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Find the best online casino accepting Western Union payments.

One of the most reliable and oldest means of sending and receiving money, Western Union is accepted as a payment method in many online casinos. It is used for transferring funds from one person or entity to the other.

Let’s explore in more detail the best Western Union casinos online.

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Best Western Union Casinos Online

Originally, a depositor would go to a local Western Union branch and receives a 10-digit number known as the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

This number is received upon paying the amount that has to be sent through Western Union. The depositor then gives the MTCN to the recipient who gets the amount at the local Western Union branch. However, to get the amount that has been sent, the recipient has to produce a proof of identity. This process was made easier with the advent of the internet.

Today, you can simply send the money through the Western Union website by using a bank card or wire transfer. This payment method is also used in online casinos for deposits and withdrawals. The many layers of online security used by Western Union ensures complete safety and security of your transactions.

About Western Union

This American multinational corporation specializing in financial services was founded in 1851 in Rochester, New York. Originally founded as a telegraph company called New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. It merged with several other telegraph companies in 1856 and changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company.

The company dominated the telegraphy industry from the late 19th century until the late 20th century. In the 1980s, it started moving away from communications after experiencing some financial troubles and began focusing more on its money transfer services. By the mid 2000s, the company had become the largest money transfer business in the world.

The business expanded even further with the introduction of money transfer services such as mobile money transfer and Western Union Connect. In recent times, online money transfer through the Western Union website has become immensely popular among its users worldwide. It has also become one of the preferred payment methods for online shopping and playing virtual casino games.

Pros and Cons of using Western Union in online casinos

You’ll have greater convenience in transferring funds into your online casino account through the Western Union website. Money is transferred from your bank account or bank card. In case of a credit or debit card, you can simply enter the casino details and make the payment. You’ll then receive funds into your online casino account in a few minutes.

You can also send money through WU Pay, which is Western Union’s money transfer service that doesn’t require you to have a US bank account. Players of online casinos who want to use a different currency for their online casino transactions can use the Online FX Service. Before choosing Western Union as your preferred payment method in online casinos, you’d want to know its pros and cons.


  • You can make secure online transactions using Western Union
  • This payment method is accepted in over 200 countries
  • By choosing online transfer, deposits can be made almost instantly
  • Some casinos offer excellent welcome bonuses on Western Union deposits


  • You’re charged higher fees on transactions than many other payment methods
  • Some online casinos don’t accept Western Union for withdrawals

How does Western Union compare to other payment methods?

Credit or debit cards and bank transfers have always been extremely popular amount the online casino players. You can use them for instant online casino transactions without having to pay high transaction fees. Western Union payments take more time and you’re charged a higher percentage as fees on such transactions.

Its only advantage is that you don’t need to share your sensitive data online. You can easily avoid sharing your personal and financial information online by using a reputed and reliable e-wallet. The transaction fees in case of e-wallets are far less than that charged by Western Union. By using an e-wallet, you can also make faster and more secure deposits in your online casino account.

Western Union limits the amount you can send through cards and bank account. This can be useful for the players with a gambling problem. You don’t have this feature even with cryptocurrencies. However, players with a gambling problem can limit the money they spend in online casinos by using a prepaid voucher. The only problem with prepaid vouchers is that it’s almost impossible to retrieve them if they’re lost or stolen.


Just like most of the other payment methods accepted in online casinos, you’ll be charged a certain percentage as transaction fees. The total amount of fees charged would vary based on several factors, such as your country of origin and the amount charged. If you’re using a different currency, you’ll also incur currency conversion fees.

There will also be a difference between the fees charged based on the method you’re using for your Western Union transfer. For example, the fees charged on transfers using your credit card would be different from the fees charged on payments done using a US bank account.

Your online casino might also charge a certain amount as fees on the Western Union transactions. It would be a good idea to go through the casino’s terms and conditions section to see if the details on fees are given. If you’re still unclear on the fees charged, you can contact your online casino’s customer support.

How to use Western Union for casino deposits

By using Western Union as your preferred payment method, you’ll have different options to deposit money into your online casino account. The safest method is to make the payment at your nearest Western Union agency. However, you’ll need to check if your online casino accepts this payment method for deposits. If it’s accepted, you can go ahead and make your deposit.

First, you’ll need to contact the customer support of your online casino and get their banking details. They are used for making the payment, which is then transferred to your online casino account. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll get an MTCN. This unique tracking number can also be considered as a proof that you’ve paid the amount you want to transfer.

Contact the customer support team of your online casino and share the MTCN. It allows the support team to identify your deposit and get it verified. You can see the amount deposited into your account once the verification has been done.

Casino withdrawals

Based on your country of residence, your online casino may or may not allow you to withdraw your winnings using Western Union. There can be different options for making withdrawals, which would vary based on the location of the player. If your online casino doesn’t accept any of the methods of withdrawing money using Western Union, choose an alternative payment method.

If you wish to withdraw cash to your bank account using Western Union, the first step is to get the MTCN from your online casino. When you get the number verified with your nearest Western Union agency, you’ll receive the amount in your bank account. These steps are a bit different for withdrawing the winnings from your online casino account to your bank card.

To withdraw funds to your bank card, contact the customer support of your online casino and get the MTCN. Once you have it, log in to the Western Union website and choose ‘receive money on a card’. Key in the details of your online casino and submit the details of your card. The amount will be transferred to your bank card upon verification.

How secure is Western Union?

Western Union is considered one of the safest payment methods in online casinos. This is because you’re not required to share your personal or banking details with them. The website uses the latest SSL encryption technology, which ensures a high level of information security while making the transactions.

One important aspect to keep in mind is that the company has been in existence for more than a century. It is licensed and regulated by the major regulatory bodies in the locations where it is available. The company also uses modern anti-fraud technologies to protect its customers from hackers and ransomware attacks.

Whenever you open your account with Western Union or approach its agent for sending or receiving payments, your identity is always verified. Moreover, a tracking number or MTCN is always required to collect a payment. These methods also ensure complete protection for your transactions.