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The aliens are planning an invasion, and someone needs to stop them before everything’s lost. This is when a brave monkey embarks on a mission to kill the aliens and save the planet. You’ll get to experience this action-packed mission in Space Donkey, an intriguing online slot from Nolimit City. 

Released on October 3, 2023, it features a grid comprising 6 reels, 6 rows, and 46,656 payways. The RTP of this high-volatility game is 96.07% and it offers a maximum win potential of 14,649x the amount of your bet. Through this slot, the game provider tries to give you the vibes of vintage arcade games. 

Such type of games aren’t found that often in the world of online slots and this is what makes Space Donkey unique. Although the graphics may not impress you much, you’ll love its fabulous bonus features.

Space Donkey slot logo
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Quick facts Space Donkey

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Bonus Buy, Bonus Game, Wild, Scatter

Bonus Features / Jackpots Space Donkey

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Space Donkey

Hellfire: The Chopper symbols may appear in the base game on the reels 2 to 5. If you land 3 or more Chopper symbols, you’ll trigger the Hellfire feature. The 1st Chopper symbol fires in 1 direction, the 2nd in 2 directions, and so on. A Chopper’s multiplier gets added to all the normal paying symbols and Wilds in that direction. The value of each Chopper’s multiplier will be in the range of 2 to 10. 

Abduction Wild: This Wild symbol may appear only on the reels 2 to 6 in the base game. When the Wild is a part of a win, it will stay and move in the downward direction, abducting all the paying symbols. In this process, it increases its multiplier by 1 for each symbol that’s removed. 

Hide N’ Seek: You’ll trigger the Hide N’ Seek feature upon landing 3 Scatters. The Scatter symbols will convert to Traps in a grid area of 6×6. This is where the area’s edges connect to the opposite edges. Each turn displays the two values of ‘Steps’ and ‘Direction’. It makes the Monkey go around collecting the chest values. 

Once the Monkey’s life is taken, it will stop walking further. The Monkey begins with 3 lives. The Alien and the Monkey lose a life when they walk into a trap or encounter each other. Unlike the Alien, the trap will be removed when the Monkey walks into it. 

The Monkey triggers or collects whatever ability the symbol holds when it walks over a position. The removed symbols will trigger a drop on the reel. This allows new symbols to drop in. Trap symbols won’t drop. The symbols available in this mode are: 

  • Trap: It will take a life of the Monkey and disappear.
  • Grey Chest: It will award an extra life, multiplier value, an upgrade to the Seek N’ Destroy feature, or nothing.
  • Golden Chest: It will award a multiplier value.
  • Teleport: It is revealed from a Grey Chest and triggers the Seek N’ Destroy feature immediately.
  • Alien: It will take a life of the Monkey.
  • Magician: It will award the total sum of all the visible Golden Chests.
  • King: It will multiply the values on the Golden Chests with a random multiplier having a value between 2 and 10.
  • Princess: It will collect a value from the adjacent Grey and Golden chests from all the directions and kills the adjacent Alien. Princess will affect the adjacent positions in the following order: Left>> Up Left>> Down Left>> Right>> Up Right>> Down Right>> Up>> Down
  • Stone Monster: It will affect these 3 symbols on random positions: Golden Chest multiplier will get doubled up, Grey Chest will open up, and Alien will be killed.

These are the attributes of the Alien:

  • It will move one step towards the Monkey after the Monkey moves.
  • On reaching the Monkey, it will take a life from the Monkey and disappear.
  • On reaching the Chest, it will add the Chest multiplier to its value.
  • On reaching the Magician, King, Princess, or Stone Monster, it will add x1 to its value.
  • On reaching the Trap, it dies. This leaves a Golden Chest on its starting position. It then spreads is value equally to the Golden Chests adjacent to Trap or retains the whole value. Alien will leave nothing if it doesn’t have any value. 
  • If it is killed by the Princess or Stone Monster, it will display the same behavior that it displays when it reaches the Trap. It will spread its value equally to the Golden Chests adjacent to its starting position. The Alien may respawn in the coming avalanches, once it is vanished. When this happens it will take the value of the symbol it appears on. 

The Hide N’ Seek feature comes to an end when teleport is discovered. The Seek N’ Destroy feature is then triggered.

Seek N’ Destroy: If you land 4 Scatters, you’ll trigger the Seek N’ Destroy feature. You’ll be awarded an extra Monkey shield by each additional Scatter symbol. This bonus game will have 5 rows and 6 columns. Random multipliers from 1 to 10 appear in the columns 2 to 6. 

With each turn, the Aliens move closer to the Monkey. On the other hand, the Monkey jumps to a random row. Then it turns and shoots to kill the Aliens and finally destroy the Mothership. An Alien that possesses a multiplier comes in from the horizontal launcher tubes with each turn. Its value is multiplied with the multiplier of the column and then awarded once it is killed. 

