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The name says it all! Bonus Only is an online slot that focuses only on Bonus rounds. This unique slot comes from Golden Rock Studios under Caleta Gaming and was released on May 18, 2022. All the action in this game takes place on a grid with 3 reels and 3 rows. There are no symbols in Bonus Only that will pay you and there’s no base game.

This riveting slot game offers players an exciting opportunity to win a big prize! It has three reels and three rows of action. The biggest jackpot equals 1,750 times your wager. You have the option to begin spinning for as low as $0.09 each spin or to go all out and spend $180 per spin. The choice is yours! It has a return to player of (RTP) of 96.21 percent. You need to activate game features to earn a big win, and there are four special symbols in this game: Vegas, Macau, Monte Carlo, and Dice.

Bonus Only Caleta Gaming
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Quick facts Bonus Only

Video slots
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RTP (payout percentage)
Respins, Multipliers, Bonus

Bonus Features / Jackpots Bonus Only

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Bonus Only

Bonus Rounds: In this online slot, you’ll have three main bonus rounds of Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau. You can’t just land three same symbols anywhere on the reels for triggering their features in the three bonus rounds. There’s a specific pattern that you’ll need to follow. If you land three of the same symbols in top-horizontal, middle-horizontal, and bottom-horizontal rows, you’ll trigger the bonus rounds.

You’ll be taken to a new game board once you manage to activate the bonus round. On the new game board, you’ll get to play with two 6-sided dice. As the dice are rolled, you’ll use their values to move on the board in a clockwise manner. You’ll get the opportunity to go for an additional dice roll if both the dice show the same value when rolled.

Of course, there are certain differences between the three main bonus rounds. Each of these bonus rounds comes with four different laps that have varying multipliers. While the multipliers of Vegas can reach only up to 40x, the Macau multipliers can go up to 80x.

In the Monte Carlo bonus round, the multipliers can reach up to 400x. When you’re done with a Bonus round, you’ll get the overall bet multiplier. You’ll have a hit frequency of 1:15 for all these bonus rounds.

Red Dice Symbol: If the Red Dice symbol lands on the third position of any reel, you’ll get 4 dice rolls for that particular bonus round. The Red Dice symbol acts as a Wild in this online slot and helps make up the three symbols required for the bonus round.

Re-spin: You’ll be given an automatic respin if you land two same symbols on any of the two reels. The existing Bonus symbols will be locked in place and only the losing reel would spin.

Games Theme Bonus Only

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Games Theme Bonus Only

It seems more like an old-school slot machine that you’d find in land-based casinos. The game has simple graphics and showcases a slot machine with the 3×3 grid at its center. A peppy music plays when you begin your spins and it keeps you in high spirits.

You’ll see that the handle of the slot machine on the screen moves as soon as you click on spin button. This gives you the experience of playing a classic slot game on a real casino floor. The slot’s simple design and minimal features makes it a perfect game for beginners.

Although Bonus Only appears to be a simple online slot, it gives you a glimpse of the high life. The game has been designed using gold, pink, and blue colors with some stylish symbols. They represent some of the world’s most glamorous gambling destinations. You’ll get the feeling of being seated before a real mechanical slot machine while playing Bonus Only. Bonus Only slot game is based on a dice theme. The soundtrack is entertaining, and the background/graphics are well structured.

However, when you enter the Bonus round, there’s a sudden 3D twist to this online slot. Among the best qualities of this game is its music, which sounds stylish and modern. You’ll certainly like the aesthetic appeal of the game. This online slot is mobile-friendly and can be played on all the devices.

Symbols / Payouts Bonus Only

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Symbols / Payouts Bonus Only

You might wonder how this game works when there are no pay symbols. In fact, you have to get the special symbols for triggering the gameplay features in Bonus Only. There are 4 special symbols in the game. They are Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau, and the Dice Wilds. Then there is a Pink Gem symbol that has a rhombus shape.

This symbol appears on the grid in order to fill the void on the reels. Whichever way it lands, the symbol doesn’t pay you. Dice Wilds can substitute for any of the four special symbols. Appearing only on the third reel, Dice Wilds can also add extra dice rolls.

Every 3 matching symbols awards 2 dice rolls for the bonus round. The payouts vary on each bonus round.

Welcome to Vegas pays multiplier between 1x and 40x

Macau pays multiplier between 2x and 80x

Monte Carlo pays multiplier between 5x and 400x

Game tips / tricks Bonus Only

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Game tips / tricks Bonus Only

For the player to travel across the board, they will need to roll the dice. The reward will be a multiplier, no win, an additional roll, or the ability to go either backward or forwards across the board, and it will be determined by where they land. A bonus roll will be given to the player if they roll a double.

You can click on the three horizontal lines on the bottom right to check out the game rules. Use the plus and minus arrows that appear on either side of the current bet to adjust your bet amount. You bet between 0.09 and 180.00 in the game. Above the spin button, you’ll find the autospin function.

At the lower right of the screen just beside the menu icon is the ‘lightning’ icon. You can use it to adjust the game speed. If you land on any of the 8 mystery positions on the board, you’ll get to choose a card. It will reward you with a multiplier of up to x10, a dice roll, or a move forwards or backwards.


The first game of its type, Bonus Only, is distinguished by the absence of base game rewards in favor of concentrating all of the return to the player potential inside the game’s three bonus rounds. Because of this, software developers can provide players with an excellent hit rate of 1 in 15 spins to activate a bonus feature. We are particularly thrilled about Bonus Only as a slot since it caters to a broad-reaching clientele ranging from low rollers to high rollers.
Bonus Only has a special format, but offers no payline wins. It has an RTP of 96.21% and a maximum win potential of 1,750x. You’ll be spending much of your time in the game losing spins with no triggers. It would make some players feel as if they’re going through a grind.

Fortunately, the graphics are good and the music adds some excitement to the gameplay. The star attraction of this game are, of course, the Bonus rounds. Through Bonus Only, Golden Rock Studios has tried to present something different. If you’re someone who likes to enjoy a purely classic slot with some entertaining features, this would be a perfect choice.