Playtika gaming software has been in business since 2010 and grows bigger every day. They were founded in Herzliya, Israel, and they have grown in 19 locations all around the world. They have over 3.5 thousand employees to make sure that the company is running smoothly, efficiently and to a high standard. The company have an outstanding 30 million+ monthly active users playing their games. It’s one of the most popular software providers in the industry for downloading games on your mobile phones and other platforms.

They add new games with each passing year. Some games they have added are ‘Bingo Blitz’, ‘House of Fun’, ‘Wooga’, and ‘Seriously’. These have all become extremely popular and well-known games in the industry. They state that their main goal is to ”create fun and exciting games of a premium quality that users can trust”. They work together as a team globally and ensure to pay attention to every game detail before releasing. Which is why they’ve become well-known and trusted as a reputable gaming software.


Playtika Game Products

Playtika has a huge variety of games to choose from, with over 200+. They also offer many different poker games which players love. With so much game choice, they cater to every type of player. Playtika games will give you hours of fun. Just pick the game that interest you, download it, have fun and win some coins. Some popular game titles include ‘Best Fiends’, ‘Bingo Blitz’, ‘Board Kings’, ‘House of Fun’, ‘Pearl’s Peril’, ‘June’s Journey’ and many more.

‘Bingo Blitz’ is the #1 online bingo game available which is quite an achievement! It features cartoony graphics and animations which add an extra hit of fun and entertainment. The gameplay is varied and each time you can expect something a little different. This game offers free coins daily which you can save up. Plus there are all sorts of bonuses and surprises along the way. It’s a multi-award-winning game and once you play you’ll understand why. It offers thousands of fun puzzles, cute characters, daily events and you can even compete against your own Facebook friends. It features top-notch sounds quality and incredible graphics.


You can win daily rewards, coins, free spin, multipliers, free cute characters, hourly rewards, There is plenty of stuff to win on a daily basis. And this is why players return to Playtika games consistently and regularly. They have an extremely loyal customer base. Each game has all different kinds of prizes to choose from. They are carefully thought out to improve your gameplay and satisfy customers. Playtika also offers a loyalty scheme for many games. So, the more you play, the more you win.

Safety & Security

To make sure that Playtikas strict and safe policy is being followed, players must be 21+. They have customer service on stand by 24/7 in case you have a problem that needs to be fixed. They ask for personal information to keep you and them both safe and secure. If you’re looking to get in touch with Playtika you can reach customer service via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by email. They prioritise customer satisfaction and safety above all else.

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