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VIG is a developer that specializes in developing interactive, high-quality live casino experiences that players can access online. This firm was founded by a group of managers from Vuetec in 2008 in Costa Rica. It is the first organization to assist land-based casinos in streaming live dealer games online.

Visionary iGaming has more than 120 employees and over sixty operators. It aims to be the top online provider in the business. The company has invested in establishing a diverse offering with exceptional features. The company acquired Global Gaming Labs, its former rival, in 2017, which has enabled it to become part of the few live dealer software developers that work with casino sites that accept gamers from the United States of America.

Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming Products

VIG aims to differentiate from the existing rival firms in different ways. The developers use genuine hardware, including Shufflemaster shoes and Cammegh digital Roulette wheels. Players use standard-sized playing cards while playing VIG games. These cards are similar to those of brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide.
Another unique thing about Visionary iGaming is that its online games have a free-play option. Players do need to register to a casino site that features these games; however, they don’t have to make a deposit. It offers you a great opportunity to learn more about games’ options and interfaces before depositing real cash.

VIG broadcasts from a studio in San Jose. Players will see various tables in the site’s background. Besides, they’ll hear a noise similar to that of land-based casinos. Although its design seems old-fashioned, Visionary iGaming has designed a simple interface and made controls easy to use and find. The Live Chat section allows you to interact with other gamers and the dealer by typing in comments and messages.

You should click on the game type you prefer to play, whether Baccarat, Blackjack, or Roulette, and you be directed to choose the betting range that suits your budget. After doing all that, players will be prompted to the game. This online solution helps land-based gambling arenas market their games.

Popular VIG Live Dealer Games

VIG Live Roulette-This Company offers the typical Live European Roulette, and many players love this unfavorable option. Live Roulette features a video feed at the top of the screen, which, when you start spinning, the wheel will split into two to allow you to have a closer vision of the bouncing ball.

Cold and hot figures are positioned on the right together with the keys for accessing betting limits and game regulations. When you look at the bottom half of your screen, you will see a computer-generated picture of a betting table. There is a slot for placing tips for players that would like to appreciate the dealer at the same location. This game is available with high, standard, and low betting limits, just like other Visionary iGaming games. Players will select between €5 to €500 €1 to €200, and €0.10 and €25 (tables accepting bets) when they are playing at Lucky 31.

Visionary iGaming Live Blackjack

This game was re-structured in 2016. It currently features HD video with various exceptional features. Choosing ahead functionality enables you to choose immediately after the card is dealt, allowing you to accelerate the game.

Back Bet allows you to place bets behind players seated at the table. Apart from the Pairs side bet that pays 11:1, this game provides a Rummy Bet that pays 9:1. Basically, you bet on the two initial cards in addition to Rummy (dealer’s upcard)-either three-card straight or three cards of a similar rank. Vegas rules dictate that players should play Live Blackjack with six decks. The dealer will hit on soft seventeen while standing on hard seventeen. You can double on splits or any card.

When you look at the top right corner of the site, you will see the betting limits. You can switch on and off the audio and video. The Live Chat section will allow you to engage with other players and the dealer. However, the card’s visibility isn’t ideal. Integrated Basic Strategy advises players on what they should do, but they can ignore it.

Your hand will be completed if you fail to reply within a certain period, regardless of the reason. VIG is among the few live gaming providers that provide dealer tipping functionality. While playing Visionary iGaming Live Blackjack, you can put your tip bet, and if your hand wins, your tip will be doubled.

Early Payout

The company also provided an early payout. This is a common feature in blackjack and can accommodate several players. You can decide to opt out of a hand at any game level and earn an early payout. The payout may be lower or bigger than your initial stake, which mostly relies on your dealer’s card.

The early payout depends on the expected likelihood of your hand at a certain point in time. This means that you can completely evade being outdrawn or busting by the dealer, other than the common surrender option where players would receive ½ of their stake back. This feature gives you a chance to make a profit. Regardless of the choice you make, hands must be completed so that you can weigh the success of your early payout.
Visionary iGaming Blackjack can be played at MYB Casino at the high limit table with stakes ranging from €25 to €500, medium limits of €5 minimum and €200 maximum, and low limits of €1 minimum and €25 maximum

Visionary iGaming Live Baccarat

This game has similar features to VIG Live Roulette. You are supposed to split the video in two to have a close view of the cards drawn to you and the banker. The keys on the right-hand side of the screen enable you to access Big Road, Dragon payouts, betting limits, settings, and rules.You can set the Big Road key to open automatically when you’re playing. Dragon Bonus will pay when you hand wins by a minimum of 4 points, or it is a natural winner. You can wager on Banker Dragon or Player Dragon. You’ll win the Pairs Side Bet if your first 2 cards are paired. You can bet on Either Pair, Banker Pair, or Player Pair. The last two will pay 5:1 while the first 11:1.

VIG offers a no-commission Baccarat called Live Super 6. This variant allows you and the banker to pay even money in a ratio of one to one unless the banker wins with 6. In such a situation, the bet pays in a ratio of 1 to 2. The side bet delivers a 12:1 pay as insurance to the banker 6 wins.

Visionary iGaming Live Baccarat can be played at Lucky 31 Casino at the high limit table with stakes ranging from €25 to €500, medium limits of €5 minimum and €200 maximum, and low limits of €1 minimum and €25 maximum

Digital Safety and Security

Given that live dealers control all games under VIG, a Random Number Generator is unnecessary. You have to adhere to the rules for casinos by changing dealers regularly and shifting card decks every hour to evade problems. By adhering to this rule, VIG offers you the safety of a real casino atmosphere since it makes you feel that everything occurs fairly.

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