FELT Gaming is a company that supplies games for leading casinos. The company focuses on providing players with table games. Unlike most other online casino gaming companies, FELT Gaming does not focus on providing slot games. However, it still has a diverse portfolio of games that players can play. One of the most notable characteristics of FELT Gaming is that it has an interface that is very intuitive and uses some of the most innovative technology to help their games stand out among others. All of the FELT Gaming casinos have interactive designs.


Felt Game Products

There are a number of games that FELT Gaming offers to players. It currently offers many table games that are among the most popular. Many of these table games have a retro appearance which provides players with a feeling of being in one of the glamorous Las Vegas casinos during the 1960s. Players can participate in traditional games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Some of the games come in different themes and have some of the rules tweaked. The most popular games offered by this company include ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’, ‘High Hand Blackjack’, ‘3 Card Hold’em’, ‘Perfect Pairs Blackjack’ and ‘Side Bet Blackjack’.

Similar to all other online casinos, FELT Gaming offers some basic rewards for playing. Individuals can take advantage of free spins, re-spins and multipliers. As a new gaming company, FELT Gaming currently offers the most basic rewards in the gaming industry. However, it is looking to expand its offerings of incentives in order to encourage more people to use their products.

Safety & Security

As a gaming platform, FELT Gaming has the basic safety and security policies typical of online casinos. Players will have their financial and personal information protected by the company. Along with protecting the personal information of players, FELT Gaming is regulated in the United Kingdom under its gaming laws and rules by the Gambling Commission.

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