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Yet another Western adventure awaits you in Bounty Hunters, an intriguing online slot from Nolimit City. Released on July 11, 2023, it showcases a 5×3 grid set against the backdrop of a remote location in the American frontier. An armed lady can be seen on the left of the grid, wandering through the prairie.

On the right side of the grid, a vulture can be seen flying in the distance over an isolated house. The graphics suggest that the place is quite dangerous, despite the air of calmness. It looks as if a bloody confrontation is about to take place. The armed lady seems to have entered the scene with a purpose. A solid soundtrack combining Western and rock genres plays during the game, building up the excitement.

This slot offers you 243 ways to win and a maximum win potential of 52,310x the amount of your bet. It is also loaded with some great bonus features such as Showdown Spins, Bounty Hunter Wild, and Mexican Standoff.

Bounty Hunters
bounty hunters reels
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Quick facts Bounty Hunters

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Free Spins, Scatters, xnudge

Bonus Features / Jackpots Bounty Hunters

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Bounty Hunters

Raid Spins: You’ll trigger the Raid Spins round by landing 3 Scatters on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. The reel area gets transformed into a 4×5 format in the center. This is where the Thugs and Bosses may land. Additionally, you’ll have a 4-reel row at the bottom and 5-row high reels towards the right and left side with a Hunter on each side.

The Raid Spins round begins with 3 spins and resets to 3 spins with a Thug or Boss landing in that reel area every time. The initial coin values of Thugs will be between the 1 to 25 range. If you have a Hunter in front of any Thug, the coin value of that Thug will be collected. The Thug will then appear dead. If the coin value of the Thug is not collected, it will be carried forward for the next spin along with its coin value.

Hunters have multipliers of up to 12x. They collect coin values from Thugs and Bosses. The coin value thus collected will be multiplied by the multiplier value of the Hunter and will then get added to the win multiplier. The right, left, and bottom Hunters will collect the coin value from the Thug or Boss closest to them either vertically or horizontally.

For the left and right Hunter, the multiplier values will reset to 1 if they don’t collect in a spin. For the bottom Hunter, the multiplier value will never reset. The initial coin values of the Bosses will be between the 1 to 5 range. Bosses will undergo an upgrade in their landing order per row, reel-wise.

Boss 1 adds all coin values from all Thugs and Bosses in a spin to its own coin value. Boss 2 adds the value of its own coin in a spin to all Thug coin values. In case of Boss 3, a group of Thugs that are associated with the same category are selected randomly.

Their coin values are multiplied with the multipliers beginning from 2x. The value of this 2x multiplier will increase by 1x for each selected Thug. If all Raid Spins are completed first, killing all the bosses will result in an upgrade to Showdown spins.

Showdown Spins: You’ll activate this bonus feature by landing the Bonus symbols on the same row as the 3 Scatter symbols. The reel area gets transformed into a 5×5 layout in the center. This is where the Thug may land. A Hard Honcho Boss will appear in the center position. Additionally, you’ll have a 5-reel row at the bottom and 5-row-high reels towards the right and left side with a Hunter on each side.

The Showdown Spins feature begins with 12 Thugs surrounding the Hard Honcho Boss in a diamond formation. You’ll have 8 Thugs directly surrounding him and the remaining 4 are on the reel area’s outer positions. In the beginning, you’ll have 3 free spins. They’ll reset to 3 spins when a Thug lands in the reel area every time.

The Hard Honcho Boss behaves like any of the 3 bosses appearing in the Raid Spins. He will start with a coin value of 6x. This value will increase if the Hard Honcho Boss behaves like Boss 1. The increased coin value won’t reset. If the Hard Honcho Boss behaves like Boss 2, it will add a coin value of 6x to the coin values of all Thugs.

If the Hard Honcho Boss behaves like Boss 3, it will act the way it does in Raid Spins. The features of Hunters and Thugs will be the same as in Raid Spins. New Thugs fill the empty positions of the Thug diamond formation for the next spin when the Hard Honcho Boss is collected.

