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XPro Gaming is part of a bigger picture that makes software for live betting casinos. These types of casinos are a terrific alternative to going to a live casino. At a live betting casino (online) you bet in real-time. Players who are familiar with and desire the experience of live betting enjoy playing at an XPro Gaming Casino. It’s been around for over a decade and has created many successful games. They offer a wide game selection created to offer maximum excitement and entertainment. Individual live betting casinos that utilize the software created by XPro Gaming are the ones that would offer users a deposit bonus of some sort. So, when you become a member of a site using the software and accept a deposit bonus, these are the only times you will get a bonus using the XPro Gaming software.

Xpro Gaming

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Some of you might already be familiar with the XPro Gaming software and the games they have created. Some of the live betting games created by XPro Gaming include the following. ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘Andar Bahar’, ‘Roulette’, ‘Blackjack’, ‘Baccarat’, ‘Dragon Tiger’, ‘Sic Bo’, ‘Texas Hold’em Bonus’, ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’, ‘Multi-Player Poker’. Many players will be familiar with these titles. The company has its version of the software for these games. The multi-player poker game is a Texas Hold’em Poker style game. Texas Hold’em Bonus is a single-player game that includes a bonus round.

Popular Games

The ‘Dragon Tiger’ game originated in Cambodia. It strongly resembles the popular and well-known table game, ‘Baccarat’. The players do not directly play against the dealer but instead, choose a hand to bet on. This game presents an action-filled and dynamic game that brings players lots of fun. It’s all down to luck but many want to jump on the rollercoaster and see what this game has in store. XPro offers a live version of this game that is authentic and as enjoyable.

Xpro gaming also offers ‘Andar Bahar’ a very popular casino game. This game is extremely popular in India, Arab and Pakistan. The gameplay is very similar to ‘Dragon Tiger’ in terms of luck and strategy. It delivers the original game in an authentic style. The rules of the game are simple. It involves a single pack of cards that are played between the house and the player. Players should bet before the game whether they think the game will end on the right or left side. The dealer puts a single card face-up on the middle of the table, then will proceed to put face-up cards either side of the original card. If a card matches the value of the original card (middle) then the game will end.

Safety & Security

For security purposes, XPro Gaming provides a fair gaming platform. The company takes the safety and security of those using its software to the highest levels of standards. When you play at a live betting casino running the XPro Gaming software, you can feel assured that your computer will not become infected with a virus or another bug.

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