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Ready for some underwater adventure? Realtime gaming has come up with Masks of Atlantis– a slot with the most underwater adventure and ancient mysteries. Along your journey, you’ll come across symbols inspired by Atlantean cultures, like masks, statues, coins, and even jewels.

The game has five reels and 25 paylines, offering various features to enhance your gameplay and potential winnings. Keep an eye out for the wild and scatter symbols, as they can trigger cascading wins, free spins, and multipliers.

Additionally, a progressive jackpot can be randomly awarded after any spin. Masks of Atlantis combines top-notch graphics, immersive sound effects, and exciting gameplay to provide a captivating slot experience that’s perfect for fans of underwater adventures and ancient mysteries.

masks of atlantis reels
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Quick facts Masks of Atlantis

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Free Spins, Scatters, Multipliers

Bonus Features / Jackpots Masks of Atlantis

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Masks of Atlantis

There are 3 bonus features in the game– seaquake cascading wins, multipliers, and free games.

Seaquake Cascading Wins: Whenever you land a winning combination, something exciting happens. The symbols that helped you win vanish from the reels, and new symbols drop in from above to fill the empty spaces. This can create brand-new winning combinations, and the cycle keeps going until no more wins can be made.

Seaquake Multiplier: While you’re spinning the reels, there’s always a multiplier in play. Each time you see those symbols cascade down and create a win, the multiplier gets bigger, possibly reaching as high as 15 times your winnings. But remember, it resets when there are no more wins to be had.

Free Games: To unlock some free rounds of play, you need to land three scatter symbols in a row on a payline, starting from the left and moving to the right. When this happens, you’ll receive 10 free games for each payline with scatters. The good news is that you can trigger even more free games while you’re playing them, and these extra rounds will use the same bet as the spin that triggered them.

Games Theme Masks of Atlantis

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Games Theme Masks of Atlantis

“Masks of Atlantis” is a game inspired by the story of Atlantis, a once-great city that sank under the sea. In this game, you’ll go on an underwater adventure to uncover the secrets and treasures of this ancient place. You’ll come across symbols like masks of sea creatures, strange writings, and special symbols as you play.

The game’s look is all about this ancient city, with detailed symbols like gold masks and old things, all against a backdrop of the city’s ruins underwater. There are also cool effects like bubbles, waves, and sunlight to make it feel like you’re really under the sea.

The music in the game matches the mood, with calming and mysterious tunes that add to the experience. So, get ready for an adventure into the deep sea and the mystery of Atlantis!

Symbols / Payouts Masks of Atlantis

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Symbols / Payouts Masks of Atlantis

Here are the four categories of slots in the slot–

Wild Symbol: It’s a gold mask with a blue gem on its forehead. It can act like any other symbol (except the scatter) to help you win.

Scatter Symbol: This one’s a gold mask with a red gem. Get three or more of these in a row from left to right, and you’ll start the free games feature. You get 10 free games for each row of scatters, and you can even trigger it again.

High-Paying Symbols: These symbols represent valuable stuff from Atlantis. There’s a chest full of treasure, an old scroll with mysterious writing, a compass showing Atlantis on a map, and a diving helmet with a flashlight.

Low-Paying Symbols: These symbols are just like regular playing cards, but they’re carved in stone. They go from 9 to Ace, and they come in different colors.

Game tips / tricks Masks of Atlantis

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Game tips / tricks Masks of Atlantis

Bet Max for Bigger Wins: To have the best shot at winning the top reward of 50,000 times your line bet, consider betting the maximum number of coins possible.

Watch for Special Symbols: Keep an eye out for the wild and scatter symbols, as they can trigger bonus features like Seaquake Cascading Wins, Seaquake Multiplier, and Free Games.

Multiply Your Wins: Try to keep the wins coming in a row (cascades). This will increase your multiplier, which can go up to 15 times during the regular game and even up to 25 times during the free games.

Know Your Symbols: Take a look at the paytable and get to know the high-paying symbols like Athena, Poseidon, and the treasure chest. It is always best to gather information about the slot you are going to invest your money in.


Masks of Atlantis is a slot game that takes players on an underwater adventure, making it perfect for those who enjoy underwater themes and excitement. This game offers cascading wins, free spins, and multipliers that can boost your chances of winning great prizes.

Plus, it boasts a beautiful design that highlights the ancient Atlantis civilization and its hidden riches. Masks of Atlantis caters to both casual players and seasoned slot enthusiasts by blending enjoyable gameplay with an engaging storyline.

Whether you seek a laid-back experience or an adrenaline rush, Masks of Atlantis has something to offer for everyone. It’s a game that combines fun and adventure in one package, making it a great choice for your gaming entertainment.