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Find the best online casino accepting INSTADEBIT payments.

A fast, secure, and easy-to-use payment method, INSTADEBIT allows you to pay the online merchants directly from your bank account. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an e-wallet. You can’t deposit funds from your bank account into your INSTADEBIT account directly. However, you can make payments to the merchants with funds available in your bank account using this payment solution.

Let’s explore in more detail the best INSTADEBIT casinos online.

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Best INSTADEBIT Casinos Online


Today, many online casino players use this payment method for greater convenience in their deposits and withdrawals. You’re given a small transaction limit upon signing up with INSTADEBIT, which increases once you verify your bank account.

While making the payment, all you need to do is log in to your INSTADEBIT account and approve the transaction done on the merchant site. To use this payment solution, you’ll need to provide some of your personal details to confirm your identity. This also helps in protecting your payments.

Founded on March 5, 2003, INSTADEBIT offers payment solutions to both merchants and individuals. It was initially available only to Canadian residents but has now spread to 32 countries across the world. You can simply sign up and begin using your account immediately, without having to wait for approval or activation.

The only condition that needs to be fulfilled is that you must have an account with a participating bank or financial institution. After creating your account with this payment solutions provider, it deposits a small amount into your bank account. This is done for your bank account’s verification. Once your bank account has been verified and you confirm the deposit, you’ll get a higher spending limit.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, you can log in to your INSTADEBIT account at any time using your login credentials. You can then view your transaction history, withdraw funds, or change your personal information. If a merchant has issued you a refund, it takes about three to five business days for the amount to reflect in your INSTADEBIT account.

Pros and Cons of using INSTADEBIT in online casinos

Today, you’ll come across many online casinos that accept INSTADEBIT as a payment method. By choosing INSTADEBIT, you’ll have one of the fastest payment methods for a fantastic online casino gaming experience. One of the best aspects of INSTADEBIT is that your sensitive personal details are not shared with third parties during the transactions.

Most online casinos that accept this payment method will have your favorite games, such as slots, roulette, and blackjack. Before you choose INSTADEBIT as your preferred payment method, it would be a good idea to know its pros and cons.


  • Your transactions are protected using the latest encryption technologies
  • INSTADEBIT charges lower fees on transactions
  • It facilitates fast and secure deposits and withdrawals
  • You can easily set up and begin using this payment method


  • This payment method is not available in many countries
  • Only a limited number of banks have been covered by INSTADEBIT

How does INSTADEBIT compare to other payment methods?

INSTADEBIT is quite similar to iDebit when it comes to making online casino transactions. The only significant difference between the two is that most banks work with INSTADEBIT, while iDebit has limited number of participating banks. Unlike iDebit, INSTADEBIT is not an e-wallet.

When compared with bank transfers and credit or debit cards, INSTADEBIT doesn’t require you to provide much of your sensitive information. Most e-wallets transactions can also be made without providing your sensitive data online during the transactions. However, they charge higher fees on such transactions when compared to INSTADEBIT.

Cryptocurrencies and prepaid vouchers can also cut down your transaction fees to a great extent. These payment methods also provide a high level of security. One of the biggest disadvantage of cryptos is that they are extremely volatile. In case of prepaid cards, there’s always a risk of them getting stolen or lost.


If you use your INSTADEBIT account for making payments, you’ll not be charged any fees. However, you’ll need to pay a small percentage as fees when you transfer money from your bank account. If you’re using a currency that’s different from the one used in your home country, you’ll be charged currency conversion fees.

If your currency is Canadian Dollar, this will be the ideal payment method for you. INSTADEBIT is considered one of the best payment methods by many Canadian online casino players as it adheres to high security standards and charges lower fees. This digital payment solutions provider also has an impressive history of partnership with several Canadian casino sites.

Deposits made through a player’s bank account using INSTADEBIT would be charged $1.95 in some casinos. For moving funds from your chosen online casino to your bank account, you’ll be charged $2 per transaction. Nevertheless, such fees are quite acceptable considering the high level of service quality and security that INSTADEBIT provides.

How to use INSTADEBIT for deposits in online casinos

To deposit money into your online casino account, you’ll need to have the required funds in your INSTADEBIT account. Most casinos will have a minimum deposit requirement, which must be fulfilled by all their players. You’ll also need to find a reputed and secure online casino that accepts INSTADEBIT as a payment method.

Once you’ve found a good online casino, sign up on the website. When you’re logged in, head to the cashier, banking, or payments section and select ‘INSTADEBIT’ as your preferred payment method. Next, log in to your INSTADEBIT account using your credentials and enter the amount you wish to deposit into your online casino account.

Once you’ve entered the amount you want to deposit, confirm the transaction to proceed further. The transaction will be completed instantly and you’ll see the amount reflected in your casino account. You’ll also receive a confirmation about the successful completion of the transaction via email or text message.

How to use INSTADEBIT for withdrawals in online casinos

INSTADEBIT can also be used for withdrawing your winnings from your online casino account. Upon withdrawing the funds, it will be transferred to your INSTADEBIT account. You can then choose to transfer the amount to your bank account or use it to make another deposit. If a foreign currency is involved, you’ll be charged a certain amount as currency exchange fees.

To withdraw your winnings, navigate to the cashier, payments, or banking section of your casino website. Select ‘INSTADEBIT’ as your preferred method for withdrawal and enter the required information, including the amount you want to withdraw. Some online casinos will have a withdrawal limit, which is usually mentioned in their terms and conditions.

You’ll need to check the applicable limit, if any, before entering the withdrawal amount. The next step would be to confirm your identity and complete the transaction. You’ll receive the winnings in your bank account once the casino verifies your request and confirms that you’ve met the wagering requirements.

How secure is INSTADEBIT?

INSTADEBIT has one of the most advanced and comprehensive anti-fraud systems. This comes as a big assurance for its users with regards to the safety and privacy of their account while making online transactions. Your sensitive personal and financial data are never shared with the merchants.

Your identity is confirmed during the sign-up process to protect your payments. The reputed security certification firm VeriSign monitors and regulates the privacy of your account and transactions. INSTADEBIT also meets the information security criteria set by the Service Organization Control of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Every communication between you and INSTADEBIT is transmitted in a secure manner through 128-bit encryption technology. This offers high levels of protection to your account and the sensitive information that it contains from all instances of online fraud.