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Naturally we all want to have confidence in the online casinos we are playing at. We want to be 100% certain that the games we are playing give us a fair chance to win. Blockchain technologies give us a new way to prove trustworthiness. Not only are the outcomes random, but they can be verified by players. So not only are we saying the games are fair, but they are provably fair – we can prove mathematically that the outcome is random and therefore fair.

In this section of Casinos Jungle we’ll explain what provably fair is, how it works, and where you can play provably fair casino games.

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What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair not only gives us randomness but it also gives us transparency.

The idea that the casino or the game provider could interfere in the outcome can be completely dispelled with the advent of Provably Fair gaming. By playing at fully licensed casinos and playing games that use an RNG we can feel more confident. We know that the use of Random Number Generators means the outcome of the games is always independent but

For the first time we, the players, can actually verify the game mechanics!

Provably fair is not simply a marketing term. It works on the basis of a mathematical formula that generates the result from 3 unique and variable pieces of information.

The game result is determined by 3 variables:

Server Seed – This number is provided by the casino site.

Client Seed – This is provided by your browser and adjusted by you.

Nonce – A number that increases by 1 every bet you make. This number will start either at one or zero, depending on the casino.

When you play the game, you will be issued an encrypted hash of the server seed. This is granted in advance so the casino can’t manipulate it.

Useful Terminology:

What do we mean by encrypted hash?

When data is encrypted, the information is scrambled using an algorithm or cipher. Only someone with a corresponding key can unscramble it back into its original meaning. It is a two way function.  For example; plain text can be encrypted into ciphertext then decrypted back into plain text.

Hashing is the process of applying an algorithm to convert any length of data into a fixed length code; known as a hash value or hash code. Hashing is a one way function, meaning once it is applied it can’t be unscrambled. The hash value is unique, like a fingerprint containing numbers and lowercase letters.

Salting is an additional way of adding security that adds an additional value to the end of the hash value created.

What is a nonce in the algorithm?

A nonce is a random number that is generated for each game played. It ensures that each game is unique and cannot be repeated or manipulated.

Where can I play Provably fair games?

How does provably fair compare to normal casino games?

In a normal casino game the outcome of the spin or the hands dealt are the result of the use of a random number generator.  You can see the outcome and the casino can verify the outcome in their back office. How do we know the outcome is random? We rely on the verification of games through 3rd party organisations, such as eCOGRA. This is an independent company that is dedicated to testing and certifying online casino games, security systems, live dealer casino studios and RNGs.

By no means are we suggesting that these aren’t fair. These tests are performed for the biggest names in the industry for fully licensed and regulated operators. We feel fully secure playing at casinos that are certified and offer games from reputably software providers.

However, there is always an element of faith or goodwill involved. Provably fair gives players the option to see for themselves that the outcome is fully random. And furthermore, they can see that there has been no manipulation to the result.

Key Benefits of Provably Fair games:

Transparency – we can use blockchain to certify each game round for fairness.

Trust – the games are user Audited so there is no need to rely on 3rd parties to tell us the games are fair

Payout – the RTP is much higher on provably fair games. They’re also cheaper for the operator to run with no studio or platform provider taking a percentage.

Anonymity – since the games run on crypto, you do not have to disclose your credit card information.

How do I verify the game is fair myself?

When you play a provably fair game online, you might wonder if the game is truly random. So what better way to be sure than to check it yourself!

To check that a provably fair game is random, firstly you will need to read the instructions for the verification process provided by the online casino or game provider.

Next step is to record the seed, nonce and hash values provided by the game before you start the game.

Play the game round. Once the game round is complete, the casino or game provider will give you the outcome of the game.

Using the seed, nonce, and hash values provided, you can use a third-party tool to verify that the game’s outcome was generated randomly and fairly. The game provider may have their own verification tool too.

Compare the outcome provided by the casino with the result generated by the third-party verification tool. If they match, you can trust that the game was fair and random. If they don’t match, contact the casino or game provider to resolve the issue.