Aristocrat gaming software was founded in 1953. For over 70 years they’ve provided the gaming industry top-tier entertainment. They go by the slogan ”bring joy to life by the power of play” and the games sure do bring joy to players. Their mission is to create innovative games that users will love and return too. Their values are rooted in creativity and technology and they have a rich history of innovation that has shaped the industry. They have continued to grow globally throughout the years, making history with the World’s first five-reel slot machine and finding international success with the all-electronic game, ‘Wild West’ (1979). As the popularity of Aristocrat just keeps growing, the future is looking bright for them.


Aristocrat Game products

Aristocrat is extremely popular for its slot games. It has produced 200+ games and you’ll find them in over 700+ casinos worldwide. Aristocrats most well-known game is called ‘Queen of the Nile’. This game was one of the first to use an ancient Egypt theme and quickly became globally popular. It takes players on a quest to discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt. And of course, there are many bonuses and prizes along the way!

Other popular titles from Aristocrat include ‘The Red Empress’, ‘Wolf Moon’, and ‘The White Wizard’. If you want high action, exciting and rewarding slot games then these games are for you. There are also many games with the theme of all-time favourite series and films. Some popular slot game titles include, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, and ‘Weird Wicked & Wild’. These slot games can also be played for free! So get practising risk-free, until you’re ready to win real cash prizes.

It offers a rewards programme that allows players to win points and a variety of prizes. They offer the ‘Fantastic Rewards’ programme which offers players selectable multi domination, cash on reels and scalable bonus prizes. It allows winning up to 250 times their bet on a scatter. Also, during the free games feature, cash on reels symbols landing on line 1 is instantly rewarded. All rewards are built around enhancing the users gaming experience.

Safety & Security

The software developers strive to continually strengthen their policies and governance regime. They comply with the Australian Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and other relevant and respected regulations. They hold regular board meetings with the governance issues being an ongoing prioritised topic and discussion. The board will constantly check and update policies according to new regulations which will protect users.

Aristocrat takes cybersecurity very seriously. The company takes all cyber risks and mitigation into consideration and takes precautions to prevent this. They recognise the ongoing cyber threats so constantly update their policies and regulations to protect their users. It is clear that they prioritise safety and security through their regular safety and security checks. They work hard to identify and manage any potential issues as they arise. They also monitor activity and any misuse of sensitive documents.

Aristocrat’s Global Information Security (GIS) is evaluated against industry standards then amplified with a GIS Acceptable Use Policy. This ensures employees are aware and trained in security and safety and carry out their responsibilities. The staff are highly-trained to detect issues or breaches of security from early which prevents any problems from arising. They believe that educating employees is essential and procedures and protocols should be done right. There are over 61,000 security awareness training videos since the launch of Aristocrat. All on security and safety, so they’re up-to-date, trained and aware of any potential scams or issues.

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