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It’s one of the summer nights in this sleepy little town. Two ladies manage to hitch a ride, but fate has different plans for them. The guy who offered them the ride is Chainsaw Larry, a serial killer who appears nice and harmless to his victims. This sets the tone for thrilling gameplay in Kiss My Chainsaw, released by Nolimit City on April 11, 2023.

The slot has a 5-reel, 4-4-4-4-4 row setup that can extend to a 5-5-5-5-5 row layout. In the grid’s background is a modest diner with some strange graffiti on its walls. This slot offers a maximum win potential of 10,990x the amount of your bet. The graphics have been designed well without being too spooky. The visual elements certainly go well with the slot’s theme.

During the game, you’ll get to hear a cool pop soundtrack, which keeps you in a good mood as you go for the spins. Moreover, Kiss My Chainsaw also offers some exciting bonus features, such as free spins with dynamic rows and doubling multipliers.

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Quick facts Kiss My Chainsaw

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Free Spins, Scatters, connector pays

Bonus Features / Jackpots Kiss My Chainsaw

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Kiss My Chainsaw

Cascading Wins: When the winning combinations are formed, they’ll be destroyed and the symbols that remain will cascade. This allows the new symbols to fall in and occupy the space that has been created.

Wilds: Wilds in Kiss My Chainsaw can appear in the form of a normal Wild, Charged Wild, or a Chainsaw Larry symbol. Wilds can land on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. When the Charged Wild is a part of a winning combination, it reduces the Gas Can fuel with a charge. It also doubles its multiplier for the next cascade until the gas is empty. The Chainsaw Larry Wild symbol will appear only in Chainsaw Larry Spins.

Scatter: The Scatter can only land on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels in the main game. 

Burnout: This feature is triggered when you land 2 Scatters on the same row. Burnout destroys all symbols, including the 2 Scatters, once all the wins are executed. This allows new symbols to cascade. Depending on the row that the Scatters land on, you’ll be awarded one of the two bonus modes. 

If 3 Scatters land on different rows, you’ll be awarded 8 spins of ‘The Ride’ feature. If 3 Scatters land in the same row, you’ll be awarded 9 spins of ‘The Last Ride’ feature.

The Ride: The reel area gets transformed into a 5×5 layout in this feature after the addition of an extra row. In The Ride feature, the Charged Wilds can go up to 4x before they are destroyed. Upon landing 2 Scatters, you’ll be awarded a free spin. 

Upon landing 2 Scatter symbols on the same row, you’ll activate the Burnout feature. If you land 3 Scatter symbols, you’ll be awarded 3 free spins and the Chainsaw Larry spins will trigger.

The Last Ride: You’ll be guaranteed a Scatter on the 5th reel in The Last Ride. The features and gameplay will be the same as in ‘The Ride’ feature.

Chainsaw Larry Spins: You’ll activate this bonus feature by landing 3 Scatters. When this is done, you’ll be awarded 3 free spins. An additional enhancer reel gets added and the symbol payout is upgraded in Chainsaw Larry Spins. The enhancer reel follows the Chainsaw Larry Spins paytable. Chainsaw Larry appears on the reel as a jumping Wild. 

On each spin, the symbol jumps to a new position on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. The win multiplier increases by 1 if Chainsaw Larry jumps on any of the character symbols. This jumping Wild reveals the enhancer symbols on the row where it lands. As a result, a Smiley, Lucky Feet, or xSplit enhancer is always triggered. A free spin will be awarded by the Smiley. 

All multipliers between the Chainsaw Larry and the xSplit symbols will be doubled by xSplit enhancer. The win multiplier is increased by 1 by each split of the character symbol. Lucky Feet makes Chainsaw Larry move to a random position and a different row on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. This leaves behind a regular Wild. 

If Chainsaw Larry makes a move with a Charged Wild to a specific position, the Afterburner feature gets triggered. It doubles symbol multipliers on the same row. If it jumps on the initial Charged Wild, all symbols on the row become x4. All the symbols will become x2 if it jumps on x2 Charged Wild.

End Of The Road: This winning screen shows up when you exceed the total win limit of 10,900x the base bet. When this happens, the game round comes to an end and you’re awarded the amount.

Games Theme Kiss My Chainsaw

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Games Theme Kiss My Chainsaw

Kiss My Chainsaw is a movie-themed slot loosely based on the horror film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It features Chainsaw Larry as the main character. The other two characters that show up in this game are two ladies who hitch a ride in Chainsaw Larry’s car.

When you look at the visuals in the slot, you won’t feel the terror that’s coming your way. Even the pop soundtrack that plays during the game is far from being spooky. It uplifts your mood as you spin the reels.

Symbols / Payouts Kiss My Chainsaw

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Symbols / Payouts Kiss My Chainsaw

The Scatter symbol in this game is represented by Chainsaw Larry’s car. A Wild, Charged Wild, and Chainsaw Larry Wild are the different types of Wild symbols in the slot. You’ll have two paytables in the game. One is a regular paytable and the other is for the Chainsaw Larry Spins feature.

The regular paytable – In this paytable, you’ll have a Lighter, a Camera, Car Keys, a Bag, a License Plate, and a Toolbox as the low-paying symbols. Upon landing 3 to 5 of the same kind, you’ll get between 0.20x and 1.25x the bet. The Historic Route 66 sign, Chainsaw Larry, Blonde Lady, and the Brunette Girl are the high-paying symbols. If you land 3 to 5 of the same kind, they’ll pay you in the range of 0.60x and 3.50x the amount of your bet.

The Chainsaw Larry Spins paytable – In this paytable, the low-paying symbols are the blood-stained Lighter, Camera, Car Keys, Bag, License Plate, and Toolbox. Land 3 to 5 of the same kind and you’ll receive between 0.20x and 1.25x the bet amount. The blood-stained Hare Mask, Historic Route 66 Sign, Brunette Girl, and Blonde Lady. Upon landing 3 to 5 of the same kind, you’ll get between 0.60x and 3.50x the bet.

Game tips / tricks Kiss My Chainsaw

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Game tips / tricks Kiss My Chainsaw

When you begin playing the slot, you’ll come across an icon with 3 dots on it on the grid’s left. This is the Menu button. Click on it to access the paytable, game information, and settings. Below it is the Speaker icon. By clicking on this button, you can mute the audio.

Click on it once again if you want to turn on the sound. Right next to it is the icon with a ‘$’ sign on it. This is the Bet button. You can choose your preferred amount of bet by clicking on it. The Play, Autoplay, and Turbo buttons are located on the grid’s right.


Kiss My Chainsaw has an RTP of up to 96.10% and high volatility. The base game of this online slot is quite a simple one, but things get a lot more interesting once you trigger the bonus features. You’ll need Chainsaw Larry Spins if you truly want to hit the big wins.

The graphics in this game have been crafted brilliantly, while the pop soundtrack keeps you in high spirits during the gameplay. In a nutshell, this slot strikes a good balance between great visuals and rewarding bonus features.