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Merkur Gaming has established itself as one of the most efficient developers of slot games production. By having one of the most impressive track records in the gaming industry, Merkur Gaming has been able to develop some of the very best games with its innovative software. As of today, the company has over 150 different games which are available at land-based casinos as well as offering a selection of games online. While the company does not have the most cutting edge graphics and design, it has a huge selection of different types of games. As a result, all types of gamers will be able to find a game that best suits their gaming preferences.

Merkur Gaming

Merkur Game Products

When it comes to games, this developer has one of the very best selections in the gaming industry. The developer offers diverse game themes that appeal to a great number of players. Each of these games has extra features that allow players to get the most out of every spin. Some of the most popular game titles that Merkur have produced include the Triple Chance game series. And other popular games include titles such as Fruitopia, Cash Fruits Plus and Dazzling.

As one of the oldest developers of online casino games, Merkur Games offers a number of rewards and incentives. This company provides players with free spins, re-spins and multipliers. As well as providing these three things, Merkur Games also offers bonuses which give players extra cash whenever they play certain games enough times. They also offer a unique loyalty scheme which rewards customers regularly. With a number of rewards, Merkur Games provides players with an opportunity to win payouts on a consistent basis.

Popular Games

Join the inspector in ‘221B Baker Street’ which is based around the all-time award-winning fictional character: Sherlock Holmes. Sneak through the London streets and solve mysteries alongside Sherlock. You will be on the hunt for dubious gentlemen. And will have many opportunities to earn cash prizes and bonuses along the way. Then get ready for the final showdown in Baker Street. This game has a medium-high variance and an RTP 96%. It features 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. The theme of investigation keeps players on their toes. And the fascinating dark game design adds to the atmosphere of mystery and crime. Spin the reels and immerse in this crime-ridden and fascinating game.

‘Fruitopia’ offers the vintage and classical fruit machine slot theme. This captures the simplicity of the traditional fruit machine games excellently. The theme is very attractive to veterans who started off with these games and also beginners that want to ease themselves in. It has an RTP of 96% which is above average. It features a non-progressive jackpot with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. The colourful fruit symbols, great game design and big bonuses make it a popular slot game for all types of players.

Safety & Security

As a gaming software developer, Merkur Games makes it a priority to adhere to all gaming rules and regulations. It currently has licensure in a number of countries throughout Europe. As a licensed and regulated gaming company, Merkur Games protects all personal and financial information so that players don’t risk getting their identity stolen or compromised. Therefore, players can enjoy a safe and secure gaming environment.

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