Aliens possess different amount of life. Besides them, Booster symbols that award a weapon or a Shield upgrade might also appear in the launcher tube. The Monkeypendence Day is activated when the Seek N’ Destroy feature ends and the Monkey is left with no more lives. On each ‘spin’, these things will happen: 

  • Monkey will move to a random row
  • Aliens or Booster symbols will move to the left one step
  • Launch tubes will spawn a new wave of Aliens
  • The Monkey will select a random weapon and fire straight ahead
  • Any value of killed Alien will be awarded after multiplying by the corresponding column multiplier.

Different weapons will be available:

  • Link Gun: It takes a life of all the Aliens who are of the same kind. If there are no Aliens, it will fire at 1 or 2 launch tubes. If it’s upgraded, it fires twice.
  • Laser Gun: It takes a life of all the Aliens who are in the same row, including launcher tube. If it’s upgraded, it also kills Aliens of adjacent rows. 
  • Nuke: It takes a life of all the Aliens who are in one column. If there are no Aliens, it will also fire at the neighboring launch tubes. If it’s upgraded, it fires twice.
  • Rail Gun: It kills an Alien and if it’s upgraded, it fires twice.

Starting from the top row, a launcher tube has 3, 4, 5, 4, and 3 lives. Each weapon fire will reduce one life from the Mothership and launcher tube. Once a launcher tube gets destroyed, the following things will happen:

  • You’ll be awarded 100x the bet for each launcher tube.
  • All Aliens in the neighboring rows will be destroyed and their values will be awarded.
  • The launcher tube will not spawn Aliens once it is destroyed

The Aliens will remove a life or shield from the Monkey on reaching the launcher tube’s left edge on the same row as the Monkey. A Shield or a weapon upgrade will be awarded by the Booster symbols in this case.

Monkeypendence Day: Mothership has 25 lives. This number decreases by 1 every time a launcher tube gets shot. When all the launcher tubes or the Mothership get destroyed, this bonus round will come to an end. A random multiplier having a value of 5, 10, 15, or 20 will be awarded. This is then multiplied to the accumulated bonus win.

Bonus Buy: You can activate the Hide N’ Seek Bonus Game, Seek N’ Destroy Bonus Game, or Lucky Draw with the Bonus Buy feature. For 79x, 272x, or 143x the bet, you can purchase the Hide N’ Seek, Seek N’ Destroy, or Lucky Draw bonus features respectively through Buy Bonus.

Games Theme Space Donkey

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Games Theme Space Donkey

Space Donkey is a space-themed slot with visuals similar to that of the arcade games. It seems to be a perfect mix of the two most popular arcade games, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. The protagonist of the game is, of course, the Monkey. It is the only one who can protect the planet from the invading aliens. 

The graphic design of the slot gives it a retro-style appearance and is accompanied by a matching piece of music. The symbols that you see on the reels have also been designed to suit the theme of this slot.

Symbols / Payouts Space Donkey

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Symbols / Payouts Space Donkey

The Wild symbol in Space Donkey is represented by a UFO with the word ‘WILD’ below it. A Dynamite represents the Scatter. Another special symbol in the slot is the Chopper symbol. The low-paying symbols are the regular card symbols 9, 10, A, J, K, and Q. 

Upon landing 3 to 6 symbols of the same kind, you’ll receive between 0.05x and 0.75x the bet. An Alien, a Gun, Ammo, an Airplane, and the Space Donkey are the high-paying symbols in the slot. If you land 3 to 6 symbols of the same kind, you’ll get between 0.35x and 4.00x the bet amount.


Game tips / tricks Space Donkey

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Game tips / tricks Space Donkey

A combination of 3 or more similar symbols starting from the leftmost reel will complete a win. If you’re successful in helping the Monkey in protecting the planet, you can win up to the game’s maximum win limit. You can begin by selecting a stake using the Bet button. 

Click on the big Spin button to spin the reels once. If you don’t want to keep clicking on the Spin button constantly to spin the reels, enable the Autoplay mode. You can boost the speed of your spins by clicking the Turbo button. By clicking the Menu button, you can access the slot’s paytable and game information.


If you’re someone who loves classic arcade games, you’ll enjoy playing Space Donkey. The visuals and sounds in this online slot will evoke some nostalgia in those who’ve played the arcade games decades ago. The bonus games also have plenty of stuff in them to keep you engaged. 

These bonus rounds may initially seem quite complicated, but you’ll soon realize that they’ve been crafted wonderfully to boost your chances of landing the big wins. To sum up, Space Donkey is highly recommended if you’ve been looking for an excellent arcade-style online slot with some fantastic bonus features.