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Ukash was a UK-based digital payment system that merged into paysafecard in 2016. It became a recognized payment method especially in online casinos worldwide after its launch in 2005. It allowed players to deposit funds into their online casino account. Ukash was also instrumental in protecting their personal identity during the online transactions.

Information regarding Ukash and how it was used to make casino payments.

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About ukash

You didn’t need to share any personal or financial information during your online transactions. For making online payments, you could use this electronic money system to exchange your cash for a 19-digit secure code. This code could then be used for loading e-wallets and transferring money to cards in addition to making online payments.

With the merger, paysafecard took a key step towards becoming one of the leading digital prepaid payment methods. All the Ukash vouchers expired after October 31, 2015. The remaining ones were exchanged into the PINs of paysafecard.

Ukash was founded in 2005 by Smart Voucher Ltd., a company based in London, United Kingdom. This company provided outsourced payment solutions through protocols of banking and retail payment system. Sometime later, there were reports of scammers exploiting the Ukash system for black market.

These scammers operated by extorting codes from their victims. Some instances of fraud were also reported, in which, the fraudsters offered a promise of cheap loans for a fee. A few scammers offered certain non-existent items on websites like Gumtree. Reports also came in on Ransomware attacks.

The attackers infected the computers of some Ukash customers and demanded payments from them. This led the company to issue an advice to its customers in 2012 on protecting their Ukash codes. One of the suggestions given was not to email the Ukash codes or reveal it to anyone over a phone call.

In 2013, it supported the launch of that provided information on ways to avoid ransomware and online scams. In April 2014, the process of the company’s acquisition by Skrill Group and merger into paysafecard began. The process was completed in May 2016.

Pros and Cons of using ukash in online casinos

Ukash was available in over 55 countries across the world. This digital payment system was an excellent alternative for online casino players who didn’t have a credit or debit card. You didn’t need to register anywhere for using this system of online payments.

Just like paysafecard, Ukash operated using the principle of prepaid cards that could be purchased at stores and retail outlets. There was a time when Ukash cards could be found in over 420,000 outlets worldwide. Now, let’s go through the pros and cons that the players experienced when they used these cards.


  • These cards could be accessed easily by casino players
  • They were highly secure for online transactions
  • Players didn’t need any registration, bank account, debit or credit card
  • Ukash cards helped online casino players to gamble responsibly


  • Just like all vouchers, Ukash cards had expiry dates
  • Most casinos didn’t allow players to withdraw their winnings using Ukash
  • There was always a risk of losing or accidentally throwing away these cards

How did Ukash compare to other payment methods?

Ukash was the best online payment option of its time for the players of online casinos. They used their Ukash cards to pay for products and services, play casino games, and transfer funds online. All they had to do was simply purchase its card carrying a 19-digit code.

The online casino players didn’t have to enter their personal details online. On the other hand, they had to provide their personal information while using bank transfers, and credit or debit cards. For transferring funds via e-wallets, they needed a bank account, credit or debit card.

In case of Ukash, all they needed was its card that had a 19-digit code. This also facilitated faster transfer of funds. While cryptocurrencies provide a great deal of security and anonymity today, their transactions are slower than most of the popular payment methods.


Ukash was a pretty straightforward payment method that players could use for transferring funds to their online casino account. It didn’t need users to have a physical card for the transactions. Unlike the traditional payment methods used in online casinos, there was no processing fees involved.

Most casino sites that supported the payment method charged relatively less for the transactions or nothing at all. This was a major reason for the immense popularity of Ukash at the time. However, those using Ukash Out and Ukash NEO cards were subject to a certain amount of fees.

Ukash had its own exchange rate for payments made in a different currency. This rate was relatively lower than the market value. Some casinos did have their fees for the transactions made using this payment method.

How ukash used for online casino deposits

Once you purchased Ukash vouchers or cards, you could use them for playing some exciting games in the online casinos. These cards had a 19-digit PIN and could be used on the casino websites that accepted the payment method. Once you found an online casino accepting Ukash as one of its payment methods, the next step was to register on the site.

After registration, you could redeem the voucher by navigating to the cashier, banking, or payment section. Today, this section of the online casinos have many payment methods for the casino players to choose from. There were players who found it difficult to deposit the entire amount they wanted into their online casino account. In such situations, they could always get an additional voucher to cover the differences.

How Ukash could be used for withdrawals in online casinos

Just like the deposits, withdrawals could also be done easily using this payment method. While on the casino website, you needed to choose Ukash as your preferred option for withdrawal. Some online casinos required players to check a box indicating that you had agreed to the terms and conditions.

A few of such websites also prompted the players to confirm their selection. Once you gave your confirmation and proceeded further, the process was completed. Not many online casinos supported withdrawals using this payment method. The ones that did allow withdrawals using Ukash generated a voucher for players.

Although this process took a while to complete, you could redeem your voucher or keep it for future deposits. Those using the Mastercards of Ukash could withdraw their winnings to their card. They could then withdraw the amount in the form of cash at one of the ATMs.

How secure was Ukash?

Ukash was among those payment methods of its time that allowed online casino players to maintain anonymity. Since they weren’t required to provide their sensitive financial details online during the transactions, it was highly secure. You never needed to share your credit card information or banking details with the online casinos while making deposits.

Even if someone hacked the casino website, the hacker would never find any of your details. Since there were no bank accounts and credit or debit card issuers involved, the transactions couldn’t be tracked. In fact, all of them were were almost untraceable completely. Unlike the other payment methods, Ukash gave its users total control over the safety of their financial data.

The only concern was the possibility of an accidental loss or theft of the 19-digit PIN. This happened mostly because the users simply gave away the code to the scammers. Today, as paysafecard has taken over Ukash, the previous users have found a new and reliable form of their favorite payment method.

Ukash is now Paysafe Card. Check out information on where to play casino using Paysafe Card