Scatter: You’ll need to land 3 Scatters on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels to trigger the Raid Spins round. The Scatter symbols can land only on these reels.

The Bonus Symbol: The Bonus symbols can land only on the 1st and 5th reels. However, it may also land on the middle reels in the Mexican Standoff feature. You’ll need to land the Bonus symbols on the same row with 3 Scatters to activate the Showdown Spins round.

Bounty Hunter Wild: This is a 3-row high Wild that appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel. A part of Bounty Hunter Wild begins to nudge up or down after landing on the reels until it is entirely visible on the reel. For every step that the Bounty Hunter Wild nudges, each nudge raises the multiplier by 1. The multipliers of several Bounty Hunter Wild symbols add up to make a total Bounty Hunter Wild multiplier.

Mexican Standoff: If you land the Bonus symbols on the 1st and 5th reels of the same row, you’ll trigger the Mexican Standoff feature. For the same row, it awards you a respin and deactivates the rows that remain. Each Bonus symbol then becomes a sticky Wild and awards a multiplier of 6x. If a Bounty Hunter Wild lands while activating the Mexican Standoff feature, it behaves as a sticky Wild.

It also awards you a 6x multiplier. All the multiplier values from sticky Wilds multiply to form a win multiplier. An additional respin will be awarded by landing Bonus symbols during the Mexican Standoff feature. These Bonus symbols will act as Wild for the next respin. They remain sticky until the Mexican Standoff feature ends and award 6x for the next respin.

Few Dollars More: You’ll activate this feature by landing a fully stacked Bounty Hunter Wild on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel. All the previous fully stacked Bounty Hunter Wilds will stay sticky for a respin during the Few Dollars More feature. Upon landing any other fully stacked Bounty Hunter Wild during the Few Dollars More feature, a new respin will be awarded.

The xBet Feature: By using this feature, you’ll increase the possibility of activating different bonus features at 200% of the bet amount. This doesn’t affect the payout for each symbol.

Revelations: This winning screen opens up when your total win exceeds the maximum win amount of 52,310x the base bet. You’ll be awarded this amount when the game round comes to an end.

Games Theme Bounty Hunters

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Games Theme Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a Western-themed slot with an armed lady as its main character. You can see her on the left-hand side of the grid in the background image. The visuals of this slot create a perfect atmosphere of the Wild West. An excellent piece of music playing during the game has Western as well as rock influences in it. The symbols on the reels have also been designed to suit the game’s theme.

Symbols / Payouts Bounty Hunters

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Symbols / Payouts Bounty Hunters

The Scatter is represented by a bag filled with gold coins. A Golden Gun is the Bonus symbol in this slot. The Wild symbol appears on the reels as Two Golden Revolvers. The low-paying symbols in the game are the card symbols 10, A, J, K, and Q.

If you land 3 to 5 of the same kind, they’ll pay you between 0.20x and 1.25x the bet. Bolas, Knives, Bullets, Revolvers, and Dynamites are the slot’s high-paying symbols. Upon landing 3 to 5 of the same kind, you’ll get between 0.30x and 5.00x the bet amount.

Game tips / tricks Bounty Hunters

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Game tips / tricks Bounty Hunters

On the right-hand side of the grid, you’ll find the big Spin button. Click on it to start spinning the reels. Below this button, you’ll find the Autoplay and Turbo buttons. The icon with 3 horizontal lines on it is the Menu button. By clicking on it, you can access the paytable, game information, and some of the slot’s settings.

You can use the Coin button to choose your preferred bet amount. To mute or unmute the audio of the game, use the Speaker button


Bounty Hunters is a thrilling online slot that reminds you of the action-packed Wild West. The slot has an RTP of up to 96.07% and a high volatility. You’ll find the format of Showdown Spins and Raid Spins quite interesting, as both are intense bonus rounds. In these bonus features, you’ll come across hunters, thugs, and bosses doing the rounds on the reels.

Bounty Hunters has a great visual appeal and the effect of its graphical elements is enhanced by the slot’s music. To sum up, this online slot has all the qualities that will give you an entertaining and rewarding gaming experience.