Betgames started in 2012, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The goal was to compete with the more stable and successful companies in the online casino world. Therefore, they developed a new and inventive way to make their mark in the iGaming world. They ensured you could broadcast their games live so they bought new and refreshing games to design the table. This gave them a massive advantage in the gaming world and helped make them a successful game provider.

They only have 10 games so don’t offer a wide selection. However, the games they do offer are high-quality and innovative. They have definitely created their mark in the gaming industry. And have won many awards for the premium games they create. These awards include Sigma Rewards for the ‘Multi-Channel Provider of the Year’ and EGR Italy Awards for the ‘Best Software Provider. And also two rewards from G2E Asia Awards for ‘Best Table Game Solution’ and ‘Best Industry Rising Star’.


BetGames Game Products

They always strive to stay ahead of the curve and keep their games up to date with the best trends they can. With in-game tournaments and loyalty bonuses, their customers keep coming back again and again. The most popular reason they keep coming back is the need to be competitive and Betgames rewards the best of them with big jackpots. Despite the lack of games, they have expanded to other countries other than the Lithuanian market. BetGames have now expanded to CIS countries, West Europe, Asia and Africa and are able to live stream in all. So they are sure to stick around.

Popular Games

‘Lucky 7’ It is a lot like a lottery game. The game allows all kinds of situations to be bet on. Besides the winning numbers, the player can bet on the sum of all the numbers, what colours will show up, and several more. With this ability and a new round spun every four minutes. This game is sure to keep the players on the edge of their seats.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ It is a fast and straightforward game that shows the last five spins, highest winnings, and how long before the next spin. The main idea of the game is to put bets on what will come up next. Suppose it will be even or odd, the one colour out of three, or the number itself. The wheel is divided into 19 sections that are numbered 0 through 18 and another special symbol.

Safety & Security

BetGames have a license that is in the leading jurisdiction, and they always strive to be fair. They keep their games developed with the best technology to keep themselves fresh and new. They promote a responsible and safe gaming environment. They have ensured all games are in-line with the best industry practice. All the safety and security meet the UK Gambling Commission’s Remote Technical Standards. They provide excellent customer service with a 24/7 chat. They provide the support players need in terms of keeping track of the time they spend gambling, wagers and current balance. And will also answer questions and offer advice.

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