around 3.95 percent for loading cash onto their virtual card through their bank accounts. If you chose to use a credit card to fund your Entropay card, you were charged 4.95 percent.

You’d be charged a certain fee for withdrawing your winnings from the online casino to your Entropay account. Those who kept their accounts inactive for six months or more were also charged a certain amount. Despite such fees, a sizable number of online casino players chose Entropay as their preferred payment method.

How to use Entropay for deposits

For depositing funds into your online casino account, you first had to check if your Entropay card had sufficient funds. If it lacked the required funds, you had to load money onto your card. You could either used your bank account or a credit or debit card for this purpose.

Once your account was loaded, you could transfer the deposit amount to your online casino account. To deposit funds, the process would begin by logging in on the casino website and choosing the cashier, banking, or payments section. Next you had to select ‘Entropay’ as your preferred payment method. Upon proceeding further, you were required to enter the amount you wanted to deposit.

A pop-up would then appear, asking you to enter the number of your virtual prepaid card, its expiration date, and the CVV code. After entering the information in the required fields, you had to confirm the transaction. If it was successful, you could have the amount in your online casino account instantly.

How to use Entropay for withdrawals

The players had restrictions on the amount they could withdraw using their Entropay card. They could only withdraw the amount that had been deposited in the past 12 months along with the winnings. The amount could be withdrawn only to the card you had originally loaded the money from. The high rollers who wanted to conveniently move their funds around found this limiting.

Such limits also had their advantages as it added an extra layer of protection to the player’s account. These limits made it difficult for hackers or fraudsters to steal the funds and move them to a different account. Those who wanted greater convenience would opt for another payment method.

To make the withdrawal, you had to navigate to the cashier, banking, or payments section and choose the option for withdrawing your winnings. Next, ‘Entropay’ had to be chosen as your preferred method for withdrawal. After entering the details and confirming the transaction, you could get the amount instantly into your account.

How secure was Entropay?

Entropay put safety and security of their customers’ accounts at the top of its priorities. This is why it never shared the personal and financial data of its users with the third parties. The virtual prepaid card was certified by TRUSTe. This is a reputed and reliable authority that has some stringent regulations for information security.

The personal and financial details that you shared with the company was required only for opening your account. It wasn’t used for any other purposes. With the help of 128-bit encryption technology, Entropay ensured complete security of your transaction history, login details, and other information.

For additional security, it was the responsibility of the players to choose a reputed and secure online casino. Such casinos used the latest firewalls and SSL encryption technologies for data protection. Additionally, the players needed to make sure that their chosen online casino had a license from a leading online gaming authority.