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Welcome to the Caribbean! Caribbean Stud Poker provides all the excitement of traditional poker without any bluffing or reading other players. Pit only against a dealer and the play becomes leisurely.

The ease of play melds well with a progressive side bet and other exciting features!

Caribbean Stud Poker RTG
Caribbean Stud
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Quick facts Caribbean Stud Poker

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Features Caribbean Stud Poker

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Features Caribbean Stud Poker

The most exciting feature of the game is the 5+1 Bonus Bet, which is made before the cards are dealt. In it, the player gets essentially a second chance to win the game. To win the bet, the player must have a 3-of-a-kind or better.

The cool part is that the player may use their own five cards, as well as the face-up dealer’s card!

Bet & Payouts Caribbean Stud Poker

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Bet & Payouts Caribbean Stud Poker

The table display looks a bit dated. There are more modern Caribbean Stud Poker games out there for sure. However, it is easy to place your bets and gameplay flows at an even pace.

Game Tips & Tricks Caribbean Stud Poker

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Symbols / Payouts Caribbean Stud Poker

Betting is somewhat similar to regular poker, but there are some notable deviations, too. First up is the ante, which is the bet a player makes before seeing his or her cards. Then comes the optional 5+1 bet. After the cards are dealt, the player then decides to fold, forfeiting the ante, or call, doubling the ante. That’s it. There’s no extra bluffing and raising, or any of that jazz. Check out the payout schemes and all the ways to win below.

Ways to Win
1. The dealer does not have a minimum of an Ace and a King.
winnings: The original ante and call bet. (1:1)
2. Having the best poker hand.
3. Winning the 5:1 Bonus Bet.

Payouts for Best Poker Hand (PH) and 5:1 Bonus Bet (5t1) –

Royal Flush: PH/5t1 = 100x/1000x bet
Straight Flush: PH/5t1 = 50x/200x bet
Four-of-a-King: PH/5t1 = 25x/100x bet
Full House: PH/5t1 = 10x/20x bet
Flush: PH/5t1 = 7x/15x bet
Straight: PH/5t1 = 5x/10x bet
Three-of-a-King: PH/5t1 = 3x/7x bet
Two Pair: PH = 3x bet
One Pair or Less: PH : 1x bet


Caribbean Stud Poker offers a poker game with ease, removing other players from the game. The 5:1 Bonus Bet offers a side game with every hand and much higher winnings. This game is for the poker player, looking for a less intense atmosphere!