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Pear Fiction, a dynamic slot game studio based in Montreal, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the online casino gaming experience. With a global team that transcends geographical boundaries, Pear Fiction is on an exhilarating journey, creating bespoke and exceptionally creative casino games that capture the imagination of players worldwide.

Distinguished by our commitment to innovation, Pear Fiction takes pride in crafting games with stunning graphics, meticulous production, and captivating features. Our diverse team, stemming from every corner of the globe, collaborates seamlessly to bring forth a harmonious blend of concepts, gameplay, math models, art, design, animations, themes, music, and sound effects – all meticulously executed in-house. As we embark on this soaring adventure, Pear Fiction is swiftly gaining recognition for delivering ‘pearfectly’ crafted games that redefine the standards of excellence in the online gaming industry. Welcome to a world where gaming meets artistry, and excitement knows no bounds.

Pear Fiction

Gaming Products

Pear Fiction presents a versatile range of online slots, each with its distinctive theme and features. The types of slot games offered by Pear Fiction include:

Adventure Slots: Embark on thrilling journeys with adventure-themed slots that take players to exotic locations, encounter wild beasts, and uncover hidden treasures.

Fantasy Slots: Immerse yourself in fantastical worlds where magic and mythical creatures come to life. Fantasy slots from Pear Fiction offer enchanting visuals and imaginative gameplay.

Mining and Gem Slots: Unearth precious gems and delve into the world of mining with slot games that feature unique grid structures, cascading wins, and opportunities for valuable discoveries.

Aquatic and Fishing Slots: Set sail on deep-sea adventures or enjoy a relaxing fishing expedition with slots that explore underwater realms featuring marine life and hidden treasures.

Space and Sci-Fi Slots: Blast off into outer space with sci-fi-themed slots that blend retro arcade aesthetics with modern features. Encounter alien invaders, explore galaxies, and aim for cosmic wins.

Innovative Grid Slots: Experience innovative gameplay with grid-based slots that offer a departure from traditional reel layouts. These slots provide dynamic and engaging ways to win.

PearFiction Studios Presents A curated collection of games that showcase PearFiction’s creativity and versatility. Each title under this category brings a unique theme and gameplay style to the players.

Pear Fiction’s commitment to diversity and innovation is evident in its broad spectrum of slot games. Whether players seek adventure, fantasy, or unique gameplay mechanics, Pear Fiction strives to deliver a varied and entertaining slot gaming experience.


Popular Games

Chicken Night Fever: Get ready for a clucking good time in this poultry-themed slot, where whimsical chickens set the stage for entertaining gameplay and potential feathered wins. It’s a clucking good time with funky beats and lively gameplay.

Blazing Mammoth XL: Roam the prehistoric reels with the mighty mammoth in this XL-sized slot adventure. Unleash blazing features for colossal excitement and mammoth-sized rewards. This slot boasts an XL experience with massive symbols and exciting features.

Treasures of Kilauea Mega Moolah: Embark on a tropical journey to discover the Mega Moolah hidden within the fiery depths of Kilauea. Seek out treasures and trigger mega wins in this volcanic slot.

Blazing Piranhas: Dive into dangerous waters with the Blazing Piranhas slot. Frenzied piranhas bring fiery features and scorching prizes in this thrilling underwater escapade. Watch out for the flaming piranhas, as they can trigger scorching wins.

Granny Vs Zombies: It’s a showdown between Granny and the undead in this quirky slot. Watch Granny take on zombies with unique bonus rounds for thrilling and comical gameplay. With quirky humor features, players help Granny fend off the undead for exciting rewards.

Dungeons and Diamonds: Join the quest for riches in the Dungeons and Diamonds slot. Navigate through dungeons, encounter mythical creatures, and collect diamonds for epic rewards. Navigate dungeons, defeat monsters, and collect diamonds for legendary wins.

Chicago Gold: Step into the roaring twenties with the Chicago Gold slot. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of Chicago’s golden era while chasing lucrative gold-themed features. This slot captures the essence of the Chicago mob era, featuring sleek design and rewarding features.

15 Tridents: Dive into the mythical deep sea with the 15 Tridents slot. Uncover hidden treasures guarded by powerful tridents and experience a reel adventure beneath the waves. Collect tridents for powerful bonuses and uncover the treasures hidden beneath the waves.

Squealin Riches: Join a group of charismatic pigs in Squealin Riches, where these porky characters bring fortune and fun. With charming graphics and entertaining features, it’s a slot that delivers squeals of delight.

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